Unidentified Aircraft Leaves ‘Contrails’; Raising Concerns in Colorado – Jan 2, 2012

Unusual vapor trails in the skies over Southern Colorado Monday morning baffled skyward-looking residents and little to no explanation has been provided by agencies in charge of monitoring airspace in the area.

A plane was flying in circles southeast of Colorado Springs Monday morning and it attracted the attention of many across southern Colorado.

The plane had been circling for an hour or so and created an unusual contrail pattern in the sky, according to witnesses including Fountain Police Department’s Sgt. Robert Koski. “I saw a lot of contrails crisscrossing in the eastern sky,” said Koski.

Contrails are defined as a trail of condensed water from an aircraft, and according to John Clare are fairly common. “The upper air is still and super stable. Anything that’s laid up there, there is nothing to make it dissipate other than gradual evaporation itself,” said Clare, chief flight instructor at Peak Aviation.

Clare said the trails last longer when the atmosphere is stable and cold, similar to the conditions seen around southern Colorado this morning. As for the circular patterns the contrails were forming, Clare said these occur when an aircraft turns at high altitudes. Clare said this said this is common behavior in military aircraft training. “If you had several aircraft practicing air combat maneuvering, that would give you lots of your little squiggles, but absolutely standard. Not a problem at all,” said Clare.

The representative with the Colorado Springs Airport says the plane was not in contact with the control tower at the airport and was not in airport controlled air space. NORAD also said the plane was not associated with their operations.

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7 responses to “Unidentified Aircraft Leaves ‘Contrails’; Raising Concerns in Colorado – Jan 2, 2012

  1. They are called chemtrails. They have been going on for years and are very apparent all over the country and parts of the world. Why they are a cover up, I don’t know, but I think it has to do with the Sun and the warming of the planet. Supposedly, there is Aluminum and Barium being sprayed into the Stratosphere and could be reflecting the Suns’s rays back into Space. I have dozens of pictures of chemtrails over Nevada and we had major ones yesterday. Come on people, open your eyes. Is another Big Secret that we aren’t being told about.


  2. This is Chemtrail-search more please!!!!!!!!



  3. I have two comments to make, that I can neither confirm or deny regarding chemtrails, but that I’ve come across online at some point in time, that would seem to confirm that the phenomenon is indeed more than mere contrails, if verifiable.

    1) It is claimed, that chemtrails were not an issue before 1979. The place I read that asked people to please check all the photos they have from before 1979 and see if they could find ANYTHING that looked like chemtrails. I have not been able to find any photos among my own collection prior to 1979 that show chemtrails, but I don’t know of course, if anyone else can in their old photos.

    2) Chemtrails are supposedly not an issue over developing counties. It was claimed that the phenomenon is only affecting western countries.

    Again, I have no knowledge of the validity of any of those assertion, but they’re worth considering in any case and looking in to.

    I’ve seen (and photographed) criss-crossing and turnaround chemtrails here in Southern Sweden, suggesting they are not merely flight path contrails, as I know of no airline that would have their planes weave back and forth across the sky in regular geometric checkerboard patterns. As I understand it, airplanes usually fly from A to B and don’t change their minds and turn around and fly back and forth before they figure out where they want to go!


  4. Deborah Hart

    They are CHEMTRAILS! The skies over the part of Northern California (Siskyou County) where I live look like that quite frequently! And pretty much everywhere else I go nowadays as well. It is one of the most heinous crimes perpetrated against humanity …by our own government(s), the megalithic Monsanto Corporation, and others. ***RAGE***


  5. Leot a Kleewein

    Da Nile is a river and a great mechanism of humans to escape reality……these are in fact Chem-trails………..look up and see for your self’s. Con trails disappear in a few minutes but these chemtrails stay and spread into the atmosphere and are affecting peoples health. I have two questions; when was the last time we had a totally clear blue sky day and when was the last time this government as done something good for you? Unless of course, you are on government help in one way or another……..not all government helps makes me mad……..like the veterans……..we need to help them, but I get upset when healthy men are using foodstamps at the grocery store when they are perfectly capable of working…….just another subject but I digress………These are chemtrails!


  6. I read a book…sorry, I can’t exactly say which one, though it may have been a book written by a channeler name Kirael…who hinted that chemtrails are not always what they appeared to be. I am wondering…sometimes the chemtrails here, in LI, NY are definitely coming from airplanes…but sometimes they seem to just appear out of nowhere…can ufos be another possible contributor to the chemical skies?


  7. Here in miami florida theres been a LOT of activity in the sky, at night we,ve heard a lot of HUM noises and Turbine like or Jet like noises and is been really cloudy.
    for miami is REALLY weird to have the weather we have, the sun is really strong and theres a lot of chem trails…..
    how can we ignore this”?? ppl need to wake up.