New World Order Plan to Kill 90% of the World’s Population

With the national detention authorization act just passed by congress last week making it possible to be arrested and imprisoned without being charged or without trial, FEMA contracting with KBR (formally) Haliburton to be able to activate all the FEMA camps by the end of February 2012.

Here is the s. 1867 military authorization bill:

here is the link to KBR security corporation needing to staff FEMA camps with a 72 hour notice:

Who voted Yes and who voted No:

Video: FEMA camps on 72 hour notice AND military authorized to arrest = VERIFIED


New World Order Plan to Kill 90% of the World’s Population

The New World Order plans to speed up their plans to re take their control back. They are getting ready to contain you and in prison us.

The Georgia Guidestones 


Picture google earth

Google Earth coordinates: 

34.231984°N 82.894506°W

The Georgia Guidestones is a large granite monument in Elbert County, Georgia, USA. A message comprising ten guides is inscribed on the structure in eight modern languages, and a shorter message is inscribed at the top of the structure in four ancient languages’ scripts:Babylonian, Classical Greek, Sanskrit, and Egyptian hieroglyphs. More about the Georgia Guidestones 

1 False Flag Terror Attack on US Soil Away From FEMA Camps and WW3

Israel is getting desperate for the support of the west to illegally attack Iran and may consider false flag attacks on the west so it can blame Iran?

A former CIA officer believes the White House has no interest in a war with Iran and so Israel is now marketing a ‘mindset change’ to the American people.

Press TV talks with Phillip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, about the division between the US and Israel on the issue of a war with Iran.Could the target of the media blitz from Israeli officials be the American public?

Following is a transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Concerning the possible security and economic consequences of a war against Iran, do you think now there is a strong difference of opinion between Israel and the US about this question of a possible attack on Iran because today a lot was said about Mr. Netanyahu’s comments when he said, “We have to make the right decision even if our allies are objecting to it.” Do you the two sides are now adopting very different approaches and do not agree on this point?

Phillip Giraldi: That question kind of depends on how you define the two sides. I believe very much that a lot of these statements being made by the Israelis are being made deliberately targeted towards the Western and specifically the American audience.

And I think what they’re trying to do is condition that audience – the American public and American opinion makers – to be supportive of a military action against Iran if that were ever to take place.

I believe that the White House definitely does not want the United States to get involved in any war against Iran. But it cannot openly say so because too many leading politicians in the United States – the Republican candidates with the exception of Ron Paul for example – are all advocating in one way or another a military option against Iran. This is very much true in Congress and it’s very much true in the media.

So, I think a lot of the statements coming out of Israel are an attempt to condition the public in the US and elsewhere to support this kind of policy.

My real fear is that even though Israel knows deep down that starting a war with Iran is not a good idea, we are approaching a situation with these threats and intimidation going on where some kind of incident or accident could lead to an armed exchange between Iran and Israel that would draw the United States in.

Press TV: Do you think, in the US, the option of a military attack is simply out of the question?

Phillip Giraldi: The option of a military attack is out of the question if it is the United States that were initiating it. I don’t believe that the White House has any interest in starting another war. But what has been reinforced: the issue of Israel actually starting a war is a very serious one.

Press TV: What about the consequences to Israel – can they afford to do that?

Phillip Giraldi: Well, Israel would do it on the assumption that the United States would get involved quickly. And I think that’s a valid assumption and that’s why you’re seeing all of these statements from Israeli leaders saying that Iran is an imminent threat – we have to do something about it. These statements come every week and they’re coming to convince the American public and the Western public that a war is probably an option that should be looked at.

If Israel were to start it, the media and Congress of the United States would immediately jump on the bandwagon and demand from the White House that the US get involved. I’m convinced of that.

Press TV: So you are saying that the US would go for that move if it understands that Israel has made that decision that despite all of the consequences that it may have for the United States itself, that it would approve of that move and get itself involved?

Phillip Giraldi: I believe it would get involved and I cannot see any scenario in which it would not get involved because the media in the United States would immediately be screaming that our poor little ally Israel is doing the job of attacking the Iranian weapons program and we have to help them; and Congress would second that call. I cannot see how it would go any other way.

And not only False Flag Terror Attacks with the intention to start a Worldwar is possible, but also attacks at special events, such as for example the coming London Olympics 2012.

Before 9 / 11 and 7 / 7 there were clues in card games, comics, film and TV programs of the events that would later take place.

Similarly, the BBC has broadcasted a series imagining a nuclear explosion at the London Olympics.

The series includes several clues that suggest that the ‘illuminati’ are behind the making of the series and that therefore the events that the series imagines, are being planned to take place in the real world.

There are also clues that suggest the ‘illuminati’ are plotting an attack on the London Underground.

Illuminati Card GameThe complete set of cards from the Illuminati Card Game from Steve Jackson Games. This game came out in 1995 and seems to predict a lot of events that have already happened, like 9/11.

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93 responses to “New World Order Plan to Kill 90% of the World’s Population

  1. yea, you know, i think we should just let Iran develop nuclear weapons. why not? i mean, they think they will initiate the appearance of their twelth imam, or whatever, by starting a holy war. they want to annihilate Israel off the face of the earth and bring their messiah out. so why are we worried? just let them develop lots of nuclear weapons, maybe sell a few to those who hate America, or Jews, perhaps they will set a few off at a theater near you. why stop them now when we can just cower in fear at a later date? perhaps if the europeans and the british had developed a set of balls sooner rather than late, maybe ww2 could have been avoided and tens of millions of lives saved. but wait, the nwo wants most of us dead. so to them war would be a good thing too. or wait, are they going to lock us all in fema camps, you know, the ones that no one can find when they check out their supposed locations. I’m confused. Or am i confused just because i read all the conjectures posted on websites. i don’t know. maybe we should thank Israel for having the nuts to stop these idiots before we are all held hostage by their insanity.


      And my caps lock sticks.
      You cannot look at any one item and judge the entire subject by it.
      You need to gather hundreds of items of data on the same subject and compare, and watch how the true ones begin to fit together like puzzle pieces. But that takes work, research and time.
      Reading 3 or 4 articles here and there wont do it.
      This is the propoganda war they are using to keep us off balance and to make theorists look like tin foil hat wearing nut balls for years.
      It doesnt help that occassionally some of us theorists pick up the wrong info and distort it or perpetuate it. Much like you are doing here.

      I’ll start you off here.
      There is No real terrorist threat or threat from the middle east.
      the VERY same organisations which fund the united states (federal reserve) and control the media, in fact fund Alkieda.
      Let me explain how that works.
      Remember in star wars episode one and two etc, the Emporer, chancelor palpitane controled the trade federation and senate both, making a false flag rebelion for the republic to fight and and fear?
      He caused a war which he controled from BOTH sides to gain power and control for him self.
      That is whats being done here with false flag terrorism.
      911 Was a set up wich allowed the creation of home land security and the taking away of rites, and freedoms, since then, these things have been stepped up gradually and increased slowly in severity.
      Like boiling a frog starting with cold water, the frog doesnt feel the temperature rising slowly, he just becomes accustomed to the almost unnoticable change till he passes out never knowing why, and is cooked alive.
      This is whats being done to America in increments. to the entire world in fact, because these Banks and illuminati are the power behind any and every country that uses international financing and trade systems.
      These are the pieces that fall into place if you do the research.
      I hope that helps clear some things up for you and start you out in the right direction.


  2. They cannot move forward with this until the law is passed that will allow them absolute power to censure and control the internet.
    So long as we have the means to communicate, expose, plan together, and gather untainted information our selves, thier plan cannot yet work.
    Look for laws being passed which may allow them to do so.
    Any time after that, the shit can hit the fan.
    Sites like This, among many others will cease to exist.


    • I only disagree with you on one point, Vara. This site can exist because most people think it’s ridiculous. The governments have labeled this material as false and unfounded, and so shall it remain. People don’t think for themselves anymore. They only follow what their governments tell them.

      Think about drugs. Why are they illegal? Shrooms can give you a beautiful, life altering experience, yet the government bans it…. even though it grows naturally. We can communicate, expose, etc all we want, but the government doesn’t need to pay any attention to us to implement their plans. All they need is a majority, and they have an overwhelming majority.

      In fact, I believe that sites like these help control the masses by directly stating these topics to be fantastical. Because they exist, and because there is opposition from the government, it strengthens their hold on those who follow them. By rejecting us, the government wins. It is similar to using an apocalypse or extraterrestrials in movies. By posing them as fiction, people are less likely to believe that they actually exist or can happen.

      Perhaps they will control the internet one day, but I don’t think it will be because of sites like these. I see your point, but i just feel like the government doesn’t need to intervene on sites like this in order for their plan to move forward.


      • I think you missinterpreted my state ment Nate.
        I think sites like This are next to irelivent, but will STILL be taken down any way.
        But sites like this are not the reason they need to control the internet.
        They need to lock down ALL forms of communication and information gathering…. PERIOD.
        No one can be allowed to be in a possition to refute the information and lies they will want to sell as Gospel. No one can be allowed to generate an underground following or movement that cannot be localised and contained.
        They need to be able to sell thier version of the truth on news and internet that They want you to believe with out the means for people to compare notes or make a joined effort or organise a stand.
        The Occupy move ment would not exist with out the internet for example. it would be a few dozen people maximum with out the rest of the world knowing what was happening or why.


      • i’m currently on a quest to find the nwo. getting close aswell i reckon🙂 had alot of strange things happen


      • Ok Vara I got you and I completely agree. They already have control of the media, so the internet is the next frontier.


  3. All I can do is shake my head. This sickens me.
    We must do what we can to reveal the truth.

    Stay safe


  4. They will also be rounding up trouble makers. Those whom are whistle blowers, people whom know TO much, People trying to organise others or stand against them etc etc.
    They will know who you are and have you targetted even before this process begins.

    This is How the Government Tracks you. Thanks to Wikileaks


  5. Thanks for the link Varakienen.

    Stay safe


  6. Terrorist incoming!!! I saw a guy prepared an explosive belt and wear it in my dream.


  7. Guys i can not so good english but i was in the past with one of the rockefellar in the militär. and the last card what he said is a VIRUS and with this VIRUS what he said to me.we,that a people have only 18 hour to life. we will see


  8. And so the facts are finally being drawn together, at this very moment the final pawns are being put into place as the chess board is set and every move plotted. What vara says is true, we have become so complacent as to not even notice the water boil around us, and i don’t mean us on this site, but those people who are so blind as to still think the government and democracy is made to benefit them, we live in a culture where the main slogan is no longer “take what you need to survive”, but “get rich anyway you can and leave your kids to deal with the problems, at least you get a comfortable 80+ years”.

    I dont think this coup is going to go down in the US though, were instead going to see a new type of war no longer fought between sole nations but governed by provinces, how long do you think soldiers fight for their country when they stop being paid and the food trucks don’t show up? soon well see towns defending themselves and smaller nations rise up to conquer new borders, right now America thinks they have a handle on the world, but they’re spread too thin, covering the Lybian clean up, the Syria conflict, forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, moving troops to fortify the Asian sectors against the Chinese, and not to mention them trying to hinder Iran’s progress. its only a matter of time before one of the other players pulls the ace of spades from the top of the deck.

    as has always been predicted; humanity will be its own downfall, as brother kills brother in conflict, not between nations, but between neighbors…

    And this NWO will simply hide and watch the fireworks, or escape to greener pastures.

    I know most readers on here already stock supplies and gear in case of emergencies, but i also urge you to be prepared for things like biological and chemical warfare as this new war that we are looking at will have no holds barred and old rules will be forgotten like the Geneva convention. Nerve agents, chemical bombs or releasing biological agents into the populace could become a reality if these events come to pass, be prepared, and above all protect yourself and your family first.

    just to give a taste of the sort of things they have already cooked up
    this lab has mutated the h5n1 strain to make it transferable from human to human, which it never achieved naturally, they say its for research, utter rubbish to me



  9. As far as I know, most of those conspiracies are centered in the Western World (Europe, USA, etc.) what purpose would it serve the NWO if they eliminate most of the people there…what about China, India, Russia,and Africa?


  10. @all readers
    Some work for you alll…destroy all FEMA-Camps NOW….or die inside them…..thats all folks. i go now wz some friends to destroy the fema camp near my home…just as a startup.


  11. Marq deKybalion

    It will not start with a direct attack from Israel. The play book has not changed. As with 9/11 (and many other examples) Israel will suffer the first blow and their response will be seen as a necessary defensive counter attack.


  12. All this is is people posting more BS on the WEB ! I dont believe any of it. I remember reading the same kind of bs back before Y2K, and we are all still here.


    • Mark.
      Do you know what “Cry Wolf” propoganda is?
      They are Counting on you Not believing certain things, so that when finally the one Real one comes along you Will be caught with your pants down, unprepared and right into the trap.
      And you are a prime example of how well it works.
      ~ V.


      • I believe in beeing prepared, I just dont believe the government is going to round up 90% of the world population. I always have extra food, water and weapons to protect myself just in case somthing happens like a natural disaster.


      • They have no intention of rounding up any more than 10% including those doing the rounding up…


  13. but Wesley Clark said four yeara ago that America will invade 7countries in five years and Iran was the last on the list is this about the gas pipe line??? IPI and TAPI?


    • Bilderberg Club and that 80% reduction in world population sound like a room 5600 Rockefeller centre Rolodex dream come true. 144000 selected wealthy persons to go underground for Nibiru, planet X. Pole Shift.


  14. The Benevolent Aliens will not allow a nuclear war. They shut down 11% of the entire US nuclear arsenal for a day last August. The Illuminate may also be nearing defeat. We have Free Will and collective consciousness that steers us into the future. The planned Bird Flu mass vaccinations planned by them for 2008 simply fall on its face because enough people were informed and didn’t buy into that future timeline. This Internet is a fantastic tool to shape collective consciousness, so be careful with the MISINFORMATION and distortions from the dark cabal. You get what you concentrate on, and when enough people concentrate on these things not happening, they won’t happen.

    Bro VARAKIENEN: pry off your Caps Lock keycap and put a piece of spongy foam underneath it so that it takes extra pressure to get it into that stupid all-caps mode. That way you won’t accidentally shout about the web.🙂


    • Marq deKybalion

      I have no doubt you believe what you say…inspite of your ideas being diametrically opposed. (cognitive dissonance) The benevolent aliens will protect you from nuclear war as soon as the tooth fairy finishes placing the winning lotto ticket under your pillow…(they take turns)…and on the other hand you wish to believe “you get what you concentrate on”…(if only enough people would do it)…a somewhat shall we say misguided version of “creative consciousness” where in the focus is on things not happening…like trying to run around the house three times with out thinking about an elephant…
      Might I suggest taking a breath and just allowing yourself to be here for the moment…



  15. They show a whole lot of camps on the map however I think many are just bull. The nearest one to me Moose Creek, Idaho I know is no camp because Iv been their, walked all around and flown all around. So that one at least can be taken off the list.

    Chris, from Idaho


  16. ok let me all bring you back in time to TWO MONTHS AGO on this very site. And your main item back then was comet Elenin… nothing happened.. and now here we have another Elenin in the form of America and whatever crap they may OR MAY NOT be doing.. AGAIN just like before this is all SPECULATION and FEAR MONGERING…
    I have to admit I do believe there will one day be a one world government. I do feel something major is about to happen in regards to a world war of some sort… but seriously.. youre basically saying these are concentration camps at best… IF theyre anything at all, it would be displacement centers for citizens to go to after their homes are bombed. Because believe me, America is going to get hit hard, theyre pushing for a war and they have countries with major military power against them and they know theyre not going to get away lightly like the did in Iraq.
    This site is getting more ludicrous as the months go on, and i actually liked this place…


  17. open to all possibilities🙂 keep an open mind


  18. hey all, this is an out of topic post.. try watching the movie “Another Earth” and “Melancholia”. It’s a good movie about this celestial planet coming..

    another earth –

    melancholia –


  19. al, you make my point perfectly. you take a number, 144000, from the bible, where is refers to 12000 JEWS set apart and protected by God to spread His message of warning to those left on earth during the tribulation period, and you reinterpret it to mean 144000 wealthy people hiding underground waiting for Nibiru. I know this is a site where all are allowed to express their opinion, but when that type of nonsense is what is being posted, it is hard for anyone with a functioning brain to take any of this seriously. As someone else posted, the last month or two elenin was on it’s way to destroy us and what happened? NOTHING. At least nothing significant. Sites like this become a contest where many try to see who can become the champion chicken little with the sky falling all around us. Vari, i appreciate what you posted. But we have to pick one or the other. Is the nwo going to wipe out 90 percent of us, or put us all in fema concentration camps? Are the “good aliens” going to come and rescue us, or are the nephilim planning our demise? Will the rapture take up the true believers in Christ before the poop hits the fan, or will the one who disappear suddenly be those who weren’t enlightened enough to remain behind for the grand evolving of mankind into a new and kinder race? Who has the best dream this week, or who’s vision reveals the greater truth? I guess this is what you get when you read posts on an anything goes type of site, but with no objective point of reference, or no respected verifiable source of revelation, anybody’s latest poop is no better than anyone elses, so it all devolves into a bunch of cosmic drivel or far eastern philosophizing.


    • Chuck. I had thought I had made my possition clear, but appearantly not.
      We Dont have to pick one or the other, the shadow government will go for BOTH.
      People will be put in fema camps AND they will try to reduce the population below 500 million.
      It will use the fema camps just like the germans used concentration camps. fillem up, shippem out for disposal. fillem up, shippem out. wash rince repeat.


    • Chuck, This comment goes only to your opening remark regarding the meaning in the Bible of the 144,000. It is referenced by the way in three places, but most quoted in the first an last chapters…references to the names in the book of life…always been a fair amount of speculation about the number, fair to say? Not quite as generally known, the number 144,000 occures multiple times in various formuals given in the Vedas as well…kind of odd at the least don’t you think? In the Urantia Book chapters 64-67 reference the Amadonites, a subject dear to my heart, and the original 144 (144,000 x 10^-3) who were taken and from whom DNA was taken…and given…who were alowed to multiply 100 fold (144,000)… an odd connection to the Giza pyramid as well…the “missing caseing stones” (square on one side, angled on the outside) to re-complete the exterior total exactly 144,000 stones.(plus the cap stone which was quartz) The base stones, 20 tonnes each in the existing structure total 144,000 as well. The stone box in the Kings chamber, erroneously refered to as the sarcophagus is interesting in that its interior dimensions are 158.74 cm x 95.24 cm x 95.24 cm…144,000 x 10 (the first octave) cubic cm…exactly the same dimensions when converted from cubits as the deminsions given in the Bible for the Arc of the Covenant! Now you must admid that is odd…no one knows what the box was for or where the Arc came from or went but they do know one would have fit exactly into the other! Also interesting the full cycle of the Mayan calander is 25,643. 84 years which the Mayans devided into 13 Baktun…an odd division, until you do the math. Each Baktun is 144,000 days. Almost enough to make one wonder if there is some meaning in this!
      An additional coincidence, the speed of light in free space (the boundry between this diminsion and the next) converted to Arc Seconds (what we still use today for ocean, air, and space navagation) is 144,000 x10^-24 (24th octave)…a rather interesting and highly accurate base 60 system of math given to man by the Sumarians…about the time they emerged from caves. Another couriosity again from the bible in Genisis, the diminsions given for Noah’s Arc (built by Shem, not Noah)…300 cubits x 50 cubits x 30 cubits…450,000 cubits…dividid by pi..3.1415 = 143,243.67…the speed of light harmonic at the surface of earth to with in .997732 ! I could go on and on but what’s the point. Probably all a coincidence and in the end 144,000 get to go to heaven and the rest to hell…(if all those virgins being handed out to martyrs are being counted its going to make it hard to get in…unless maybe your a virgin…)


  20. mono, you are so correct. there has been a lot of good info posted here in the past, where scrutiny and skepticism were valuable assets. And believe me guys and gals, if we were posting anything here of significant revelatory value, the powers that be would shut it down or shut us up. So my guess is we aren’t very close to the truth of what is going on around us. Or as long as just a few of us are close and the rest of us are running around in circles screaming and pointing hysterically at our own shadows, the big boys will just watch and laugh at us. The shame of it is is that while most of us warn each other about govt. disinfo and the need to see through the obfuscation, the same thing is being done here on this site. Lots of hysteria and fear, and not much serious rational discussion. I come here to this site now expecting almost everything posted here to be irrelevant in the final analysis, and the responses to be similiar to the ramblings one would find at a gathering of stoners or paranoid schizoprenics. Again, i guess we need this freedom, even the freedom to be stupid. I just wish people would use their God given abilities to discern the truth. Please don’t misunderstand, i am not trying to be mean or egotistical. I need to know and see as much as the next person. I just think we could learn more and protect each other more effectively with a calmer, more rational approach. This site can and should play a more pivotal role in educating those who seek the truth.




  22. In my search on the subject of FEMA camps and the elimination of 90% of the world population, I have found exactly the same message in each post on the subjects..This is a small circle of information which indicates to me that it has intentionally been posted with the intent to get folks in a panic. Once I sat back and ran the material through, I began to suspect “intention” and when looking for a source of that intention I kept going back to the fact that this is a political year frought with hysterical messages coming out of the conservative right wing on subjects ranging from abortion to anti-“other” religion conspiracys. This leads me to believe that the funding necessary for this kind of emotional meddling is coming from some big pockets somewhere.

    To put it in the terms of that “Star Trek” character, Dr, Spock, “This is not logical.” The only logical direction would be the motivation to mind game the general public into looking for a savior–ie:the conservative right. This seems an intention to “throw” the national election in the fall of 2012 into the growing fire of superstition concerning the earthchange predictions looming as the result of the shrill cries of fear in regard to the Mayan tablet chatter.

    Earth change prediction discussion ranges from human caused to galactic center caused…none of which are able to be addressed in a practical fashion that would correct any damage and mayhem that may or may not take place. There are predictions out there from Nostradamas way back when to, recent observations from NASA just this year. All of that is bubbling on the back burner while the front burner is being fueled by scare tactics.

    The recent senate/congress bill passed last week has added to this front fire. The FEMA CAMP maps I have seen thus far are very old and out of date. According to some who have done a walk around in search of these camps, few if any areas have been located which give the appearance of being holding areas for large populations.

    There is no doubt that the middle east snarl is taking on some interesting designs. Anyone who watches the tiny dots of information coming out of the major media and the “back room computer feed” recognize that the world is involved in what ever is going on in regard to the middle east. I personally see the issue as NUCLEAR. At the same time, the comment lines shout that it is about OIL…

    No doubt that is true to some respect but I would suggest here that there is not a nation in the world that is not dependent on oil to keep its economy going and this includes the middle east. While there may be competition among the major oil coorporations who are doing the work of locating, drilling and refining this oil, I am quite sure none of them would put the world supply in jeopardy. Self defeat is not among their interests.

    No, this is about nuclear weapons–Looking with clear glasses, it does not take a rocket scientist to see the prolification of these weapons through out the middle east. Pakistan has threatened India on many occasions. One does not know that when the balance of sanity is lost that a moment of irrational rage will not take over sufficient to have someone push a nuclear trigger. The continual shouting about wanting to eliminate Isreal by just about all her neighbors is a forest fire looking to happen. I honestly do not believe these middle eastern nations have a clue about the full effect of nuclear war whether from a radiation infected rocket tip or a full blown mass killer. In fact, I am not even very confident about our own military in this regard.

    On the other hand, I will go with the government beneath the government concept…the bit about a few men at the top of a world government does not wash with me at all..If proof can be found that those few individuals with all that control are actually “black hat” extra-terrestrials, then maybe I will come around…but I honestly don’t think so. This is not to say that I argue here against the ET influence that is rather obvious actually…If nothing else, I will point to the documented interferance with our own nuclear arsenal seen on film as well as through personal witnessing.

    In all of this, I would like to see a spacific location reference in this new military bill–a section number–. I spent hours last night searching the text of that bill for spacific information relating to this blazing fear mongering and was close to blind before I gave up. This site could do us all a favor by providing us spacifics on that information..Further, I would like to see a recent google search result made available for the general audience with boots on the ground photos of anything but those damn black boxes everyone are calling coffins without any proof or reference for research.

    If We the people have a problem then let us all know what the problem is at the nuts and bolts level…We the people have enough intelligence and courage to deal with that..TRUST ME.. So let us have some REAL data..not just churned out parroted stuff. How is that for a challenge?


  23. Oh, and by the way—while I am still here—will someone, anyone, make an attempt to write in a coherant fashion, the definition of the word..GOVERNMENT…Generalities need not apply.


    • …gubenare’ …management of social interaction and responsibilities…in this time there are forty or fifty basic formes and one form or another has existed in every culture. Modern government has deep roots, terresterially derived from the evolution of mammals and female/male roles (and violence/agression) necessary for survival, and even older still, not so terresterially derived influences. As sanctuary for malevolence, greed, and power it is an old and familliar abode.
      As I am not sure what you were looking for by way of an answer but quite aware of the tone of the conversation..”the powerful few controling the many”… I will take liberty to interject a likely unpopular paradox…the powerful and greedy few are much easier to control than the masses…the very, very, very few have known from the beginning that with a convincing trick or two, the promise of power, and a few pieces of gold…


  24. the same people that funded hitler and US ww3, so tell me, deception at work – yes, a good way to kill off people war and virus etc, we’re dealing with clever entities behind the scenes. at the end of the day your body a temple to experience this reallity, they wanna take most out of this ”earth life game” so we cant play their stupid games. dont buy into the distractions chaos, governments r clever🙂


  25. marina, should i conclude you are a liberal? I mean, i can only wonder why you seem to see danger only from the “conservative right wing” or religion or anti-religion. You might want to broaden your horizons a bit. It doesn’t matter who’s in power, there is team A and team B. Those that pull the strings always cover their bases. And no, there probably isn’t a “few” who wield the power. I imagine the web spreads quite aways through the corridors of power. Whoever has the money has the power. Although you have to factor in the nut cases for the unexpected. You are right in your emphasis on the middle east. While the whole earth will suffer the consequences, Israel and those around her who want to wipe her off the face of the earth most certainly constitute the fuse, already lit, the steadily burns down to the explosion point. I empathize with your hunger for more specific knowledge, but i doubt you will find much on this site or others like it. Understanding the nature of the “occult”, things being hidden are part of the strategy, along with disinformation. The closer one gets to the truth, the greater the efforts to cloud or mislead. And personally, i don’t care how accurately one can define “government”. Perhaps you are correct in your frustration at the looseness with which the word is thrown about. Don’t get stuck on it though. We will probably never know clearly who or what is behind all of this(the part controlled by people) until hindsight gives us 20/20 vision. I heartily concur with your desire for less dribbling and more coherency.


  26. the c stands for Chuck. Sorry.


  27. okay, that’s a pisser. My post didn’t show up. Well it did, then it dissappeared. Some sore of conspiracy? Doubt it. Anyway, I’ll try again. Marina, i wonder if you are a liberal. I mean, why is there only danger coming from that “vast right wing ” conspiracy or the christians supposedly crying out against “anti-religious” laws or feelings. Don’t you think that THEY have a republican team AND a democratic one? Do you really think they will leave any of their bases uncovered? And no, I don’t think that whoever THEY are consists of a “few”. It takes far more than that to attempt world domination. And of course, there are too many unpredictables that can occur for everything to be as orderly and controllable as they may like. But do not become too frustrated by the lack of accurate information. That is the nature of the occult. Things will be hidden, much of it not becoming completely clear until hindsight kicks in. You are right in your focus on the middle east. It is the powder keg waiting to explode. Those who try to control either underestimate the power behind them or are not aware of it, not realizing that once the object is achieved, they themselves will either bow or be discarded. Hang in there. The thrill, afterall, is in the hunt.


  28. wow, now both are posted. stupid nwo. double your pleasure.


  29. i think were all just locking heads over issues we have no control over. there are so so many different versions of what could happen to us (as chuck has highlighted), but i seriously think and feel that something may soon occur, and im not saying this month, but in the next year i think were in for a some tough times worse than the great depression, or at least a vast amount of the world will be affected. From what im reading and finding, im almost convinced that USA and China are both poised in cold war status, with fingers on the triggers, WW3? could be but no one knows, it could all be based over the south china sea issue and just fizzle out like the Soviets/USA cold war.

    I just have a gut feeling (like many people on here) that something (no clue as to what) is going to go down, and it will be of a global scale…

    Im starting to think less and less of alien intervention in these matters as i think our survey period expired during the mass sightings in early 2011. I don’t feel like some celestial body is coming to get us as everyday we have near misses by large space objects, so this is a common thing that may one day come to fruition, but i don’t think it will happen for some time. The only thing i can see really is mass war, unrest and destabilization or chemical/biological warfare. Its sad to say it but i have no faith in the human race, we are, in general, dangerous to ourselves and others and place greed before all else. humanity evolved over 4 million years, now all we need to do is take the things away that we take for granted (power, internet, supermakets(food supply), cars, luxury items, shelter, running water) and then we would see our true nature.



    • The puzzle pieces are coming together at a steady pace. There is more at play than you realize. Don’t lose faith in those above.

      The calm before the storm.

      Stay safe


  30. These world wide camps have been around for awhile now. The gov’s have stocked them with everything from body bags to toilet paper. A few of these camps have trains tracks leading straight to them. Trains are built to carry live cargo. The entrances to these camps are guarded. The fences monitored. The general public can’t get near them.
    If this was to do with anything nuclear why the body bags ect.
    I am more concerned with a virus being spread than nuclear weapons being fired.
    I saw in one of my dreams people falling down around me unable to breath then dying. Dropping like flies. I had this dream or what ever you want to call it awhile ago.
    I have prepared for this situation and I hope others have too. You have to be alert even a little paranoid because this is something you can’t see. Like an invisible enemy sneaking up on you waiting to take your life away.

    What the hand of man has created scares the shit out of me.

    Stay safe


  31. Read this and you will know what will happen soon:
    Well i think now the Nazis occupy USA after they fail in Germany…be careful friends!


  32. It looks like this is going to be a long conversation–I am thrilled–this issue is screaming at us from all kinds of sources….It has become a daily drum beat. In all honesty, I have been avoiding this “gov control” labyrinth for a very long time. It is not that I have not cared and it is not that I have not had personal exposure to many of these control issues…it is just that, frankly, I am heart broken.. This Democracy thing is such a good idea, anything that threatens it simply causes my heart to double beat. I grew up during WW2. I have seen every war and every genocide since..

    When I was born, my father nicknamed me after a man who signed the declaration of independence..Button Gywinith [sp?] –13 years later he was dead of a heartattack as the result of the pressures brought upon him by “The Tenny Committie” , a branch of the Unamerican Activities committie. He was an actor–they wanted him to call his fellow actors “commies”. There was no escape, no court to be appealed in, no media to have remorse. He was black balled and never worked in films again because he tried to call them on their game. They refused to allow him to speak. “Are you now or have you ever been, a member of the communist party or of any of its affiliates? Yes or No!”

    Another of his fellows suffered the same for the same reason. I know what government tyranny is. I have spent my life looking and studying and trying to figure out what the hell went wrong and how the problem of evolving tyranny can be circumvented and if possible…stopped —

    In response to my double posted friend, Luke, I honestly do not know what a liberal is. When I was accused of being a conservative, I was astonished because I don’t know what a conservative is either…My self identity at a political level is completely lacking. I see what folks call themselves and others at the political level and I have never found a niche to fit into. Always filled with questions I am. I am told it is a quality which is annoying as hell.

    Thus my ending question in search of the deffinition to the word, Government. I know what the academic deffinition and description of government is…I searched very closely to see if I could find just what in our system of government allowed the rampages of the Unamerican activities committie. I am stil stymied…The tracks all led back to FEAR–fear of an unknown that was kept unknown by sources and conduits to the public mind based on flawed information…the public was sore afraid of the big bad wolf..COMMUNISM. Even to this day the word brings shivers down the spine of those who have not yet been informed that the Berlin wall fell and Russias economy went the same route.

    No matter what one calls it or where it blooms, TYRANNY is always TYRANNY. What I find odd is that TYRANNY is the word that comes after the fall…”That WAS tyranny.”

    So, here and now, we have a whole lot of screaming about how everyone is going to be murdered or rounded up into camps and on and on–all hypothetical–all based on a fear response based in something that is only now beginning to show its colors…A police state…For the life of me I do not quite get what this police state thing is happening for. Motivation is everything…remember I am theater folk…motivation -motivation-motivation.

    If you have ever owned a gun of any kind, one of the first things you learn is not to look down the barrel, especially if you have your finger on the trigger…makes complete sense – right? So, what happens when you bring the kind of mayhem that causes the death of over 1/2 of the world population….? Nothing–right? Let your imagination wander a bit over various scenerios without a happy ending…Lets go for nuclear war…oh, boy! Everything has to be rebuilt for starters…first however, you have to clean up all the bodies that have died from radiation poisoning..that includes the doctors and nurses who might have been around to save you, were you one of this much imagianed elite…

    Do not for a minute think that I do not believe there is an “elite”…there is..No, wait, let me change that, there are people who believe they are the elite…Elite to what and whom becomes a question worth searching answers for…I am not going for all these collective names..Bildiberg and all that jazz…Handy for lack of time to write descriptive detail but very misleading.

    You realize of course that elitism was built into the constitution. When that document was written the slavery issue was left out, the subject of wormens rights was not even brought up.Children also were only briefly written in with the bit about how a son [notice no mention of daughters] could not be held guilty for the crimes of his father…and–the only people who could vote were land owners…Well, hey, they did pretty well considering their time and place in the scheme of history…

    So, now, just last week, congress passed [shy a few votes] the military funding bill…According to the mind melting fear folks, that bill has a rider that includes more tools with which to increase the structure called “Marshal Law” , the foundation of which has long since existed. In the meantime, it has come out [with pictures to prove it] that the police forces of just about every state in the union [and county and village as well]…are being equipped with weapons of war in addition to the billy club and automatic revolver…

    We are daily looking at walls of heavily armed police people herding gaggly groups of very tired folks who have been living in tents since spring. Reports with photos abound of police destroying the personal property of these people and worse, of intentionally using chemicals and projectiles fired from high volume weapons at anyone who happens to be within shooting distance. We are getting “I was there reports” from folks who have been detained in vans and jails under very painful and difficult circumstances…this is not good public relations for the police anywhere they are doing their job rightfully or to excess.

    Is this a pre-cursor to martial law? Is that why they are hiring people to man the barrigades at places we are hearing about but not seeing photos of? Who is in charge here—“the government?” –Which government? Is it the local government of say, New York, California, and on and on? Is it mayors in charge? Are all these government folk sitting down at a table and conspiring to round up their own populations..? If so, what is the point of having a government if there is noone to govern.

    So, if you let your imagination loose a little, picture all these – ” Elite conspirators” sitting around campfires they are just figuring out how to start, wishing they had some one, anyone, to fix dinner for them because they have not yet mastered the science of how to catch a fish. They are no longer rich because gold is not easy to digest. Their houses are gone because there is noone to take care of them. Their clothing is in tatters because they never learned to sew. Their children are dead or dying because there are no medical people to save them…

    They forgot about natural selection and survival of the fittest. The plan was to rule the world but there is only a world with noone on it to rule, to dominate, to enslave.

    Does that imagination moment give you an idea of how to deal with this growing police threat? That is what this conversation is about. It is one thing to beat the walls in frustration and fear, it is quite another to find a solution now that we see what is beginning to take shape. If we, as a nation, are invaded, would we prevail or would we perish because we gave in to the inability to function as the result of our fear?

    I guess we are all going to have to learn how to catch fish. In addition, we need to have hard data on just exactly what it is we are fighting..As a nation, this United States, is exactly that, The UNITED states. We are helpers of one another. We are folks who stop and wait when an old lady like me totters across the street oh so slowly.

    So Let us talk about logistics rather than helplessness. Let us deal with the realiety of our present situation using the tools available to us. If we do not have the proper tools, lets get creative and build new tools. I am quite convinced there is an undo button available. I could give a list but perhaps it is better to see if you can create one. Mine is far from the end all and be all of lists..

    One more thing before I go feed the cats. A number of years ago, on the coast of San Diego where I lived at the time, a family of 2 parents and 2 children made the bad decision to walk out onto the rocks during very fierce high tide waves. They were all washed away. I was on the pier overlooking the incident. The lifeguards scrambled as fast as they could. They had a hell of a time getting to these folks. Somehow they managed to get them into the boat and brought them to shore by the lifeguard station where paramedics and fire people were waiting.

    I got to that spot as fast as I could to see if there was anything in the world I could do. Before me there were three gurneys, each covered with a sheet. To the side, there sat a trembling little girl I would guess to be around 8 yrs old. She was blue with the cold. Her clothing was torn by the rocks. She was surrounded by a crowd of people, all held back by the police officer at the scene.

    As I stood there I began to become furious. The people simply stood, blank faced..noone reached out to assist this child who was facing the three gurneys on which her whole world lay extinguised. I tried to get close to her and searched my own body looking for something anything to give her to cover hers..I was wearing a bathing suit…Not a good plan..

    Finally I heard myself holler–“Does anyone have a towel, a shirt..anything!? This child is freezing.” I was greeted with empty eyes and motionless postures. I yelled again and then again. Finally, a fellow, as if awakened from a slumber, slowly looked down and saw his towel and hesitantly walked over and handed the mostly dry towel to me.

    As I took it and began to walk over to the little girl, the police officer stopped me. “I am trying to give her something to hold onto to keep warm.” I said. “I cannot let you through mam.” I kept on walking, “Mam!” I kept on walking. As I handed the child the towel I said,” Be warm! It is going to be ok. Just be warm for now.”

    I did not touch her no matter how much I wanted to wrap her in my arms. The officer stood behind me. I turned and nodded to him. “Didn’t anyone see her? Didn’t you see her? She is freezing. That is her family over there where she can see. Don’t you understand?” With this, sensing that I may have gone too far, I turned and walked away. That was 20 or so years ago. I still carry that child in my soul.

    Are we, the great USofA, that child?


    • What a Bloddy excellent post my dear.
      I cannot say that I agree absolutely with every point you are making, but I love your Candor and eliquence of setting a visual for people to relate to.

      My one problem with the post was in your mentioning : “If so, what is the point of having a government if there is noone to govern”.
      I think there will always be some one to govern no matter what befalls the majority of the populous.
      Even if the entire worlds population was reduced to 500 or 250 million in total.
      There will still be some one left that knows how to do the job. every job. Every science, and every subject. I am Sure that the shadows will see to it rather than be caught in thier own darkness.
      My mind goes back to Schildlers list, when the jews in the camps tried to consol them selves that surely THEY would be safe. The germans would not exterminate thier own slave labor force, that would be rediculouse.
      But indeed, the Germans Did.

      You are a welcome breath of realistic and wise air to this site.
      I hope we hear much more from you on a great deal of topics. 😉


      • Oh, thank you sir [assuming that to be the case] Varakienen…I was just working on something on my email list when I came across your reply. Let me think on that ->what is the point of having a government if there is noone to governSECTION 1031<- What would be even better would be if someone who had the time and the ability to stop their hands from shaking with anger could copy and paste that somehwere here–that bill is ENORMOUS! uMUNGUS! AND entirely facinating…but OH SO HUGE…aT LEAST that would give us something solid to work with…God, I hope I can get back here..I have this Xmas tree thing to do and oh, the wreath and—well, life goes on beyond tyranny….at least for the moment…Sincerly, Marina


  33. Whoops something got lost here—I have no idea how–ok…the section about the detention of us citizens is 1031—I was interrupted and the cursor probably moved and I am bonkers…I cannot even rememer the bill number–18 something –this 1031 is a segment within the bill…oh, goodnight..


  34. @Marina Bohnen-pratt
    It is Section 1032,, you can read it near the end of that article:
    By the way…you wrote an great article above so i prayed to the great spirit and the great spiritness and jesus christ that your heart starts now to heal again, because due to my knowledge about the mystery of life praying is the greatest and the most powerful gift we have inside of ourselves to help our brothers and sisters and also ourselvs.


    • My dear NOBODY–You nailed it..PRAYER WORKS! It looks like we are on the same thought pattern…So glad you corrected me…I was bonkers with exhaustion last night…Section 1032–and today I hear that the president is not vetoing the bill…realiety data is, he cannot veto the bill…99% of it is military budget data..The inability to dissect segments from a bill in order to veto a given segment has been requested by the administrations of the white house for as far back as I remember…Bush also brought this up in a rather vocal way over something like this buried section…I do not know what recourse a president has in a case like this..perhaps challenging it in the justice system–but–as Obama has made clear on a number of occasions, the system is glacial…it moves like crazy glue–

      Another thing to keep in mind is the history of this kind of legislation going way back–past ww2 I suspect but I am no legal scholor—Elements of the congress and senate bury stuff like this with full knowledge that it cannot be vetoed and thus we have an interlocking series of repressive dinglies that can be created without THE PEOPLES’ knowledge or ability to stop it. This is not party related–it has been both partys who have pulled this trick in a number of areas…

      WHAT is important is…the American people must be made aware of the information at every level…parents must teach their children, mothers must tell their mothers..fathers must inform their fathers–families must learn to over come their differences so they can come together in their own defense. We must begin to heal the social seperation we have increasingly experienced in this last decade or so. We must learn to reach out to one another in small compassionate ways in hopes of undoing the enormous distrust that has been sewn into the fabric of our thinking and behavior.

      This is an enormous task and it requires the ability to over come our fear of both the known and unknown. This applies to even the small embarassments we tend to pile on one another..issues about how we dress and how we do our house keeping or how we dye our hair..We must listen to the small judgements we make of others, where they come from, what they say, how they walk, what they don’t know that we think they should know.

      This sounds like small potaotos in the light of this enormous potential threat. It is only a potential threat as it presently stands but we do not know why such decisions are being made..why should our nation design the very repressions we are hyper-critical of in other nations? Thus it is we must defend ourselves at the do-able level. In our homes and in our neighborhoods…UNITED WE STAND! With knowledge, we survive.

      PRAYER WORKS…I PRAY FOR THIS UNITY. Anyone want to join?


  35. @Marina Bohnen-pratt
    Dear Mrs Bohnen-pratt
    Yes i also think we are at the same thought pattern so your idea sounds very good in my ears..
    Do you know Ruppert Sheldrake?
    He wrote a lot of interessting books, in case of our situation i think about his book called “a new science of life”. He talks there about morphogenetic fields….well if we can make a international connection of same thinking people we can build a huge morphogenetic field for healing everything. So i will join for shure your idea, also if nobody else want to share it. But i think in this case we have to find the right words and a good imaginary picture for visualisation which everybody can use in her/his quiet or loud prayer and it is also a good idea to do this at the same time and in a rythm…mr. sheldrake made a experiment with this and it really works very well. Do you or somebody else have an idea for the right words we all can use for a powerful prayer and a good inner picture for visualitation? (my 2 cents are only maybe whatever we use for our prayer that we not pray in the i am way because the word i is disconnecting us from each other, maybe we use instead of this word i for ourselves better the word we because the word we connects us all…i read this a while ago in the net from somebody who said that we have also a groupsoul which is splitteres in now 7 000 000 000 pieces due to the i thinking and if we start to think about ourselves as a “we” instead of “i” than we can understand ourselves much better and reconnect to each other also and than we can heal also our groupsoul as human mankind…this sounds really very interessting and serious to me).


  36. Bless you, folks….
    Thank You for allowing me to burst the intellectual Bubble.
    Nobody posting here has displayed any awareness of the
    horrible, ongoing Fukushima Deadly Radiation sweeping
    around the Northern Hemisphere.
    within the past three days,
    Phoenix had a rad reading of 810 Counts Per Minute (CPM).
    Bakersfield had an Off-the-Chart reported reading of 1000+ CPM.
    Denver reached a new high of 800 CPM.
    Your Mass Population Reduction is Underway.
    Reports of Cesium and Plutonium fallout, hot particles in Seattle,
    Dairy-product radioactivity, suppression of these facts, are all
    discussed since March (3/11 we are calling IT)…at the stunning
    Please, those that can handle the End-of-World, ELE reality,
    go and READ, especially the response strings to the posted
    news-aggregator stories from diverse sources.
    Executive Summary for you All: Massive radiation was released,
    and never stopped as of presently, and the foreseeable future.
    Governments have mounted a huge cover-up, blackout, active
    disinformation campaign.
    Everybodies health is compromised, and the authorities will LIE
    to you, or else Lose their phony-baloney JOBS.
    This is an Evil Planet….Tibetans say it is the Bardo, or maybe that
    refers especially to our Babylonian Anti-Christ Culture.
    THEY don’t care about your kids. I apologize in advance to folks
    who really didn’t need another negative stain on our Reality.
    Protect your Heart, because if you think you and kids have a
    FUTURE, it will be by serious survival efforts.
    This is the ELE, extinction-level-event.
    And Nibiru looms large around the corner.
    It should awaken everyone to the Spiritual Facts of this Illusory
    Life we have down on Terra…sorry for your Earthly plans,
    I used to have some of my own, but now, But Now, it is
    the Will of the Most High, Yahshua. Bless You All with
    His Peace and Healing….


    • Well, Mr. Elijah, aren’t you a bundle of optimism and joy! If you are young, dash to your local physician and have a blood test done for thyroid levels. They have pills for that…If you are old…and your hair is falling out dash to your local doctor and have a blood test done for thyroid levels…Go buy a tent and get some canned goods to last for a while…that is if the FEMA police don’t catch you at it…Learn that good old Nibiru –looming as it might be–is not going to give you much time to use a can opener…neither will the galactic black hole explosion so bantied about in recent days.

      Look, I got news for you…if this planet is so “evil-” as you put it , then you are insinuating that everything on it is ‘evil’…Now, if you will define your term I might be able to help you see things a little more optomistically but given your state of depression, I would suggest you do some gingsing tea laced with St. Johns wart and study up on things so you can provide us details on exactly when we can expect this rogue planet to bring that ELE you are so concerned about.

      Oh, better than that even, how about you dash down to your local Burger King and enjoy a feast while it is still there. No, I am serious here. There is an old saying that is oh, so true.”.What you see is what you get.” So, It seems to me that if all of us out here are on an evil planet then we must be evil and thus must be punished for that evil we have brought to the planet. I know some who would argue that point, which by the way, also includes you.

      It is important to remember that while you see yourself as I, there are a good many who see your ego I as part of Us. Thus it follows, if We/Us are evil, you are also…Now if you will define your understanding of evil, WE might better see how you are envisioning US. Then we will have something to talk about. So go enjoy your Berger King and give all that heady philosophy some thought and then get back to US. We are anxious to know how you have made that judgement so we can get our heads together and correct the problem.


  37. better watch out for that saint johns wort, marina. can have some bad side effects. too much to respond to, so little time. maybe tomorrow night. anyway, nice to “meet” you marina. sound like a sensitive person. hope you are as rational as you are sensitive. look forward to bantering with you. later. and much love.


  38. And so it begins.

    Welcome to your Police state U.S.A.


  39. Ah, another friend on Behind the news…I love it..just when I was about to call it a night and checked my mail…one more chuckle..Thank you. Yes, Rational is my middle name and I get into a lot of trouble because of it. That is what happens when one gets old…Even my cats have issues with it…So, till then – then – see ya later…bye..Marina with love laced with humor…Oh, and on the St. Johns wort, never use it myself…I like my humor dry.


  40. OMG! Before I go..Mr. Varakienen! Just when the cat thought she had herded me to bed, I look up and see what you just posted! As my 1st mother in law used to say–“Jesus, Mary and Joseph – what the hell is going on here! ” I just saw a vid post of a 14yr old getting tazed by a man in blue…We are going to see a lot of this with all these cameras around…grrrr….Good night…


  41. @Marina Bohnen-pratt
    Yes we can…;)
    Some additional thinking about the we and i thing. We are perfect in using the i word for ourselves but there is a vacuum in using the word we for yourselves…so we have to get in balance with both aspects, i think this is really important because than we can trancend the we and the i to something new for ourselves and can go to the next step in our evolution of the whole mankind…because i think we need both sides, the individual and the collective side in us all…maybe we can call us then iwe or wei…but iwe sounds better in my ears than wei..that rembers me to much about the word why….well but now we need a good prayer and a good picture for visualisation that we can use for our experiment…some ideas?
    Sorry that i dont answer in the other thread here to your nice reply to my post there…shame on me because i forgot it….so i want you to say now it is really nice that you share what i think.
    In the Artic there is right now also something strange going on….the russians found out that there is a immense increase of methan to the atmosphere in a real huge areal there wich comes from the methanhydrit from the ground there….they say that this could change our climate immediatly very extrem in the next year and affected maybe also right now the global climate…for my opinion a very good explanation for all the strange weather around the world…but sorry i dont have the link for this article but i think you can google this one if you are interessted in better details.


  42. @all readers here:
    If you want a good protection against radiation than you can use daily in the morning one glass of a good still water in glassbottles and one and a half teaspoon of halitsaltsole. How to make sole:
    but pls use halt salt instead of crystalsalt and google yourself for the best price and the best shop for yourself.
    If you are a user of the regular mainstreamsalt wz flourid and jodit pls throw it away because it is very poisoness for your body.
    Halit salt has the same structure as a diamond and is very good for the bodycells.
    I use it myself for now one year and i feel very well and i use it also for my food which tastes now much better. You can make a experiment first taste halit salt and than regular salt…you can taste and feel the difference for shure…;)


  43. Least more are becoming aware.
    Enjoy your cups of tea.

    Stay Safe


  44. Good afternoon Nobody—I read your note on the collective I/we concept. It strikes me here that we are all individuals with the ability to make our own choices in our own way. We are designed to be adaptive to our enviornment while at the same time deeply imprinted by that enviornment within our own ability to percieve it. Our physical brain structure is such that, even without our conscious recall, everything we see, touch, smell, and hear, no matter how minute and unrecognizable at the time, is registered within the brain structure and stored there – forever during life and I suspect, into the after life… supposing that afterlife transition is–[guessing you understand]–a period during which we sort things out a bit for the purpose of re-entry into a physical body of ‘some’ kind–

    Every human experience is unique just as every human finger print is unique. It is this which gives us the illusion of seperateness and invulnerbility. It appears however, that our brains can be tampered with from the outside, by various methods ranging from psycological to mechanical. Electricity and hypnosis, pain and stressful situations, depravation of input and a whole raft of other things can shape and change us–while at the same time, our brain holds on to all the information and experience prior to the meddling even if that meddling causes a blockage or inability to access that information. This is one hell of a quandry.

    We are living in a world fraught with interferance. There are few places where we can escape it. We are affected depending on our biology. That effect is expanded by what ever it is we are eating or taking as medication. I have seen people I have known for years to be calm and organized, suddenly begin to show signs of minor confusion and forgetfulness. When the belief in self begins to waver as aging takes place, disorientation brings on panic attacks..”where did I put that? Why did I do that?” . A whole new view of self begins to reshape behavior as the pressure of daily challenges unfolds.

    The identity of self is shaken…The belief sytem is shaken. In many, a reaching out for something solid takes place–religion-position-conspiracy- you name it. People will go for anything that will displace the sense of self which is leaking away in a condition of change brought through enviormental and psycological pressures.

    Internal fear is hightened by things to be afraid of in the outside world. It is this cycle that others prey on. It has been found that in a captive situation where large groups are thrown together in a regimented prison situation, mental illness festers and grows. Even in the illusion of being in a captive situation, that insecurity fostered by external forces heightens fear. The I is isolated, seperated from loving support…just a word of encouragement would do.

    It is these factors that whip up whole communities into a frenzy of fear breeding parinoia. Each idividual feels isolated and alone, helpless. In order to counter that kind of community seperation there has to be something to replace the sense of and belief in ones own isolation and helplessness…Over the years we have seen through the media, case after case of the “lone” killer. We have witnessed killing behaviors which when the individual is annalysed it is discovered there was something believed in so strongly that they used it as an excuse to strike out at a percieved enemy…a cause–a purpose for living…I do not have to list the cases here, we all know them because of the high public exposure they recieved.

    God and Jesus, Mohamed, Budda, Shiva et;al.. are great things to hold on to and hang on to..the writings are there, the tradition of love and forgivness is there…Many move through their own agony holding onto and speaking of their religious belief system, it is their life boat as their sense of idividual purpose and meaning are challenged and threatened.

    The We comes into place as these religious and yes even political beliefs become an external bandaid—Being part of something…feeling useful–having purpose.

    Depending on a whole lot of biological and psycological factors, an individual, having submerged him/her self in a “cause” responds with self restoring often over assertive power. When a threat is percieved by a community, individuals who are experiencing a sense of isolation from that community because of little to no communication will act independently, often to their own detriment. “It can’t happen to me.” often replaces the single most important built in natural response called survival. This phenomena was seen, [as has been pointed out in this comment line] in the Jewish community through out Europe during the systematic genicide of communities during the late 1930s till the end of world war 2. Others also experienced this genicide, the elderly, the ill, the religious, the intellectuals, those of different nations, the slavs, the russians, and on and on….

    In our present historical moment, we are looking at threats presumed and indications of written authorization for the realiety of those threats. We are seeing daily situations where there is no doubt that something has escalated way out of control and has only now been exposed because of a group challenge…Now we are looking at what can easily be seen as a police state given the behavior and obvious weaponry of our local police forces.

    Most of us know where and when this cycle of fear mongering began. While there were many who spoke up at the time, events moved at such a pace and with little to no restrictions able to be brought to the powers who had control at the time –ie 9/11–most were struck dumb much like that crowd I mention watching that cold and frightened little girl on the beach in San Diego. Most of the population watched and listened as the first bombs fell on Bagdad…”What do we know?” was the common reply.

    It seems now that there is an awakening in response to the events of recent days…My position is, now is the time to remind as many as possible that WE are in this nation TOGETHER. We were reassured that WE were the governors–controlling the selection of those who had the talent for governance…But you know, while that is a damn good idea, that constitution of ours, there was no way for its writers to predict the future growth of the population and the developments resulting from 2 world wars and countless economic roller coaster rides.

    Thus it is, it is up to US, the people of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA to find solutions to the problems that have crept up while we were going about our business…that is the real world, not the world of legend and spiritual belief systems. We are required to use those tools, history, philosophy and all, as a platform from which to reshape a world that has has become fearful of enemys real and imagianed. Each one of us as individual units reflected as I must allow ourselves to agree with one another dispite our differences…in this agreement, we become WE.


  45. This is about the Whole World.


  46. @Marina
    First of all i hope it is okay that i say marina to you.
    I see you are a brilliant thinker and a great spirit. i am very glad to get in contact wz you here. i think really we are both, we are individuals and a collective at the same time. i think that this is a secret which nobody wants to tell us all. because if we think deeper in this concept than a lot of inner changes will start which takes you to a higher level of selfawarness. i feeli n my heart that this is right and i think in this way and it brings answers to me which i never can find if i think only in the i-way about myself. But now i have to fill the vacuum of the we in me to find out what will happen than and i really work hard on that. i think that if i can fill this vacuum that than will start a trancendation to something new inside me. well so i can say for myself that i am maybe one of this pioneers in this case. i dont know where it will take me but i trust my heart and i still go on. Because if you ask yourself who you are you never get a straight answer. but it changes if you start to think about yourself in the we way. Because we have a body, a soul and a spirit. so that are 3. how can i say to this i? that dont work. but if i say that i am a we than it works and it connects body soul and spirit. i find also out that i dont loose my individuality so the i is still alive. that is the reason why i think that we all are both a we and a i the same time. and it makes me happy that you understand this concept. when i read about it first time, i think this person is crazy but i make the test at myself and it was very hard first to think in the we way about myself. but after a while it changed. now i have more peace inside me cause i know me much better now and it costs no money. and a wise man sayed real knowledge costs never money but it costs your time because nothing good comes in an easy way, you have to work hard for it.
    Like yoda in starwars sayed the dark way is easy and it always trys to seduce you and the way to the light is the real hard one.
    so it is easy for the dark side to seduce people, because the most of them dont like to work hard.
    Be all blessed


  47. Oh, my dear Nobody—You are really Somebody! My love to you and yours. I will get back to this comment of yours after I deal with my christmas tree issue…I love sparklies…and this is that time of year…you should see the lights the neighbors have put up around me…I am the only one on the block with out them..TODAY I have the grand bratt to help…Again, Love to you..And yes, you can call me Marina…


  48. Jay> we only have control as citizens of the United States to control what happens with in our borders. There is no grand design here. This is neighborhood on neighborhood, in our livingrooms and work places. As individuals, that is where the joining takes place. It happens through mutual care and compassion. It happens when we know one is floundering with illness, mental or physical and we find the compassion to guide and/or protect. It happens when we see silence and withdrawl…or rage or fear–and we use our personal tools of compassion and patience, suspending critism and fear wrought reprisal. It happens when we teach caution and care to our children and the friends of our children.

    As I understand it, this detention section speaks of “terrorists”. I saw a speech replay tonight where “unlimited detention” was made in reference to those who would threaten violence or commit violence on the citizens of our nation. As Rachel Maddow put it, dealing with crimes which have not been yet been committed but are considered probable based on previous behavior. That is the scary part since there are so many behaviors listed as “crimes” To say the least, the picture is extreemly murky.

    One of the major problems I see is the indication that we are being exposed to external, mechanized, systems that have the ability to cause brain disfunction. As I look at this element, I am not finding any solutions to the effect of these things. Awareness is our only leverage. Now, mind you, I have only begun to allow myself to see this stuff at the macro level. As I roll that information around, my first reaction is to very carefully sort through the information and speak of it to others in an attempt to heighten awareness while at the same time, caution that our media, TV, Radio and computer, are filled with misinformation whether intentional or simply in response to the need to fill the airwaves with chatter and photos in order to keep on keeping on.

    Staying emotionally balanced and maintaining the search for the actual and real data is of ultimate importance. In short, I am a PROVE IT kinda gal. Allowing myself to be wrong is of ultimate importance. Controling my own occasional “panic attacks” is also top on my list of daily personal watch. Moving methodically and carefully through this maze of “what is” is a heck of a challenge. That is how I am approaching this issue of “detention”.

    One source I saw tonight suggested that the ultimate pay off for those who are attempting to manipulate the national public into emotional reactionary response is “civil war”…chaos..national self annilation…My response to the idea that this nation would allow itself to do that – one more time- is BULLSHIT!!! Our strength is our ability to argue with one another–without violence–our system of governance is designed in such a way that we can prevent that from happening. We are a peaceful and productive people. We have the tools to prevent civil unrest, all we have to do is learn how to use them. Yours, Marina


  49. @Marina
    Thank you very very much that you allow me to call you Marina and also for your very loveful words to me. That honours me 1000 times more than a medall of any government can do it for doing something good. So i like to give this compliment back to you. I think we understand each other and i hope that this is a beginning for a real good internet friendship. If it is not against the rules of this blog and if it is okak for you than you can give to me an e-mail adress where iwe can reach you privat that we can talk in a privat athmosphere because i think that the people here dont like offtpopic posts very much.
    with love and best wishes


  50. @Marina
    I dont know if the net had accepted my post to you so i write it a second timenow to be shure that you will get my message to you for shure..
    First of all thank you very much that you allow me to call you Marina and thank you very very much for your loveful words to me. That honours me 1000 times more than any medall of any government it can do for doing something good. So all i can do is to give back the same compliment to you. i dont know if it is allowed in this blog that you give to me an e-mail adress whrere i can reach you private if you like. because i think the people who post here comments dont like “off topic” posts very much.
    wz love and the best wishes


    • Nobody.
      Off topic comments are fine on “occasion” my lad.
      So long as they are posted respectfully, try to make a quick point and move on, or back to the main topic.
      A little banter now and them is human as well.
      Its all about sharing the space respectfully.
      Be well.
      ~ Varakienen.


      • …not so blunt, still to the point…was half expecting you to recommend a dating site or link to a mutual admiration society…sometimes the subtil aproach is effective, sometimes nobody gets it…


  51. @Varakienen
    Oh…thats nice. Thank you very much. And sorry for doubleposting by myside…my computer had made problems….but i think they are now solved.
    Bye the Way you are a brillinat poster, i like the style of your posts and also your thinking.
    Wth best wishes


  52. @Varakienen
    A read already the methane info…thanks for that. Another idea:
    What is going on with the oil spill off shore brasilia? Chevron did supress all infos and also mainstreammedia dont wrtite about it anymore….this oil spill could be a bigger problem than the oil spill in the gulf of mexico last year where also still oil is coming out of the ground bye the way.
    And i find already a story called mysterious “white web” found growing on nuclear waste:
    really a strange story.
    Bye Nobody


    • Thank you for the share, Nobody. Thats freaky fascinating and I had not yet heard of it. Guess my University eyes and ears in the labs are getting negligent on my up dates. lol.😉
      Im guessing a fungus, but we shall see.
      ~ V.


  53. Ok, I am back…1st let me address Mr? Nobody in response to his request. You are welcome to join my facebook site. It is listed but of corse you will need a real name for that sort of thing..At this point, my email is jammed to the point where I have no ability to handle incoming stuff. I get it–great caution is required on the web…<

    Now, let me add to this comment line a thing I happened onto this morning. I am trying to remember the name but it has drifted off at the moment..Anyway, it has to do with an FBI raid on a group of peace activitists in Minnisota, as I recall…The woman describes having them burst in the door, rumage through the house while collecting her computer and all her boxes of files. She is a teacher by the way. She says the peace activist group is being openly followed by the FBI..Her understanding is they are looking for links to terror groups or some kind of support of terror groups. I understand also that there was some kind of judicial proceeding during which no charges were filed. I will try to get back to the article which I took the risk of posting on my Face book page…I must say, this sort of thing gives me the creeps and I really was debating on taking that risk until I read another article posted on my page written by a German scientist dealing with his experiences in Germany before and during ww2. I will post that link as well, I just need to go back and write it down..Mind you now, I am making no conjectures here—I am just following the dots as they appear.


  54. THE site is >< The date of the FBI raid of 7 homes in the Minneapolis/Chicago area along with the anti-war organization office was 7/24/10– There was a grand jury hearing and no enditments[sp] were issued but the case is still open because noone cooperated. Facinating story–and for me personally scary as hell…I mean-I get the part about looking for domestic terror connections.. What I don't get is the part about an organization long known and sanctioned by state government…Well, read the article…she is very spacific and concise..

    whoops forgot the second article–I will get back-


  55. @Varakienen
    You are welcome Varakienen….if i find something interessting which is not know well i will share it here wz you all, because i like your blog…Hope thats okay for you. By the Way is Varakienen a Name for a Nan or a Woman and what does it mean?
    Hello Marina….i dont trust Facebook so i have no Account there. So lets stay in Contact here. Hope that is okay for you?
    Bye and best wishes to both of you


    • Nobody.
      Nobody Gets to know the answer to that actually.
      I stole a couple accounts from my EX and use them, and when traces are done, its Those ones that are found.
      Sex, male or female is irrelivant in text any ways, and some how changes peoples perceptions of you where it shouldnt influence that at all. Mysterious effect that. So, I keep that to my self.
      As for VARAKIENEN, it is two seperate words from two different ancient languages.
      VARAH, and KIENEN.
      Essentially they mean “the Absense of”…. and…. “Nothing”.
      To be honest the spelling isnt spot on, but thats just a personal Idiosincracy and quirk of mine. 😉
      VARAKIENEN = the Absense of Nothing.
      be well.


  56. Article #2 -“They thought they were free: The Germans, 1933-45
    by – Milton Mayer – an excerpt<

    I just wish I had the money to buy the looks like a "hell" of a read. I will check at the library—Xmas tree calls..See ya–


  57. Sorry–as I was clicking out I saw your post >nobodynobody<

    You will notice then, I use my real name –I have nothing to hide and nothing that has value for stealing. More over, I have no money and thus no credit card to enter into purchases on the net…All I have is a strong desire to find truth…in front of or behind the news…My best wishes to you during this holiday season…Sincerly, Marina..Now, off to my christmas tree project…


  58. OMG I lost my post except for the last was a good one too. I will get back It had to be the cursor location…damn!


  59. @Varakienen
    Interessting Name….and i asked only for the Man&Woman thing that i dont name you wrong. But i see this is no problem for you…great. So go on to be mysterious i like that. something else mysterious.
    Here you can see a object between 12 and 1 o clock and a lights flash at the right side:

    and here at the next pic it is not seen anymore but there is a ?laser? beam in the pic:

    Interessting, isnt it?
    have a good day mysterious varakienen…;)


  60. @Marina
    I dont like that the govenment can get very easy infos about me….but everybody has to make his/her own desicion to that subject.
    And be shure, because i am on the same trip the more truth you find the more mysterious it gets…;)
    so anyhow its really nice to met you here and hopefully we stay also in future in contact here.
    Bye Marina and see you soon here.


  61. darn, still so much posting, and too late to reply tonite. Not much to actually say, everyone posting their thoughts in a kind and rationalway. I hope as we talk and become comfortable with each other that we will also be able to take questioning or constructive criticism as well. A man named Paul encouraged his brothers and sisters in spirit to speak the truth in love. I pleadge to respect all postings as the pervue of private opinions. i only plead for rationality and concrete evidence as added support when possible. It seems most of us are sincere and intelligent individuals. My prayer is that we can enlighten and assist each other as we sort through things claiming to be the truth with the goal of finding out which ones actually are. Looking forward to it. Later and love to all.


  62. Amadon, thank you for your detailed response. I appreciate the lesson on the number 144,000. My objection was not that it was used, but is it being accurately interpreted in a contextual and literary way. I am aware of the usage of this number (though not so concerned when it has to be arrived by multiplying something by something, and then only to come up with something close to it). My point was, in the context of where is was used (book of Revelation), it should be understood in light of the rest of the book. The chapters that preceed and follow it deal with, in apocalyptical terms, the apparent final conflict on earth before the return of Christ. The purpose of the 144,000 is to spread a message. There are 12,000 from 12 tribes of Israel. The are apparently protected by God so that the figure known as the anti-christ cannot stop their mission. They are sealed. Now, you may certainly differ over one point or the other in that brief synopsis, but to totally reinterpret them into something non-biblical, non-jewish, and then rip it out of a prophetic-biblical context and meaning is quite disingenuous, and exegetically devoid of discipline and structure. Thus my plea on this site for bloggers to try to follow some consistent, disciplined form of communication and discernment. Of course we are all free to make anything mean what we want it to mean to satisfy whatever point we are trying to make, but without an agreement or formula on how to discover true meanings in events or writings, we will all likely blather away and end up disagreeing on matters that just may not be all the important. I want to understand what you all say. And I want to believe all of you are sincere. But we need an agreed “point of reference” for lack of a better word, in order to communicate clearly and sensibly. That’s all i am asking. Later and love to all


    • Chuck …hmmm… “thank you for your detailed response”?… “appreciate the lesson”?… followed by… “and then rip it out of a prophetic-biblical context and meaning is quite disingenuous, and exegetically devoid of discipline and structure. Thus my plea on this site for bloggers to try to follow some consistent, disciplined form of communication and discernment”…

      I find your expressed gratitude to be quite disingenuous, rift with bile, and exegetically devoid of integrity. Plea as you wish and blather away with whatever form of consistency you can manage. To profess your communication as “discernment” however is derisory.
      Your cursory understanding speaks volumes not cloaked by vacuous word-smythery. You choose reference only to the bible neglecting all mention of diverse sources from Sanskrit ,Urantia, Sumerian, Egyptian, Mayan, modern sea, air and space navigation…in fact what has previously been referred to here as “the newest, as well as the oldest science”…Cymatics…the connection between form and harmonics. Had you a level of understanding but equal to your pretentiousness you may have grasped that all but one example given were not only harmonic octaves but expressions of this dimensional reality from the boundaries of the Planck scale to the speed of light. The one exception being the arc of Noah…what was your comment… “(though not so concerned when it has to be arrived by multiplying something by something, and then only to come up with something close to it)” You lend new meaning to “obtuse” dear one…the exception (accurate to with-in .997732 % light speed at earth surface) carried greater clues than any other single example…not only defining dimensional reality by measurements given 3 dimensionally, but at the surface where the arc was built, with such high accuracy that a sixth grader could calculate the relative air pressure and temperature difference from then till today… and “pi” to four decimal places,…and Shem…for one who pretends deep knowledge of biblical things, this was your clue to the “12” you love to reference…Shem… Melchizedec…ring any bells?… the line of…
      Might have even encouraged you to ask questions leading to not only a new understanding, but just possibly many levels of understanding…or not…
      You would cause me to question my purpose in this realm…but not for others…
      May you live in interesting times


  63. @Varakienen
    Sorry i dont know the right place here to post this. So i post it here, I think this is a real evidence for ufo activitiy around the sun. At the following Lasco C3 Picture you can see clearly a ufo which fires a laserbeam on the right side at the 3 o clock position;

    Proof is the pic before thatone, there is nothing seen at this position:



  64. If you wanna see where are all the FEMA camps are located, a little Google-earth pic:

    Nice (ironic)