UFO / Drone monitors chemtrails over France – Jan 6, 2011

UFOUFO / Drone monitors chemtrails over France – Jan 6, 2011

Witness: I often watch the sky. When I saw it, I took immediately my camera, and shot the UFO. As if the UFO felt seen himself, he started to accelerate and hid himself behind the smoke trail.

I cut the video just after 30 sec because the UFO is not returned. Nothing happened for 2 minutes, so I stopped recording.

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3 responses to “UFO / Drone monitors chemtrails over France – Jan 6, 2011

  1. That is an awesome video. What more proof do people need? They just need to start telling us the truth about things that are going on. It isn’t right that they don’t. Or else, ET needs to show themselves. Maybe it is our own guys up there trying to make us look stupid believing in UFO’s that the Govt says don’t exist. Its getting very annoying.


  2. UFO Phenomenon Falls Wakayama JAPAN Jan 6, 2012


  3. These sightings are seen world wide.
    People are awakening to the idea that we are not alone.
    Some accept it, others deny what their eyes see.

    Stay safe