Formation Mysterious Lights over Campinas, Brazil – January, 2012


Formation Mysterious Lights and Spheres.

Videos taken at night over Campinas, Brazil on January 3, 2011 has aviation experts and UFOlogists baffled.

What are the twinkling, cylindrical lights suspended in the sky?

The unidentified flying object begins to spin and morph into a triangular shape as the lights blink from white to red at its center.

What do you think it is?

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4 responses to “Formation Mysterious Lights over Campinas, Brazil – January, 2012


    The video above is not in Brazil, the sound is in Spanish and Brazil do not speak Spanish but Portuguese. The video appears to be low even in Campinas, Brazil.


  2. The first vid is in spanish but, if you understood spanish you would hear the guy telling the kids to ” Enjoy whats happening because it will prob be years before they see something like that again, just like the Christ. AKA The Christ in the top of that mointain in brazil to witch the name i cant remember right now.
    the second video is in Portuguese and is of the same thing in the sky, different location.
    it looks like to me like a LOT of UFO’s coming in either from an invisible “Mother Ship” or from a “Stargate” or “wormhole”. then they all turn on they’re invisibility devices or maybe they raise they’re frequency higher so we cant perceive them to be there. regardless how or who…. they’re coming in huge groups more and more as time goes by and the sand of the clock runs out and thins out.


  3. ÉS Un Balon estas que caem son mas do que pipas com luzes que giram ao chão..tiemos mucho por a cá…nostra lingua no spanhol e si lingua portuguesa


  4. drcouchphd

    they are communicating war to us, first they shape a sword (pay attention to where they are positioned), then gun barrel with the hammer at the back of the gun in red, at the same time there are some at the barrel of the gun flashing in a triangle shape (muzzle flash), and one in the distance flashing to show bullets hitting, then they form two lines with flashing between them ( i took this as people shooting back and forth at each other), then they form what looks like a column and suddenly disperse (as if to show an explosion) and they twinkle out slowly, wake up people big things are on the horizon, prepare yourselfs