UFO – cigar – ‘RODs’ over Hawaii January 23, 2012


UFO – cigar – “RODs” over Hawaii January 23, 2012

Very often, in the field of view of a web camera mounted on a telescope in Hawaii, get mysterious glowing lines that most of us take for aircraft, which leave their imprint on the light by Stop-motion camera. In fact, it’s not the way you think.

Source and author:  ufo

2 responses to “UFO – cigar – ‘RODs’ over Hawaii January 23, 2012

  1. The rods could possibly be the beams they shoot from Haleakala. There is a solar telescope there that does that. I have been up at Haleakala at night and have seen the observatory up there do or send out all kinds of strange stuff. Not trying to be humbug here because we see plenty of strange stuff here on the islands. The rods may be coming from there. Yes the other image is a UFO and I see them a lot up here on Maui.


  2. time lapse footage, its most likely a jet or plane with its intermittent wing tip lights