Ufo’s and Aliens Contact 2012


Ufo’s and Aliens Contact 2012 documentary.

UFO’s and Aliens Contact explores the secrecy surrounding the greatest cover-up of all time, presenting an overview of the UFO phenomenon, aliens, abductions, disclosure, and hyper-dimensional realities.

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  1. I need to acknowledge that I have watched this documentary. I am very impressed with the discussion here because of my own discussions in this same area of thinking. I am going to need some time to organize my response but I wanted to make sure to encourage anyone who has watched this to comment here — I will get back..sincerly, Marina8:13pm/1/21/12-usa


  2. See http://www.alienresistance.org
    Here is an excellent support group based on real Abduction experiences and Biblical Truth.
    This video is also an excellent introduction to the “Alien” phenomenon — the cosmic war. Gets down to the real issue.
    Thanks for the post.


  3. Con Job! It’s always been a con job. Feed the people a lie and 50% or more will believe the lie. When the truth does come out they will take it as a lie as many have been brain washed and the rest are brain dead. If for one second you believe that we are the only intelligent beings in the 13 billion years that this universe has been in existence then you are as arrogant as you are ignorant. We as intelligent beings only know a speck of the knowledge that is really out there. We know nothing and we have yet to really scratch the surface. So believe what you may and open your mind to what is possible.


  4. @GRC54–You sound like a guy I know who says exactly the same thing, almost verbatim–He is very impatient. I completely understand. I think the key to your shared position is very well stated. “So believe what you may and open your mind to what is possible.

    My position is, if a person has not visually encountered an object flying with abilities that eliminate the possiblity that it is of known human technology, they will not believe that such an object exists. When a person encounters the endless videos available of these “anomolus” objects, they may hang on to their denial. It is very difficult to “be wrong” so the argument as to how that object came to be photographed becomes a series of “if then” deductions as to how something could be created to “look like” the objects in question. This is a good sign. It takes some major creativity to come up with some of the “if then” conclusions I have heard in this regard. One must not loose their sense of humor in regard to the subject of UFOs and Aliens. This is a “Rock-a My Soul” subject. Once the line between disbelief and belief is crossed, an individual experiences an astonishing emotional and psycological metamorphisis. Once that change begins to take place, there is no going back.

    I recently – today – read an article about a woman in Nevada who was driving home and was expected back there in one hour according to a cell phone call giving the time perameters to the family at home base. As she drove, the gal a terrible blinding headache. She pulled off the road because she could not see. Looking out her window, she saw an object unlike anything she had ever seen before. She was mostly blinded by a pressure in her head and a visual difficulty but she had the sense to pull out her cell phone camera and with increasing urgency, took a series of shots.

    As she stepped out of her car which would not start, she saw two other vehicles along the side of the road which were also unable to start. The people in the cars were also witness to this object. It is unknown if they also took pictures because, out of no where, there came a tow truck — no one had called…The driver of the truck did not know why he was there. He jumped all three cars and they went their seperate ways but not before they discovered they were on the wrong road. They were on a road some distance from the road they thought they were on. There was no turn off on that road. In order to get there they had to cross a wide swath of desert like area.
    Each was so dazed they did not think to get the information from one another. When the woman arrived home she discovered she had lost 2 hours. Her car clock had stopped at the same time her vehicle stopped.

    You can find the graphs and details at Linda Moulton Howes web site. Just goggle her name–I am at the moment unable to remember the name of the site even though I have been there many times. odd…To my knowledge, the woman who reported this incident, had not ever witnessed a UFO or had any anomolus experience attributable to an alien presence. I can imagian what she is going through. I would not wish that surprise on anyone.

    The only thing I am grateful for is the loss of memory as the result of my own road side car stalled -strange visitation experience. I had my three children in the car when it happened. I did not understand how I ended up in bed with my car in the driveway when the last thing I remembered was standing on the side of the road next to my stalled car in the middle of the night with my 3 kids huddled in the back seat. In the morning they were sleeping soundly in their own beds…If my memory is correct, that was 1979. I did not know anything about UFOS at that time..

    It is thus I counsel patience with those who doubt or debunk. That is ok. May they be comfortable in their ego shelter. I wish this on noone. If their world is a flat earth and they are living feeling safety there..its ok. There are increasing numbers of us out here on the other side of the disbelief line. It is our job to communicate with one another, to give comfort to one another and in so doing, find a way to share the answers we have found as the result of our experiences. This is a great deal more than “believing”…this is “experiencing” — for good or for ill, we must find out the What and Who of those experiences. That we can do if we keep our eyes on the information and our minds open enough that we do not run off the rails of our emotional well being. Sincerly yours..Marina -1/27/12-8:28pm-est-USA


  5. The name of the site I could not remember last night is …Earthfiles.com. The Unknowncountry.com site has featured this encounter on the page I just got this morning…I recommend this highly. It is recent and it is documented…Marina–7:27am/est-1/28/12-usa