UFOs at volcano Katla – Iceland’s super volcano threatens to erupt

Volcanic eruptions in Iceland are capable of affecting air traffic across Europe, as the Eyjafjallajokull volcano showed by grounding flights for a week in 2010.

Katla has had numerous earthquakes since Oktober 2010. This swarm of quakes have been nearer the surface and this indicates that something is happening with Magma moving towards the surface.

Now, recent tremors around the much larger Katla volcano indicate that it may be nearing eruption as well. Experts are concerned that such an event could bring global travel disruptions and flooding from melted glaciers.

Katla Webcam

Last December, multiple strange bright lights were spotted in area around Katla Volcano and recorded on the Katla Webcam.

The UFOs are too bright in this distance being a snowmobile as well as the moves of these objects.

Source and author: katla-volcano.co.uk *  *  (youtube)

2 responses to “UFOs at volcano Katla – Iceland’s super volcano threatens to erupt

  1. Those UFO referred is is nothing more than large particles of glass, like large bubbles, kept afloat, by heat and cold air seduction. Often seen around volcanoes and sometimes in small scale within Copper melting Furnaces.
    Its kept in the air for a while, due to gas inside it, and then appears to move, but is actually floating on the heat of the volcano eruption!
    Does appear to be UFO from a distance.


  2. I did some visiting in the Area of the UK and France, and must say that there are aircraft trails and Chemtrails.
    Many are not Plane vapor trails !
    The Chemical trails are clearly visible when it is not included or within any flight path Air traffic corridor. Check out where these corridors are, before notifying about any Chemical trails.
    Traffic Control very rarely allows for crossing of flight paths, but keep planes in a circular pattern !
    The are being used, and sometimes the patterns of the trails are like a knitted piece of cloth in the sky.
    I have no idea who is involved, and often refer to those involved as part of the NWO. There are to many humans on earth, and they are basically using chemicals to control and subdue us. In past, most of these chemicals were tested in soldiers, when they joined the forces. This is a fact.