Space Station Cam Records Tumbling White Object in Earth’s Orbit – Dec 6, 2011

Space Station Cam Records Tumbling White Object in Earth’s Orbit, December 6, 2011

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Another strange tumbling / rotating object was filmed on November 20, 2011. Time 4:08 PM MT – Location west of Canon city Colorado. Elevation of object 30-50,000 feet, estimated.

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  2. Probably the “Phobos Grunt”.


  3. Hmmmm…….

    What the hell is this ?….. The other day, the plumbers cleaned the clogged sinkhole, and they publish a news of some devastation in the Temple city, CA….. Unfortunately the image, of the place that came up on google…. did look like a sink-hole…..

    Now we are thinking of some cannon to protect our airspace…. and they see a light somewhere in cannon city….. Ooooops… Grrrrr….

    Maybe the media is run by the illuminati….. and somehow they are trying to make a contact with the aliens….. But then every star up there, crawls down here….. and it is wise not to spy on others, and trouble them…..

    Bad things happen to people….. Most of their shuttle mission astronauts were just lizards on the walls….. and no one likes them around….. most naughty witches also use similar astral ships apart from the hidden flying saucers (spiders) to wreck others….. But their sick war is getting others hurt, even those who follow their reports……

    Something tells us….. that life is too short to be wasted on useless activities…. where there are no rewards or some constructive results….. Maybe we all are here just to eat, breath, sleep & extrude shit to add to the planets mass…. so it must be done furiously…..

    We ourselves have witnessed bad things happening to people, who try to bring the world into their lives….. Just unplug yourself from the media matrix of lies….. and which teleports you to the dark abyss, inhospitable unfriendly places, and even feeds you to the beast…. Just return to your life, and real firends few nearby…..

    Maybe we all are aliens (non-human species) to each other in the astral…. and should not ever interact….. we all do live in time-zones very different….


  4. Errr… regret the few typos up there…. thanks for your kindness….. :o)…..


  5. most of the things these camera pick up is all of the junk that is floating around from crashed satellites and screwdrivers nuts and bolts . No space ships. If Aliens existed they would take over this planet and kill you stupid people.


  6. Here’s a link with some better videos and close-ups;

    “Is this an alien spacecraft parked next to Mercury? Giant object the size of a planet has astronomers baffled”;


  7. Mabe its the MythBusters fireing off another one of there cannons….LOL


  8. Disregard my comments up above! I can see that it’s already been posted. I should have known. 😉


  9. Definately does look like it’s out of control!


  10. Don’t be scared Eric🙂