Sign from God? HALO Appears Above Mile High Stadium During Bronco vs. Steelers Game – Jan 8, 2012


Amazing HALO appears above Mile High Stadium during Bronco vs. Steelers Game – Jan 8, 2012

A perfect halo forms over Tim Tebows head after he scores a rushing touchdown in the Broncos victory over the Steelers.

Was it a sign?

“Let’s all try to be calm and rational about this. In addition to Tim Tebow throwing 316 yards in the Broncos’ upset over the Steelers (Tebow painted Bible verse John 3:16 under his eyes in college) and fans replacing “Tebow” with “Jesus” on their jerseys, apparently a halo-like smoke ring formed over Mile High yesterday after the Broncos scored their first field goal… full article at: huffingtonpost

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5 responses to “Sign from God? HALO Appears Above Mile High Stadium During Bronco vs. Steelers Game – Jan 8, 2012

  1. Must see !!!
    On first video – is one ufo – sighting object….
    move right side to left under the halo…..


  2. If you look closely, you can see the fighter jet, it is dark gray or black circling right at the smoke ring. I think that is great that pilot did that!


  3. Tebow is just a guy who happens to be in a position to be an example to others, and he does it well by not being afraid to show the world who he is. How we react to people like him and others is a test; for example people who ridicule him for his faith are clearly on the wrong side; while the people who elevate him high on a pedestal are hypocrites. These people would leave him when they find out he is just an ordinary guy just like everyone else. I have nothing against Tebow, he is just a guy who is proud of his faith. I think all this is blown way out.


  4. pfft….you can clearly see the smoke trail from the ground, no ufo’s or planes involved. smoke rings aren’t that hard to generate.


  5. Sorry, it was a high altitude, Plane doing the trail of smoke, ie Sky Writing.
    Nothing to do with God.
    Check up with the Air Force,who was flying during the match. It was suppose to look like a sky circle (CROP)