Mass Fish Death mystery to local community in Troms, Norway

Translated. The inhabitants of resin in Troms could hardly believe his eyes on the morning of New Year’s Eve, the beach was a large amount, an estimated tens of tons, dead herring, writes Northern Lights.

No one knows for sure what’s happened in the popular hiking area in Nordreisa municipality. However, various theories have been tossed around, explains Jan-Petter Jorgensen (44), who took mass death in sight on the beach with his dog Molly. –

People tell that something similar happened in the 80s, and there is speculation among others on the river which flows into the ocean behind a promontory on the site, may have had something to say. Maybe the fish have been caught in the long due, and then died of fresh water? Jorgensen says to Dagbladet. He estimates each individual fish to be of 100-150 grams, and that the total might be about up to 20 tons. Now he’s worried about what might happen if no one comes and removing carcasses. – When we talk about an environmental problem, the fish are in full resolution.

It’s hard to say Bastant what’s happened here, but the first thing that occurred to me, is that herring may have been frightened upwards of saithe, says Jens Christian Holst, senior researcher at the Institute of Marine Research in Bergen, the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet.

Holst emphasizes that fresh water or currents at the site also may have played a role, if necessary. storm that recently collapsed, the fish may have been downright washed ashore. – Or it could be a combination. Whatever we want to have samples, if someone has taken care of a fresh sample and frozen it down, we would like to have ruled on the case of illness or not, says the researcher. 

How common is it with such mass death? – The does not happen often. Yet there is something we see from time to time, and it is anyway a big event. Should mass death prove to be repeated several times in the same place, we are even more interested in getting the matter investigated, says Holst.

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  1. biblical


  2. Ora manca solamente la moltiplicazione dei pani , poi saremo in pieno miracolo


  3. 2012 !!!!!


  4. John Lee Sullivan

    This seems to be happening quite a lot recently. I am wondering if, with the fish, there is some underwater seismic activity in the regions of these fish deaths, and with the birds, pressure changes in the atmosphere, although to be fair, I don’t think pressure changes would make birds drop out of the sky dead.
    Chemtrails anyone?


  5. its electro-magnetic in nature.
    virtually all species hit by this are migratory and travel in schools, flocks and swarms.


  6. Why does this keep happening on the first of the year?


    • erin.
      its happening all year round on very nearly a weekly basis now.
      Most times we dont ever get to know about or hear about it
      in one case it also managed to happen on new years as well, that is all.


  7. When I read this, my first suspicion was radioactivity, from the Fukushima meltdowns. There’s a flotsam of radioactive debris the size of Texas hitting the North West of the U.S and Alaska as we speak, not to mention the trillions of bequerels of radioactive waste water the Japanese have been dumping in the ocean since 3/11, that’s being carried east by the ocean currents across the Pacific and up and over towards Island etc.

    An unprecedented number of dead or diseased seals, whales, walrusses and turtles are being found in Alaska, Russia and Canada, etc. They show signs of what I would call radiation poisoning. Lesions, nosebleeds, hair loss, brain tumours, small lymphnodes, etc.

    Here’s just a few links about it;

    Keep an eye on Fukushima. That radioactive disaster from Hell is FAR from over.