World War Freedom – Update December 16, 2011

Government using drones against Americans

Predator drones have been used to fight the war on terror worldwide. Recently Iran shot down a US drone flying over the country and now reports have surfaced indicating these same drones are being used on American citizens. Alex Jones, radio show host, joins us to help us dig deeper and find out why US citizens are being targeted.

Satellite takes picture of Chinese Carrier on the move

US Troops Surround Syrian Border, Press Censors Build-Up

Controversial SOPA bill gets more heat from internet giants YouTube, Google and Wikipedia

Movie executives see record profits, salaries despite piracy fear-mongering

Bill S.1867 Legalization of Martial Law, end Of The Republic

It is becoming real, and you know it.

Rise Of The Beast System: 11 Ways That Amerika Is Becoming More Like North Korea

Canada to immediately evacuate 5,000 citizens from Syria

Iran reports all its nuclear installations now underground

Iran must chose between a bomb or survival: Israel

Israel preparing ‘Christmas Surprise’ for Iran

Reactor 4 is falling apart, Arnie Gundersen said “If 4 collapses, get the hell out of Japan”

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Nigel Farage: Bully Boys in Brussel building Europrison

The Greek economy – already teetering on the brink – has taken another turn for the worse. That’s the verdict coming from IMF officials. Austerity inspectors visited the country to check whether it’s meeting the conditions set up by international creditors. If the demands aren’t fulfilled, Greece won’t get a second lifeline of one hundred and thirty billion euros. And another debt-ridden Eurozone economy – Italy – is undergoing a further round of belt-tightening, as its lower house of Parliament is about to vote for more austerity measures. Nigel Farage, MEP and leader of the UK independence party, says the hands of Eurozone strugglers are tied while they are trapped within the bloc.


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  1. sigh.



    • I agree I thought there was going to be a relevant and real point being driven in this article but was proven wrong. Good thing I just wasted 10 min on it eh lol


    • i agree lolzerz, the fire department, police and swat all have used a miriad of drones to survey areas they cant get to or to assess a situation from above etc.



  2. The drone argument is a joke in that vid the drone is doing what a surveillance chopper dose, and predators cannot carry weapons those that can are reapers. The word drone is being used for fear mongering this all just sounds like someone at fox news gave you guys pointers.


  3. check this out, according to this. Because i don’t have a credit card, and don’t want to pay more money for the money i spend, im a terrorist…. wow, i think ill leave America out of my travel plans.



    • I have never had and I refuse to ever have a credit card, too! Well, Luke… it looks like you and me both are now “suspicious” and “weird”!

      I’m never going to visit the U.S again either and I have read advice several places that says people in America should leave now and if not, then at least get a passport, so you can leave, if and when it becomes necessary. and before it’s too late. If you never need it, nothing lost, but if and when the SHTF, you don’t want to find yourself stuck with no way of escape. Better safe than sorry, I say.

      Oh and to those who use cell phones? I refuse to have one of those either, but if you use one, then read this:

      Cell Phones Are Tracking Devices That Governments, Police, Big Corporations And Stalkers Can Use To Easily Track Your Movements:

      And watch this;

      In the first video of this post, the RT lady says the U.S “may be approaching becoming a police state.” I totally disagree. America IS ALREADY a police state!


      • If ur telling me the us is the only country using this tech u are dead wrong, knowing how a dam phone signal works if you can make a call you can be tracked. The damm phone has to go through servers satellites and cell towers, every government trackes everything the us is held to a golden standard and is allways attacked because were suppose to be “better than that”. I live in the us I’m fine not censored, not in a police state, I can walk out right freaking now and do watever I want. Everyone that says otherwise is an idiot or a ocuppy hippie.


      • these guys can activate your phone even if it is off, and also turn on the camera to take photos or video of you, the only way to stop this is to remove the battery from the phone. The same applies to computers, they track your IP, webcam can be activated, or even microphones… its a scary world where they can even monitor you through traffic cams, and in some case street lights (this is a new piece of tech being introduced in the US, these street lights can record voices, and have 24hr surveillance) its nice to know, that privacy is no longer your right….



  4. here is something else of interest…
    Your face is being tracked
    Affective Interfaces

    Facial detection software can do more than just interpret your age and gender. It can also sense your emotions.

    That’s what Affective Interfaces’ technology does. In real-time, the startup’s software tracks users’ facial expressions to understand how they’re feeling from moment to moment.

    Though the product is currently in a closed, test stage, CEO Jai Haissman said that the company has worked with beer maker Anheuser-Busch InBev to determine test subjects’ reactions to commercials in real-time.

    Haissman believes the technology’s possibilities go beyond advertising.

    For example, he envisioned a scenario in which a user is playing a video game is growing bored. Affective Industries’ software would sense that and tell the game to grow more challenging. He also said one day iTunes playlists could be programmed to match your different moods throughout the day using face detection.

    More broadly, Haissman thinks one day there could be a public health purpose, where scientists could detect pockets or regional hotspots of sentiment and try to determine their causes.

    “We’re the emotion layer of Internet,” he said at the FTC conference. “It not only provides useful feedback to the enterprise about how users are responding to a product or content, but for users, it provides information about how they’re feeling today or over time.”

    Haissman said privacy has been baked into the technology, requiring users’ “informed consent.” A user has to authorize turning the product on for it to activate, and a display tells the user when it’s turned on.
    Now they say this is just for products and sales etc, but we all know most stuff used commercially has already been in use by the government for some time. Just think if those billboards in bus stops, on highways, in the shopping center, had the ability to pick out faces in a crowd and also monitor all your movements… i know it may not be at this stage yet, but from the looks of this article at , we aren’t too far off it



  5. “Oath Keepers has learned that federal agents recently visited a Later Day Saints (Mormon) Church food storage cannery in Tennessee, demanding customer lists, wanting to know the identity of Americans who are purchasing food storage from the Mormons.

    This incident was confirmed, in person, by Oath Keepers Tennessee Chapter President, Rand Cardwell. Here is Rand’s report:

    “A fellow veteran contacted me concerning a new and disturbing development. He had been utilizing a Mormon cannery near his home to purchase bulk food supplies. The man that manages the facility related to him that federal agents had visited the facility and demanded a list of individuals that had been purchasing bulk food. The manager informed the agents that the facility kept no such records and that all transactions were conducted on a cash-and-carry basis. The agents pressed for any record of personal checks, credit card transactions, etc., but the manager could provide no such record. The agents appeared to become very agitated and after several minutes of questioning finally left with no information. I contacted the manager and personally confirmed this information.”

    And this:

    How the U.S. blackmailed Canada:

    “Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Barack Obama announced Wednesday a plan establishing an agenda for improvements to cross-border goods and services traffic. In exchange, Canada will provide the United States with personal information on millions of Canadians and become part of a North American security zone.

    Fundamentally, the consensus signals Canada signing on to the American-centric view of the world on security matters. In the process, Canadian security institutions will be more closely integrated with those of the United States.”

    Gerald Celente Forecasts there will probably be declared economic martial law shortly after the new year. I’ve read other places, that some think it may even be before that, between xmas and the new year.

    And that is just a scant few extra tidbits of the ominous signs that are all around us, as to where we’re all headed. Do the math! This ain’t rocket science, people! As the post above states;

    “It is becoming real, and you know it.”

    I couldn’t agree more and anyone who ignores what’s going down these days, does so at their own peril.

    Thanks for all the links TTBTS! Much appreciated!


  6. Dr. Sui, you are so right. something is wrong here. I think it’s your posts. My gosh, how do you function? Or do you? So now i have to worry about birds? And who is worshipping demons and who are the demons? If i had been taking a dump when i read your post and was silly enough to believe it, I would be frozen with fear and eternally constipated. Please talk some sense. I’m sure you can. Just try it once. And for the record, I’ve never seen any of this crap on Fox news. And for those who hate the US, or fear it as the Great Satan, feel free to stay away. And when the crap hits the fan, you might want to keep your eyes on Europe and the Middle East, you know, those bastions of democracy and lovers of peace. Somebody please get some perspective. Please!!!


    • the internet trolls spread far and wide chuck, they feed on attention so its better just to ignore them or use a philosophical contradiction to confuse their weed altered minds…



    • Concidering FOX news and Every single other major news network is owned out right by utilities owned out right by The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Its no small wonder that there are certain stories you wont hear of what so ever, and other stories you wont hear UNdistorted for propoganda puroposes.
      If you have Not realised certain things about the structure of the country you live in by now, then you have fallen completely and utterly as prey to the propoganda machine that surrounds you.
      This is thier intent, and when you do Not do the research and work, you will Not see through the viel that they have spent the better part of a century and trillions of dollars to perpetrate. Which is of course easy for them, as money doesnt actually exist. You believe it does because you are told to believe it, and have been reaised in a society which perpetuates the beliefe.
      But, if you dont Gots the gold to back the printing of monies, then the monies is counterfit and doesnt actually exist. we just take it at face value that it Does.
      But they have been counterfitting money for decades and decades now, LENDING it out to people making them pay it back with interest when it didnt exist to begin with. thats how money is made from nothing more than lies and air kiddo.
      When you have become the richest institution in the world for over two centuries of compounding such lies, you at last have enough power and influence to….
      Buy countries by indebting them to you and then forclosing on the debt which shouldnt exist to begin with. (do you NOT understand what the occupy wall street movement is actually about?)
      You have Long since owned the media’s, insurance companies, most poloticians, power and oil companies, communications companies, etc and so forth.
      With This much power, and decades to build on and corrupt influence, black mail, bribe and manipulate others, you can slowly build a society and reinforce its belief in the illusion you have created for them to live in.
      This is whats Happened to the richest nations of the world.
      And when You are a president, and give a speech about secret societies that are in control, and your plan to expose them, You and your little brother bobby get SHOT. And Since then, No president has occupied the white house that was not bought and paid for.
      Few if Any senators and congress men exist whom did Not recieve finances for campaigns, schooling, loans, etc from this power structure.
      The very few honest ones become scandalised, have “accidents” or are set up for black mail, to become pawns in this power structure.
      It didnt happen over night. it took the better part of a couple of centuries and involved more than a few assassinations of those whom rocked the boat of power, from Lincoln to the Kennedies.
      There is SO damn much evidence of all these things and the structure which connects them that its actually hard to miss if you just start looking and sifting. but it takes time, and it takes effort.
      Some thing you have yet to put into it to back almost any of your comments to date.
      Sigh. I needa go to bed. i been up for a good 30-ish hours now.
      Night all. study Hard!
      ~ VARAKIENEN.😉


  7. Now this thing is just plain wrong

    so America still think you have the rights, as in freedom of speech/knowledge/information, seems to me that when they stop magazines like TIME from printing actual NEWS as opposed to utter rubbish, that is when i lose complete faith in my country.



  8. @Luke/cellphonetracking
    If you dont wanna be tracked you have to put out the sim-card of your cellphone. that works.


    • actually they can still track you with it out, they cant track your cellphone without the battery, the simcard only connects to networks, but your phone will still broadcast without a simcard. as long as it has power it can be used to monitor your movements. A transmitter cannot function without a power supply (im sure there are ones out there, but my cheapo phone – 40$ – is probably not one of them).



  9. Nice Song from Steve Vau we must take America back:

    Interessting Vid about Fema Camps wz german Undertitles (found it on a german Website):



  10. Some countries have already lost there freedom.
    Military figures have been allocated certain areas for complete control. They have the freedom to do what is necessary.
    For example parts of Africa:

    The young children play amongst themselves. Older ones always looking out for the younger. The small community is close.
    Parents are out gathering food, water and tending to livestock. Life is hard but they are happy.

    The childrens laughter suddenly stops. The elders left behind to watch are wondering why the silence. Screams from the children are heard as gunfire comes from every direction. One by one this small community is shot dead.
    Grandparents, mothers, fathers and children. All gone and left to rot where they fell. These people posed no threat to any one. These people were killed over food.

    What will it be like in your area when the military take over and have full control. They can come into your home and take what they want when they want. You can’t fight back if you have a gun pointed at you.

    Stay Safe


    • a sad state of affairs awaits our global populace if we cannot learn and better ourselves, but corporate greed has such a hold that we may not be able to shake it and find ourselves cast into oblivion.

      The wars of the future will not be held between countries, but between neighbors.

      How long do armies fight for their country when the pay stops and the food and ammo trucks no longer come?

      Will my future grandchildren even know what the sky looked like?

      Will I even reach 25 years of age?

      Will. We. Learn?



  11. @Luke
    Than we have really a problem, because than it will work even you put the batterie out because inside the handy there is a engeryreserve which you can use when you put a code i think it is #3370starsymbol…but no gurantee for that. And this is maybe the reason you cannot put out the batterie in i-phones and some other smartphones….they are really clever. I dont know that they can trigger you when you put out the sim card….this is really new to me…hope you are wrong in that point luke.


    • any device with an antenna that has the ability to send and receive data is capable of receiving and outputting signals so long as it has an available power source/pack. Sim cards are only required so that we can use the phone for calls txt’s etc, and also to tie us into more global companies which can keep track of us even further. Of course most tracking equipment probably cannot track without sim cards, but just remember that any receiver antenna can be tracked by the higher tech equipment.



  12. Here’s more. The U.S authorities have been targetting organic growers and raw milk producers etc, for a while now… and now they’re apparently targetting off-gridders, too;


  13. @Luke
    Thanks for the good info!
    Some new info about the crazy gouvernment, maybe not hte best source but worth a read:
    Merry Chrismas America