Significant Comet Plunges Toward The Sun – Dec 12, 2011

A comet nearly as wide as two football fields (200m) is plunging toward the sun where it will most likely be destroyed in a spectacular light show on Dec. 15/16. Although Comet Lovejoy (C/2011 W3) could become as bright as Jupiter or Venus when it “flames out,” the glare of the sun will hide the event from human eyes.

Solar observatories in space, however, will have a grand view. Yesterday the brightening comet entered the field of view of NASA’s STEREO-B spacecraft: “You can clearly see the comet heading diagonally through the images,” says Karl Battams of the Naval Research Lab who prepared the animation. “During the 16-hour sequence, the comet brightens from magnitude +7.5 to +6, approximately.”

It will soon grow much brighter. “This comet is a true sungrazer, and will skim approximately 140,000 km (1.2 solar radii) above the solar surface on Dec. 15/16,” notes Battams. At such close range, solar heating will almost certainly destroy the icy interloper,creating a cloud of vapor and comet dust that will reflect lots of sunlight. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) will have a particularly good view.

Discovered on Dec. 2nd by amateur astronomer Terry Lovejoy of Australia, the comet is an unusually large member of the Kreutz family. Kreutz sungrazers are fragments of a single giant comet (probably the Great Comet of 1106) that broke apart back in the 12th century. SOHO sees one plunging into the sun every few days, but most are small, no more than 10 meters wide. Comet Lovejoy is at least ten times larger than usual.

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5 responses to “Significant Comet Plunges Toward The Sun – Dec 12, 2011

  1. While Lovejoy is / will be a non-event in terms of effect / threat to earth, it none the less offers an opportunity to further understand this system and the nature of…things…
    I will go out on a limb here and tell you (predict) that Lovejoy will “flame out”
    and be visable from soho as well as stereo “a”. The event will occure at a distance of 1.23429 solar radii above the solar surface and the “coma” will expand to 1.2989×10^4 km, or put another way, with in .0618% the diameter of earth. The “size” of the coma will represent a volumetric expansion of 232,992x,
    the true mean width of Lovejoy being 183.4583 km. The coma, by the way, will be a discharge phenomenon…NOT a cloud of dust and vapor that expands from the size of a baseball to the size of Detroit (and then decides to “reflect light” from a cloud whose maximum brightness occures at a density of 6.787×10^-13 particles pr cm^2 !!!) when it gets to close to the fire…
    …then there is always NASA’s icy mud ball theory…the beauty of it is you can choose to believe what you will…the true nature could care less…


    • …one additional thought…much like Elenins 19.5 angle of incidence to the solar eliptic led to the visual manifestation of what appeared to be a tetrahedral “force field” (much like the field seen near mecury recently), the angle of incidence of Lovejoy as it is consumed by the sun (I haven’t looked at the angle to do the maths as yet) will likely result in it being met with a CME as well, and depending on angle, one of five geometrics will become visible to some degree…our equipment really isn’t designed to “see” in this spectrum, however, given the proper plasma discharge some of the energy formation becomes discernable…more like seeing a shadow than the object casting it…we shall see…


  2. Everything humans observe have several to many different DIRECTED purposes to their existence AND their end of existence. Comets are no different. So the reporting acts as if it’s a chance happening or that such is left over from some other chance happening or that it’s a fluke with no concept that there is more to it because most don’t want to think there is. Now I’m not saying I’m a wizard in this regard, but Ti and Do’s crew, the closest relationship any of us will ever have with any of the people that created our entire environment and reality have provided those who can pull it into their consciousness clues as to the purposes of things, even as mundane as comets and asteroids and meteors and planetary orbits, etc. Now, of course since I’m not a ph’d, few who respect those tail feathers will consider that I can be an instrument to open up our thinking by, which I could care less about. However, for those that know there is a great deal more happening in every way than meets the eye and are open to the greatest source of revelation in this regard and all others for that matter, consider this:

    When such an object seems to plunge into the sun vapourizing as it goes, how might the sun’s output in frequencies and charged particles potentially deliver the contents of that comet to other areas of the solar system and in particular the planet Earth, that upon arrival causes other interactions in the weather, environment, geology, life forms, etc. The point is that we exist in someone else’s experiment and they have no need to be sure you KNOW it because it’s up to you to PULL that recognition IN and in doing so become willing to examine what anyone says about who/what most seems to represent the source. I guarantee that source will not display ordinary human behaviors in the way they come accross when they do undercover tasks on the surface of the planet. So you must look at who that has become known worldwide with no evidence of corruption and no evidence of wrong doing from a moralistic or ethical vantage point but who promoted and assigned what they know to someone (a person) who they know is greater than them and not a human nor limited at all to things evolutionarily human in thought and ways. Thus even to those we think of as space aliens, these would seem alien as all the evidence of space aliens demonstrates they want/need all the same things humans want/need to live/thrive/survive. I know that those called Ti and Do demonstrated all the criteria as well as fulfilling all the projected evolution in thought and action that was forcast 2000 yeares ago buy the previous “above human being” doing an undercover task and was hated for it and yet voluntarily setup and walked into and forcast doing so, the effort to get rid of him thus for all intents and purposes committed suicide and told his students they would also by telling about him be killed thus when they voluntarily did so and were killed they thereby had a hand in their own physical demise which could be consider to be suicide, thus the idea of giving your life is all suicidal, thus why would it be such a surprise to see it again by the actions of Do and 38 students in 1997 as Heaven’s Gate.


    • …in a physical sense, none get out of here alive…so, whats to fear?
      If,…if you were to set aside your assumptions and conclusions for the moment (you can always pick them back up later), and refine what you have written to a few conscise questions…my guess is an answer might just come your way… a beautiful thing a clear well thought out question…


  3. Now its visible on Lasco C3:

    This Object is really far away from the sun but very bright and fast…think it is bigger than they told us all…from my knowledge i will say there is possible huge CME following after the possible impact…hopefully not in our direction…i must think now about the Movie Knowing….scary.