After the Rainbow, A UFO? -Vienna, Austria- Jan 10, 2011


After the Rainbow, A UFO?

Location of video recording: Austria / Vienna on 10 January 2012

A rainbow appears and was visible for about ten minutes. It is strange that the rainbow was below the arch of dark (gray) then the area where the rainbow was visible before.

After playing the video, I noticed an unidentified flying object. Remarkable, because at that time no planes, no helicopters and no birds were observed.

Source and author:  (youtube)

One response to “After the Rainbow, A UFO? -Vienna, Austria- Jan 10, 2011

  1. Good Day to you,
    I have found that most of my photos take of UFO, is not visible t the eye’s and only after downloading becomes visible. Normally dark in shadow, and if you darken the blue of the sky you will find UFO where yhou never sw any !
    Der video is gut, und nicht eine seltsamer regenbogen und ein UFO.
    Welgedaan ! Well done !
    Andrew Cape Town