Cigar-shaped UFO on Stereo Behind HI2: Destination Earth!

A remarkable sighting recorded from Stereo Behind HI2 on Dec 30, 2011

A cigar –shaped object appears and it is not the first time that unknown objects and other unexplained cosmic events appear and recorded on SECCHI, Stereo, SOHO and other different NASA missions.

Closer Look at the Cigar -Shaped UFO

Now we do not know exactly what it is, but what our governments and the scientific establishment would have us believe, is not really acceptable.

Like the Mercury anomaly. Their ‘official explanation’ – for the appearance of the ‘object’ adjacent to Mercury.

This is the official NASA press release put out to explain the Mercury anomaly

“In these HI-1 images, a daily median is used as the best near-real-time method to get CME enhancement. This results in dark spots from planets such as Mercury. When we derive the background, we do an interpolation between two daily median images. Since we make these images the day we receive them, we do not have a daily median for the next day, just the previous day. When the interpolation is done between the previous day and the current day and there is a feature like a planet, this introduces dark (negative) artefacts in the background where the planet was on the previous day, which then show up as bright areas in the enhanced image.”

Actually they are claiming it is a ghost image of Mercury from the previous day. This is, essentially, what they are saying! More information about the Mercury anomaly at  ufodigest 

So the Mercury anomaly was just an artifact produced by the imaging process – right? I don’t think so. And – if you watch this – nor will you.


We talking about Alien motherships, enormous starships and these ships could quite easily accommodate many millions of individual entities and the support systems necessary to sustain them on their long voyages across the Universe. They are visitors to our neighbourhood and currently parked in our planetary backyard, awaiting for the right moment to reveal themselves to the human race.

Indeed, the intentionally and deliberately delaying of the disclosure of the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life by the Obama Administration and the ongoing governmental disinformation might soon be overtaken by the reality of Alien motherships inbound: Destination Earth!

Source and author: ufodigest *                       *  *   *  (youtube)


6 responses to “Cigar-shaped UFO on Stereo Behind HI2: Destination Earth!

  1. I have some extrodiniary thoughts about something i red in the bible. Here’s the link… In my point of few it’s talking about MCE…
    And after you have red, it just watch the videos again… en watch the mechanics working…. tell me, do you see something familiar?


  2. Do you think that all these UFO’s, especially we on earth are seeing everyday and with more frequency, that they are going to come to earth when the Rapture happens and they are going to be part of the evil force during Tribulation? That UFO looks like a pyramid in Egypt, the big one.
    And why would they transport that supposed UFO on that flat-bed truck and wrapped so that it would reveal it’s shape? They could of easily built walls and a top on it to hide it. Is it just part of the process? Of a dark, dark secret that has been kept hush hush as much as possible? Lord, Please help us all!


  3. Ra Station club

    We like you .


  4. The facts are stareing us in the face. Regardless of whether or not the government tells us, we need to make sure we are ready for eternity


  5. i’m sorry everyone. I’m trying to figure out how you leap from “artifacts”(spelled correctly for those who can’t spell) to spacecraft that are coming to earth. Is there some scientific basis for this conclusion? Is there some formula you used to figure this out? Or is it just more hyperactive imaginings? Help me out here. I want to take you seriously, but you make it very hard.


  6. Hi,

    I only want to comment on the geometrical shape appearing in the stereo behind HI-2 feed.
    I had never seen any images from that sattelite before so had a quick look at the possible artefacts and corruptions.
    the example on this “internal reflection” is somehow similar to the artefact seen on the video we saw here.
    Nevertheless, a few details strike my unexperimented eye:
    1- the artefact has a very constant and linear trajectory, and its shape and size are not changing with time. One would tend to think that an internal reflection would tend to evolve with time.
    2- I have been on the stereo website to check the animation of the last few days and it seems to me, unless i am mistaken, that all the last images coming from the sattelite are cropped and the right half part is “missing”. Are the images being processed?