Hundreds of Victims scrambled for 19 Life jackets – Asylum Boat sinks off Indonesie

A boat carrying more than 250 of migrant workers from Iran,Afghanistan  and Turkey, capsized and sank in waters off Prigi, East Java, on Saturday, lacked safety equipment, resulting in a mad scramble for just 19 available life vests on board, the head of the search and rescue team dispatched the accident said on Sunday and so far only 33 people have been rescued.

The doomed ship had 25 life jackets on board, but six of them taken by the ship’s crew, leaving the hundreds of panicking passengers to fight amongst themselves for the remaining 19 life jackets.

The accident, which was initially thought to have been caused by rough seas, might have also been caused by the fact that the ship had too many passengers aboard. The ship’s maximum capacity was 100 passengers.

Bad weather and waves of up to five metres (16ft) hampered rescue efforts on Sunday, with 300 rescuers including navy and police officers searching the sea for bodies.
One survivor, 17-year-old Afghan student Armaghan Haidar, said he was sleeping when a storm came up and began to rock the boat.

“I felt water touching my feet and woke up. As the boat was going down, people were panicking and shouting and trying to rush out,” he told reporters.
“I managed to swim out and hang on to the side of the boat with about 100 others.

“(There were) about 20 to 30 others with life jackets, but another 100 people were trapped inside,” he said.

The student said he flew from Dubai to Indonesia and boarded a boat in West Java. “We want to go to Christmas Island and live a better life in Australia,” he said. “There is nothing in Afghanistan. There’s a lot of terrorism. We couldn’t study, go to college, find jobs. There’s no future for us there.”

According to local officials most of the passengers came from Afghanistan or Iran, paying agents between $2,500 and $5,000 to seek asylum in Australia.

Thousands of asylum-seekers head through Southeast Asian countries on their way to Australia every year and many link up with people-smugglers in Indonesia for the dangerous sea voyage.

Christmas Island is a favoured destination for people-smugglers, lying closer to Indonesia than it does to Australia. Many boats run into trouble as they are either badly maintained, overcrowded or both. Nearly 50 would-be migrants are believed to have died in wild seas during a shipwreck at Christmas Island in December 2010.

Australia’s government called the sinking “a terrible tragedy”, but came under pressure from campaign groups which said its tough approach to refugees was partly responsible for such disasters.

Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard recently agreed a deal where asylum seekers wishing to live in Australia would have their claims processed in Malaysia. In return, Malaysia sent a number of legitimate refugees to Australia.
The Australian high court, however, overturned the plan leaving the country’s asylum policy in disarray.

The number of boatpeople arriving in Australia increased to almost 900 in November, with at least nine ships intercepted in Australian waters so far this month.


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5 responses to “Hundreds of Victims scrambled for 19 Life jackets – Asylum Boat sinks off Indonesie

  1. You would think with the thousands of people looking for a better life they have the numbers on their side to make a real change in their own country. Maybe what they need to do is start their own OWS. There are radical differences in lifestyle, attitude, traditions from where they now live and where they think they can start another life. With strength in numbers they can recreate their countires, bring them up to date. Muslins are very traditional and strong willed people who are not easily assimilated into a different culture, and are not easily going to accept other rules and different laws. Australia is already having problems with muslins trying to turn Australia into a muslin country, butting heads with authorities thinking they have the right to change the laws of the land. England and France and other countires.


    • Muslim and Christianity are the two at odds here, Australia is a Christian country (founded on christian values etc), so naturally they want to change our culture to theirs, But i agree that its ridiculous that we have to conform to theirs but they don’t have to conform to ours.

      Good old Politically correct Jim working hard to keep us all friends, but not doing a thing for his own people.



  2. im sorry to seem cruel here, but im sick to death of these freeloaders hitching a ride over to Australia and New Zealand and expecting to be just let in the door (i know not all of them are freeloaders), They come over here take jobs that our up and coming generations would usually do (fast food, trolley boys, check out staff, etc) and our own people finish school without any sort of work experience and end up milking the government on the dole, while the government says “get a job” im sorry mister prime minister but your creating that problem yourself. I work nights as a delivery boy/ assistant manager at a pizza place in town for extra income to keep me afloat, and we are the only place that is not fully staffed by immigrants and their families, even the local fish and chip shops don’t hire students anymore, they’d rather hire some 35 YO immigrant that can work more hours than give a student their first job. Not to mention how 25-30% of them have criminal records that go unchecked, there was one case where 3 Indian guys followed a woman home from a bar in Sydney or Brisbane and raped her in her laundry while her children were sleeping, their defense, what she wore was seen as an invitation to them, so apparently they don’t know what the words ‘no’ or ‘get the f*ck off me!’ mean either. Those three guys were granted refugee status 3months before they did this and still reside in Australia… Im just sick of it really. There was also a group of them that decided setting their dorms on fire and demanding access to Australia would get them in, yes, because we really want to have radical pyromaniacs in our country, i don’t think so…

    I dont know if im the only one here who feels this way, but im betting im not, NZ and Australia have their borders far too open and something needs to be regulated.



  3. I totally feel ya Luke! I live in California, USA.


  4. I agree with all three of you and I live in Chicago, Illinois USA!! As a matter of fact I live in a neighborhood that has a big muslim population and I get dirty looks from both the men and women, because I like to wear jeans and in their eyes like to dress like a man!!! OH WELL YOU ARE IN THE US where women aren’t afraid to show their hair or skin because MOST men understand what NO and GET THE F off me mean! Like Luke says, when an outsider goes to their country we have to respect their ways (I was in the Navy and I know) but they come here and expect everyone to change to their ways! DON’T F’N THINK SO! your in america chuck and if you can’t f’n accept women doing what men do GET OUT!