UFO Motherships in the sky over Russia

It seems that due to the fact that new’s aren’t shown in Mexico of the huge motherships that are being recorded in Russia, they are not shown in the Western media, neither it happens in the U.S. as it seems as if nothing is happening.

Nevertheless, they’ve given great importance to these events in Russia.

The motherships that have been appearing in Russia are amazing. Huge motherships recorded on tape and why are they appearing and so frequently and in great numbers in the sky over especially Russia?

Here are some News reports in Russia


Source and author:   (youtube)

2 responses to “UFO Motherships in the sky over Russia

  1. Do you remember the Event in Tungunska 1900something? Some say that what happened there was not belonging to a Meteor, A lot Eyewitnesses at that Time told that there where different spaceships in a battle….so due to that Event now in Russia makes that Story much more realisticin my eyes. But anyhow what happend in Russia is really interessting.


  2. It could be the Andromeda Council sending out sonic beams to negative ET underground bases(regarding the Russian residents comment that she heard loud noises in the area)…Just a thought.