Strange UFO sighting near our Sun – January, 2012


The NASA satellite Stereo Ahead captured january 2011 a strange UFO sighting

The object is moving in perfect synch with stars, going from left to right.

Is it Jupiter, a UFO or just a star?

Source and author:   (youtube) ufo





2 responses to “Strange UFO sighting near our Sun – January, 2012

  1. Excuse me, Jupiter never comes between Earth and the Sun. This is something between the Sun and the Earth. Only two planets are in that orbit.


  2. It is Venus. I lookt it up on the stereo site(position of stereo)and Venus is coming-by on the times in the video. Jupiter is on a higher position and a litle later, looking from stereo Ahead.
    Is that sun-wind effect on the planet?
    Look this video to see that it can be a ufo, stop the video on 7.26. I see a wing-form dark “object”, Clingon i think.
    This is Venus too!