Huge Fireball recorded over Germany and The Netherlands on Dec 24, 2011

Comet/Meteorite or Space junk recorded over Germany and The Netherlands – Dec 24, 2011.

A huge fireball was seen in the sky over Germany and the Netherlands around 18.00PM.

It is possible  space junk or  debris of the failing  Russian Soyuz  rocket last Friday or parts of the Toxic ‘Phobos-Grunt’ Probe estimated to fall to Earth around January?

The cause of this fireball remains unclear.

Filmed in the early evening of 24th of December 2011 in Bad Kreuznach/Germany

Location: Nordrhein Westfalen – Germany

Location: Germany

Location: The Netherlands

Update December 26, 2011

The luminous trail of Christmas was a Soyuz rocket

The ball of light observed in Eve in the European part of the sky was the return of the top floor of a Russian launcher.
The remains of a Russian Soyuz rocket are the source of the trail of light observed during Christmas Eve in a part of the European sky, said Sunday the Royal Observatory of Belgium.

The ball that was observed on December 24 around 17:30 over Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany, was the start of the last stage of the Soyuz launcher that comes to transport including the astronaut André Kuipers’ to the ISS, international Space Station, said Sunday the Belgian Observatory’s website.

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  1. A strange streak in the skybelieve korean rocket, meteor, falling satellite or maybe plain plane 19 december


  2. Hi,
    There is also another explanation besides, meteor, Russian rocket, etc