10 Unknown Objects are leaving the Moon


10 Unknown Objects are leaving the Moon.

Witness: When I on 14 December 2011 tested my new Sony HD videocam and filmed with a 42x zoom to the moon, I discovered when playing the videos on the PC several objects which are distant from the moon.

Video necessarily in 720 HD or 1080 HD and full screen view otherwise you do not recognize the objects!

Source and author:   (youtube)

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8 responses to “10 Unknown Objects are leaving the Moon

  1. RRestlessRaven

    Even in my dismal 480p you can see another 2, possibly 3 objects slowly hovering across the surface of the moon on this video, one, is just left of dead center of the moon. Anyone else see this?


  2. ive been viewing the moon for sometime there seems to be a fairly large area on the moon lower left-that is now visible and not before it appears earth has tilted as this area has more detail than beforethese pics show ufo activity that coincides with strange objects seen by people viewing the moon here in capetwown south africa am looking into it


  3. A dirty little secrete…the moon is not mad up of matter that would indicate it was once a part of the earth. The high silica has a much higher average purity than the finest silica found anywhere on earth. Additionally, the hydrogen content is predominantly H3…a single shuttle load brought back to earth could power the US for more than a year providing greater energy density than all the coal, oil, nuclear, wind, hydro, and solar used in the same period combined…I suspect we arn’t the only folks who know this…


  4. Moon (2009)

    Astronaut Sam Bell has a quintessentially personal encounter toward the end of his three-year stint on the Moon, where he, working alongside his computer, GERTY, sends back to Earth parcels of a resource that has helped diminish our planet’s power problems.


  5. Have a look at this Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlrojlbjWeE

    Video necessarily in 1080 HD and full screen view, otherwise you do not recognize the objects! Top right of the moon at 1 clock you can see multiple objects arrive and disappear in a crater. The video I’ve taken on 29.12.2011 at 15.30 PM clock in the afternoon. The background is black because the exposure was focused only on the moon and not the environment ! By my calculations, and the extent of the moon, the objects must have a diameter of 700 – 1200m.


  6. HI , take note which direction the moon appears to be moving in. Its within that Moon edge, between the bright reflective area of the moon and the dark back ground, which is obscured by this bright reflective area.
    It is in this tiny band of not dark nor bright, almost like the Earths Atmosphere, where bending of the light takes place ( Like a fish bowl) and any Stars of Planets appear to come from the Moon surface, but only seen on the edge, and all look like they are going in the same direction !
    Sorry, not UFO.


  7. Yep…agree. They are optical artifacts caused by objects such as stars or planets coming out from behind the moon’s disk. They only look like they are “leaving” the moon, in reality they were bright objects that were behind the Moon.


  8. @ AHBOTHA and Wil :

    I agree with you except for the fact that if the objects were “behind” the moon, why do the appear and then disappear again? Wouldnt the physics suggest that they would remain in view once the appeared. In several videos depicting this wether low or high quality cameras they appear to move and in some vidoes the objects are seen moving ACROSS the surface. Reflections yes can cause images like that BUT, when the objects physically move across the surface or appear to be hovering and then move. No form of Moon debris or “Relecting light” can “Move in different directions…Just saying. Riddle me that Batman