Ghost Sightings Spark Scenes of Hysteria in Jakarta Indonesie

The Jakarta city administration has moved with exceptional speed to cut down an old mahogany tree said to harbor two distinct forms of Indonesian ghosts.

The saga began when a pocong (shrouded corpse ghost) and kuntilanak (vampiric female ghost) revealed themselves to a child who reportedly made the mistake of relieving himself against the old tree in Roxy, Central Jakarta, on Nov. 26.

In the hysteria that has followed since, hundreds of people have begun visiting the tree with at least ten becoming possessed by spirits.

Though the agency acted quickly and cut down the tree on Thursday, the spectacle is not over — speculation is mounting that the ghosts have simply moved to one of three neighboring mahogany trees.

The extraordinary turn of events has led the religious affairs minister to call on people not to be influenced by “mystical” stories and the National Police chief to appeal for calm. “These kinds of things [pocong and kuntilanak] cannot be seen with normal eyes, especially in the afternoon, therefore, people should not believe in mysticism.”

Indonesia is known for its mystical sightings. Many sightings can be explained as natural phenomena, however, many sightings remain unexplained!

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6 responses to “Ghost Sightings Spark Scenes of Hysteria in Jakarta Indonesie

  1. I have lived in Indonesia for 25 years and mystical events that are hard to explain with rational Western concepts occur often enough. ( grew up in Wisconsin, USA.)

    Recently a person in our extended family became possessed. They say that some shaman [called dukun here] planted some damaging substance in the person, black magic, to punish them for some misdeed. The person was taken to another healing shaman. who, aside from reciting some things advised buying “virgin” chicken eggs. These are the first eggs from a young chicken. One was rubbed over the areas where pains were said to be. shoulder and nexk, and after a short time the egg became heavier and there was a clunking sound from inside. It was later broken open and besides the usual raw egg there was a golden nail that somehow had passed into the egg from the person, who was then feeling much better. But the “illness” passed to her daughter, aged 22, who was nearby, and a second egg was passed over her and later also revealed a smaller needle-like nail. (I am expecting to receive some photos of these items, taken with a cellphone camera.).

    Here is a report of Stone Showers in Indonesia that occurred and was documented over a century ago, and which is examined from a Theosophist perspective, and received comments by Madame Blavatsky. I have never heard of stone showers today. There are more such items on this website, analyzed from a rational point of view: (good stuff!)

    School kids, most often girls, can become possessed in groups and such things are highly contagious. It can of course be explained as suggestive, one goes down and the others become sensitive to auto-suggestion.

    Here it is not that exceptionally rare that people die and then awaken again many hours later, often during of after their funeral. I’ve heard of several cases. One case was that of an elderly villager who was a hunchback, always walking bent over. She had to sleep in this posture. She died and her body was straight when it was ritually washed, as is the custom, but she subsequently awakened and returned to her hunchback state. I saw her several times walking in a nearby village after that event.

    We create our reality from thoughts and beliefs. On the level of a relatively unified culture in a different country, mass consciousness is able to create different reality sets, versions of the present that may allow bleed-throughs from alternate dimensions or densities of existence.


  2. Pocong (PO-chong) is a ghost that has the appearance of a corpse that has been covered with the kaffan cloth for burial in the Muslim way, tied below the feet and above the head. The kuntilanak (coon-till-ON-nock) is a female ghost that is said to steal newborn babies and otherwise terrorize mothers of newborns. The appearance is of a beautiful woman with long hair having a hole in her back. These are said to be able to change into a vampire form and allegedly can kill an adult man. They are believed to like to inhabit certain trees.

    In the associated videos they word “Penampakan” means “The Appearance of”. Enjoylah.


  3. In the last days, the demonic activity will intensify. They will cause people to lose hope, become depressed, and move some to commit heinous crimes. We have seen an increase in murder-suicides, where someone basically “snap” and kills a number of close relatives (or random strangers) and then commit suicide. Since they are cut off from the source, these beings feed off negative energies of people– hence the reason for their delight in tormenting us.
    Sometimes they do manifest themselves physically and do physical harm or leave physical evidence– material and spirit are simply the flip side of coin (think Einstein’s equation, energy = matter).


  4. ghost sightings,?see them every other night,harmless


  5. nanoduck, totally agree with you. These last days that we are now suffering are getting worser by the day. Mothers killing their kids, Fathers killing their wives to get rid of them. Men kidnapping and killing young girls/women. This is so demonic. All I can say is be prepared for Jesus. He is coming back any second!