UFOs filmed over Italia similar to UFOs photographed in the United Kingdom – Jan 16, 2012



UFOs filmed over Italia similar to UFOs photographed in the United Kingdom – Jan 16, 2012

Witness report: We returned home in Montalbano when we saw  two UFOs flying above Siniscola. Siniscola is located on the Italian island of Sardinia. The two objects were bright like the sun and moving in tandem.

The UFOs seen in Siniscola were similar to the UFOs photographed in the United Kingdom on January 6 and January 7 in Kent and Essex, respectively.


Source and author:   (youtube) UFOs

13 responses to “UFOs filmed over Italia similar to UFOs photographed in the United Kingdom – Jan 16, 2012

  1. Worst Music Ever


  2. Lol, did i hear it right at 1:37 or she just turned the light off in room 🙂


  3. I believe in UFOs but this video fail in my personal view , why ?
    1- recorded behind a glass window , easy you can fake a reflection light inside the room behind the camera man and looks the sorce come from outside , what looks like in this video , u can see a orange color below the lights as was supose to happen on glass reflection .
    2- poor quality video makes difficult to define the lights itself .
    3- conclusion , just another video but not solid evidence in here , the poor quality and recorded behind a glass are strong signal of hoax than a real sight .


  4. I understand a conspiracy website has the need to provide new footage frequently and regularly, but don’t turn your project into a trashcan mate.
    These footages are utter crap and an insult to anyone’s intelligence. As said before double glazing + luminous light source behind the camera.
    I wish a serious yet entertaining website existed. Where you can really think about things without being annoyed by useless stuff




  5. Looks like headlights…maybe Ron Weasely took the family car out for another spin.


  6. about the NYC video
    that’s “meth-gas bubbles” he’s so high that his brain chemistry contaminated his cam.
    No just jokin’
    I’ll wait for more videos to comment. We need more stable, better quality to determin movement and light emission intensity.
    So far it could be lanterns (paper ballons with candles inside, the hot air produced by the flame makes it fly high). It is undoubtedly prohibited in NYC but there gotta be some recent immigrant that doesn’t know that..


  7. Yes, it’s clearly fake. Behind a pane of glass with lights behind camera. I even heard the light switch go off when the lights vanished! Dumb.


  8. I live in Odessa, NY and this week (Jan. 16th or 17th) when I was bringing my wife home from the Chiropractor’s, we saw two very bright white lights in the distance coming our way. They were low to the ground, so I thought maybe they were helicopters. They were side by side but then suddenly curved to our right, where one went slightly under the other. I accelerated, in order to get closer for a better look. They were very low and seemed to pass behind trees as I sped past our house and up a road that was higher and would give us a better view. It was also in the direction that the lights were traveling. I was only able to catch another glimps of them flying behind the tree line before they were too far away for me to catch up and get a better view. When I first saw the lights I thought they were headlights, because of their brightness, but when they turned at a right angle and headed off they did not get dimmer or smaller, the lights maintained their size and brightness, as if the whole thing was lit up. In fact, the lights I saw looked just like the ones in these videos. I know this, they were not helicopters (no sound) and they were flying way to low to be planes.


  9. I really see this one as a fake video as we can hear definately the click of the flashlights. Also, if you check carefully there is some reflect in the glass that prove that pretty easily.

    I enjoy coming here and discuss about UFO, phenomenons and other stuff but I have to admit that most of the stuff presented here is often placed without real verification. I mean most of the videos I saw we can have a serious doubt. It is like for the Ghosts’ sites. With all the cams around the world, how come we have never really capture an entity? It is quite obvious that also it is always the same people posting UFO’s videos which prove that many could be fake. I mean, if we are serious for a second, how come in like you will have a chance to have a first, second or third encounters with UFO?

    Plus, the famous Comet Elenin what has happened? The famous Nibiru with is size suppose to come close to the earth, where is the spot in the sky, we should be able to see it now from a far distance? The Colorade exercises previously telling that something big would happen? Or three imaginary huge spacecrafts coming to earth that was suppusely close to Mars a couples weeks ago? And I can continue on and on…and on with the previous posts showing that nothing happened and rumors, falses conclusions and crappy interpretations just turn all the real facts about UFOs a bit incoherent?

    Like I said, everybody want to be a “superman” on the web. Everybody want to have something more important to say than the others… But the fact and the real truth behind the scène that nothing as prove officially that there is a hge UFO, earthquakes due to alignments, huge comet such as Elenin that will destroy the earth yet. Even the supposely spacecrafts around the sun can be described as intermissions, crappy things passing over the telescope such as dust, pieces or debris. It is like it is, and the truth behind the scene, as for my concerns, is that people talk about Jesus and the Doomsday, the end of the world, the coming of Anunakis, the two suns but we don’t have a damn clue officially…

    What are you thoughts about that? And I don’t mean to insult anybody here, coz I like reading and watching videos, but we must face the real truth one day… 96% of what are shown are pretty simple to reproduce, interprete or simply change de perspective.


    • Sebikon,

      You are right – there are a lot of fakers – but with people prepared to examine and review with a neutral mind you can also see that these fakes are spotted quickly – but people like yourself posting.

      Of course we will keep looking – and one day I hope that we see something that is not so fake and that gives hope for something more🙂

      Good luck with your search !


  10. What happened to the third UFO ?, was it shot down ? and when ?


  11. wow does any one blieve in aliens