5 Witness, UFO, Mysterious Lights in The Sky, Chelyabinsk Russia, Dec 23, 2011

5 Witness, UFO, Mysterious Lights in The Sky, Russia, Dec 23, 2011

Two days earlier: Strange objects descending in Chelyabink – December 21, 2011




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  1. Nice maybe a Merkabah


  2. Does anyone else think its strange that NONE of these “UFOs” have been intercepted by the air force? I think that the powers that be, know what they are, and they don’t want to start a war, but they will let the “Aliens” do what they need to do without ANY interferance from our military. Also, I think that “first contact”will be made within 3 months. If you want to know why, e-mail me……


  3. Danny. Im not gonna Mail you, But I am willing to hear your reasoning right Hewre, which is what this site is for mate.

    Now, the UFO with the halo…?
    That is hands down among the oddest UFO’s I have ever seen. And I have clips of hundreds and hundreds.
    A singular object with what apears to be an atmospheric vortex spinning around it ? Thats gonna take some thought.


    • Hi. There are lots of things going on around the world at present. A lot of it is disinformation, BUT some of it is genuine. I believe that the “Aliens” have lived on this planet LONG before we humans evolved. And the planet Nibiru, or Elenin if you like, is habited by them, and the last time they were in this area of our universe was 3-4,000 years ago, when some of them stayed here to see what how this world would develope, and to guide us forward. Now, its come around again, and guess what, UFO’s are appearing everywhere. This is no coincidence. We shall see withinh the next 3 months, if they make contact, which I believe they already have, but this time it will be PUBLIC….


      • Danny, I agree with you for the most part.
        But not about Elenin, which was a comet, and not about a public contact time frame. I can pretty much assure you that there will be no public mass contact scenario until Nibiru comes around again, and we dont have a good time table for that.
        (meaning, the inescapable fact that Nibiru is visible in the sky for all to see with the naked eye.)
        I also think that alien craft are become more common at this time as we get close to the galactic alignment.
        The planet and our system and sun are going through some changes and they are safe gaurding (to an extent) thier investment in this planet as a long term seed world.
        ~ Varakienen.


  4. I too have seen many craft but this is different.
    I believe that we are being safe guarded against anything inbound that could possibly hit the earth. Nibiru how ever is so large it’s difficult for any being to move out of it’s orbit. It won’t hit the earth but will cause damage as it passes by. (The question still is asked …is Nibiru real)

    I am interested in seeing what the powerful telescope sees in the antarctic, that is owned by the Vatican. The Vatican has put in an awful amount of money into this research.

    The galactic alignment is getting closer and none of us know what really is going to happen to earth.
    UFO sightings are becoming more frequent you just have to know what’s real and what’s not.
    We will see more and more strange things in our skies.

    Stay safe


  5. I have noticed with interest that many believe that whoever is about to show up are our “creators” or “seeders” or whatnot. That may be, but I do not think so. My reasons would take too long to enumerate at this time, but I do posit for consideration that what may be about to occur could be one giant deception, that those appearing or contacting us might just be ready to feed us a great big lie, claiming to be something they are not. I know many are hoping for rescue from what they see as coming calamities(which I too see as on their way), or some sort of cosmic guidance to help us evolve to the “next level”. That “could” be a great thing, but I hope all of us who keep watch on these events will at least consider the possibility of deception. Just because beings show up that are more powerful or “advanced” is no guarantee that they are benevolent, or always truthful. The “myths” or stories found in ancient civilizations may have a seed of truth, or more than that. These stories do not always paint a kind picture of these beings. And the stories of their return may have been planted to prepare us to surrender easily to whatever they are promulgating upon their return. I guess each individuals response will be determined by whatever frame of reference they base their conception of truth on. I just encourage everyone to be careful. Any feedback will be cheerfully received.


    • You have a valid point of view chuck, and I am sure there are many whom watch modern propoganda and holly wood movies that would agree with you.
      And I surely hope you are wrong, because Any tellepathic race that can travel interstellarly, interface directly with our sun, create mega craft miles in size, geneticly alter our species thousands of years ago, use free/zero point energy, and so much more that we cannot imagine, could squash us like bugs with virtually No resistance at all on our part.
      Indroduce a programmed virus or several, that effect only humans, our minds, our nervouse systems…. hit us with nanite attacks, special radiations magnetics or sounds that incapacitate, putting billions to sleep sumiltaniously, and so on and so forth, is some thing we have absolutely No defense against.
      Movies suggest we will have an enemy that we can shoot at or try to target in return, but that is highly unrealistic.

      I would be interested in knowing/discussing Why you think that we may be facing an hostile incursion at all on the part of extra terestrials as a whole. Be well.


  6. Deception ahh yes the painful realization of truth after a seductive lie.

    There is more than one race. Some I hope never make it to earth. Some still have to be worked out but there are a few races that protect earth and not because they want to eat us, take over our planet or mine our gold ect.
    One day in the not too far future i hope all can be revealed. I myself still have many questions.

    I do not believe in the awakening like some others.
    I believe our past history was meant for all on earth to learn from. It’s a shame most of it has been destroyed or hidden.
    We will not be saved by any being from another solar system. How ever earth will be protected only against the destruction of our entire planet.
    We are in for some very hard times.

    Ok could go on but a storm is really coming in at the moment.
    Taking photo’s of this one.

    Stay safe


  7. I’m back>This is my favorite subject of all–I got involved with the FEMA issue because I was digging around in an attempt to catch up a bit since I have avoided that area intentionally because it is so ‘hookie’..This ET issue however, is near and dear to me. I have avoided the UFO treadmill except to keep track of the information flow about it. It is clear that there is a very increased recognition of these “objects” coming from all parts of the camera layden world. South America is still reporting physical “contact” experiences with something noone has really been able to nail down in the identity catogory. Most of that information is rather shocking and brutal…I have not seen much on this lately but that is ok, it is hard to get my mind around those “phenomena”.

    Linda Moulton Howe has discussed at great length the animal mutilation events that have occured mostly in this country but she has not done much on those kinds of things elswhere. Her descriptions are very scientific and spacific. The indications I see are the use of spacific areas of the animals bodies for something I am not sure I want to imagian. The animal is left, dead and completely intact except for those spacific organ areas that are surgically removed. One then can conclude that the meat of the animal is not being eaten.

    On the other side of this ET mystery coin, we have the crop circles which again Ms. Howe has covered with extreem detail and scientific consideration. The “skeptic” anti-anomoly propaganda machine appears to have found itself unable to counter these crop circle reports with the two british farmer guys and thus that kind of silly behavior from who ever appears to have stopped.

    What has the greatest signifigance in this entire ET discussion is clearly the ABDUCTION phenomena. I am going to be very blunt here. For those who would deny that such a thing is happening, I would suggest you get over it. These events are happening all the time. Reams of personal experience information has been collected by people like Bud Hopkins..RIP–and a whole bunch of highly educated psycologists and the like – a list so long there is no where to start.

    I had the good fortune to be able to attend a Bud Hopkins “contactee group” for a longish period of time. Each one of us in that group had had experiences so strange and disconcerting it was tearing our realiety awareness to shreds. Each case was unique. At the same time, each case was very much, at the proceedural level, the same. None in that group knew what or who had brought this disconcerting experience to them but in every case there was no doubt that it was not from homo-sapien origian. We called it Extra-terrestrial because frankly, we did not have any other way to explain the anomolus and bizzare experiences involving high technology at one level and complete disassociation from human behaviors at another.

    In every case, we were alive and well and arrived on time to our group sessions no matter if an event had occured during the week in between. It is partly for this reason I suggest that I do not believe we are going to be part of an ET vs, Earth event or series of events. I do suggest however, if the Hindu mythology is something other than cheap fiction, we may well find ourselves witnessing something along the lines of ET vs ET.

    My one caution here, without treading to far a field into -Oh, the tales I could tell…Is make no hard and fast judgements in response to what I propose is going to be an attempt to convince the public that the ET war is coming to get US. This is highly complex – this ET issue. There are no sure answers…Oh, yes, keep taking those UFO pictures. More than that however, rush down to your local book store or library and read, read, read…without judgement…you will soon see many patterns jump out and as you move deeper into this phenomena, you will find books falling off the shelves in a demand that they be read.

    But only when you are ready to read them…They know…