UFO Classics – The Best UFO videos of the 90s


The first video presents the most spectacular UFO film footage ever caught on camera during the 10 year period that is the 1990s, which has been hailed as the greatest decade ever for videotaped evidence and proof of an Alien presence in our skies.

See the details of each filmed event as it occurred, bringing you face to face with those who witnessed and captured these UFO events on film and video tape for all the world to see. Includes an unprecedented collection of film and video footage of UFOs in flight, and interviews with researchers, and eyewitnesses. This Awarding film was produced by Italian UFO Researcher Giorgio Bongiovanni.

The following video is a documentary from 1976 called “Overlord’s of the UFO.” contains great photographical evidence, interviews and touches upon cases rarely heard about.

It suggests that these beings that are visiting our planet are interdimensional beings.

And the last video shows a composition of amazing UFO pictures of the World.

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2 responses to “UFO Classics – The Best UFO videos of the 90s

  1. LOVED this compilation! Thanks for sharing- please, share more! I’ve been an avid UFO video watcher/hunter… and there were a good number of clips that I’ve never seen before on here! Great stuff- keep up the good work!