Kepler-SETI Admits: ‘We Detected ET Signals’


Kepler-SETI Admits: ‘We Detected Alien Signals’.

According to website: We’ve started searching our Kepler SETI observations and our analyses have generated a few ‘hits,’ but all are undoubtedly examples of terrestrial radio frequency interference (RFI).

Each of the signals below is shown in a pair of plots, one from an observation of Kepler Object of Interest (KOI) 817 and one from an observation of KOI-812.

If we see a signal coming from multiple positions on the sky, like the ones below, it is very likely to be interference.



Download all 12 images in a PDF-file

Read entire article at  including the latest SETI update: Friday, January 6, 2012: -SETI says: ‘After posting the plots on January 5, it became clear that we had not stated as definitively and absolutely as possible that these signals are interference’.

Note: In our opinion -SETI is under pressure, and as happened in the past, they try again to downplay their findings. During the coming weeks SETI will posting more of their results. Stay tuned..

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