Meteor (UFO?) recorded over Phoenix Arizona – AZ NM CA and CO on New Year’s Eve 2011

Witness: This is footage (video 2) from my dashboard cam that caught the meteor flying over Phoenix Arizona (and apparently New Mexico, Colorado, and California) on New Years Eve Dec 31st 2011.There’s been some other reports from more states too. I tried to tilt the camera at the end so you can actually see how low it was, because it disappears behind a building.

NM AZ CO Bolide Meteor Fireball approximately 8’20 pm MST 31DEC2011″ read the reports: lunarmeteoritehunters

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3 responses to “Meteor (UFO?) recorded over Phoenix Arizona – AZ NM CA and CO on New Year’s Eve 2011

  1. I was walking to my friends new years party when i saw it, i was in rio rancho new mexico walking through a very dark ditch when it appeared from the left and over the course of about 5 seconds faded off to the lower left


  2. My family and I saw it on the way to a party around 8:15 p.m. on New Year’s Eve. It started out in the southern sky as a light (kind of low in the sky, that’s why it caught my eye) and as it passed by us, it was a silver orb with a beautiful tail that was red, blue, green and yellow. It was mesmerizing. Then, it flew a few more seconds and disappeared into the northern part of the sky. It was the strangest, most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.


  3. I was standing on the patio with about ten other people (at least half of them witnessed the event), when what I initially thought was a “shooting star” suddenly speeding from the right side of the sky to the left. This object left a huge bright green and red trail in its wake as it arced so far that it DISAPPEARED behind a building on my far left, without showing signs of fading (more than 5 seconds). I initially believed it to be a wayward pyrotechnic device but discarded the idea because the object was obviously extra-terrestrial (meteor?)