Quadrantid Meteor Shower – Bright Fireball Over Finland – Jan 3, 2011

Earth is about to pass through a stream of debris from 2003 EH1, a comet fragment that produces the annual Quadrantid meteor shower. Forecasters expect the shower to peak around 07:20 UT (02:20 am EST) on Wednesday morning, January 4th. At maximum, as many as 100 meteors/hour could emerge from a radiant near Polaris, the north star.

Even among professional researchers there is a lot of uncertainty about the Quadrantids. Because the shower occurs during the deep cold of northern winter, and because its peak is brief (often no longer than a couple of hours), this strong shower is seldom observed.

Translated: Tuesday evening, above Finland showed a significant fireball. Impressive bright phenomenon lasted for a total of over 10 seconds.
Ursaan were reported as soon as the ball came to a lot of sightings from all over the South-Finnish. ” Over 155 reported sightings of the same fireball have been reported.

NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office is broadcasting live video from a sensitive wide-field meteor camera at the Marshall Space Flight Center.

Source and author: spaceweather * ustream.tv *  avaruus.fi    hukka1974.kuvat.fi *   (youtube)


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