Strange Sounds phenomenon caused by Polar Plasma Wave?

strange sounds

In our previous article we pointed out the possibility that the strange sounds may be caused by cloaked (invisible) devices or is it all related to the change in frequency of the planet, inner Earth is groaning, unidentified sounds from Deep Ocean or perhaps Polar Plasma Wave cause of the strange sounds that are being heard around the world.

Polar Plasma Wave sounds: A study done by the University of Iowa…

Although most of these strange sounds are in the acoustic frequency range, they are not actually detectable by the human ear.

These strange sounds are produced by processing the original wave data in much the same way that a radio station processes radio signals.

Listen to the types of sounds at:

Other strange sounds…

Strange sounds from deep ocean

Strange  sounds that have been recorded throughout the Pacific by the NOAA. The origins of the sounds are still unknown. Note that the sounds have been sped up in order for us tho hear them, since they are Low Frequency sounds, below our hearing spectrum.

Inner Earth is groaning

Citizens of Shambala are releasing powerful vibrating energy. It sounds like a extreme combined energy of healing mantra sounds. On the surface the Tibetan monks that are meditating in this cave of the spirits for a long time are saying that this started to happen only recently. They also were saying that the spirits telepathically transmitted to them that something major is going to happen soon. The Earth is ringing like a bell more and more recently.

Strange sounds due to the change in frequency of the planet ?

Change in frequency of the planet from a 3rd dimensional planet to a 5th dimension planet, our frequencies are changing and something is magnifying these sounds to where we can now hear them?

Energies transmitted through the galactic portals of various tuning and triangulum systems and streamed into the Milky Way through subtle sound vibrational frequencies…

Source and author: *   *      youtube) strange sounds

Strange sounds in Conklin, Alberta, New Zealand, Czech Republic and Hungary

Mysterious apocalyptic sound also heard in Louisiana, Denmark, Sweden – Jan 10-12, 2012

Unknown Bright Orbs and Strange Roaring Noise In Northern Michigan – Jan 10, 2011

Mysterious ‘Hum’ Sound Heard Throughout Costa Rica – Jan 9, 2012

Mysterious apocalyptic sounds are being heard around the world

2 responses to “Strange Sounds phenomenon caused by Polar Plasma Wave?

  1. these sounds are not the same as people recorded – These seem much more two dimensional. The ones people recorded were more like requencies, which could have been caused by HAARP installations, and are often heard by people living near HAARP in Alaska.


  2. As already written in the article: “Although most of these strange sounds are in the acoustic frequency range, they are not actually detectable by the human ear”.
    Thats someting I can confirm because I already received those whistlers, which is, even for people who use electronics as a hobby, relatively simple. It is a fact, that electromagnetic waves cannot be heard with our ears. So I really wonder whats the sense of this headline!