NASA DAWN Mission: UFO Crash Site on Giant Asteroid Vesta 2011

Scientists working with NASA’s Dawn spacecraft have created a new video showing the giant asteroid Vesta as the spacecraft approaches this….. You can see in some videos and pictures strangely artificial structures.


One of the pictures of the surface is clearly a crash site to see.

Asteroid Vesta is one of the largest asteroids, with a mean diameter of about 530 kilometres (330 mi).

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft entered orbit around Vesta on July 16, 2011 for a planned one-year exploration. NASA Dawn Mission

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5 responses to “NASA DAWN Mission: UFO Crash Site on Giant Asteroid Vesta 2011

  1. NASA takes the best blurred pictures money can buy. Looks like it is but then again it could be another Asteroid remnant sticking out. Need clearer close ups to be sure.


  2. Same opinion: Could be an artificial object – but you can’t be sure if you do not have any pictures of higher resolution. But another question: Who has such an amount of spare time to produce such absolutely useless videos showing nothing else but a still photograph from different distances ? A fact, which also cannot be covered by adding some dramatic background music.


  3. This is stupid its not a bloody space craft its a inpact crator as it come tothepoint where some thing as so simple is a space craft im sorry but im not comingon this site it seems they put all sorts of rubbish here now so people come on not everything is amazing.


  4. If another asteroid impacts at low velocity against another asteroid with low gravity, it would not be completely destroyed. Also, some asteroids are solid metal, so it wouldn’t shatter completely. I think it’s likely just another smaller asteroid sticking out of the impact site.


  5. I agree looks like an old impact site, or a rock formation, however, you never can tell. Keep on searching, thanks @Vipercartel chill dude…