Phobos Grunt decaying in orbit see debris

Phobos Grunt spacecraft is beginning to decay in orbit.

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ufogeek: I caught the debris with spacecraft as it passed through the AF Space Fence tonight. You can clearly see an object orbiting with Phobos Grunt now, one that was not with it in previous detections. They have even assigned a space object catalog number to the piece of debris. See and hear the object and spacecraft in this video.

Track Phobos-Grunt’s location live:

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2 responses to “Phobos Grunt decaying in orbit see debris

  1. Just have a look at the animated sketchy image of the Phobos-Grunt again…… It does look like a calf…. and a stray calf it was….. in the astral…. and has been damaged by the kids, who shot pellets up it’s arse….. Now we are waiting for it to fall, and turn itself into fine steak from Texas….

    And the attached space debris is a rope around it’s neck….

    And yess….. It did grunt yesterday night….


  2. Thanx for posting this, I have been wondering how things were going with this craft. Keep tracking!