Hundreds of Dead Black Birds Fall Again in Arkansas – Jan 1, 2012

Hundreds of blackbirds fell dead from the sky at a small town in the US state of Arkansas for the second New Year’s Eve in a row, a media report said.

It Occurred Beebe in Arkansas just a few hours before midnight on Saturday. Quoting animal control worker Hearst Taylor, it said that the reason for the bird deaths is not known yet.

In 2010, during the same time, about 4,000 black birds fell from the sky all over the city. Official say blunt force trauma to the birds caused them to fall from the sky and many say fireworks could be the reason they died.

But, it wasn’t immediately clear if year-end celebrations are again to blame. However, Beebe police imposed an impromptu fireworks ban on the night.


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2 responses to “Hundreds of Dead Black Birds Fall Again in Arkansas – Jan 1, 2012

  1. Deborah Hart

    How terribly sad, the birds are so beautiful.
    I really doubt it was fireworks either. And I doubt there will ever be a believable “official” explanation!


    • It would be interesting to hear from someone in the town if fireworks are a real big thing on new years…the birds are in trees at night roosting…not night feeders or flyers…if it’s fireworks, must be a heck of a lot of folks shooting rockets into trees…