Blue Spheres Fall From the Sky During Hail Storm in Bournemouth UK – Jan 26, 2012


Blue spheres Fall From the Sky During Hail Storm in Bournemouth UK – Jan 26, 2011

Steve Hornsby from Bournemouth said the 3cm diameter balls came raining down late on Thursday afternoon during a hail storm.

He found about a dozen of the balls in his garden. He said: “[They’re] difficult to pick up, I had to get a spoon and flick them into a jam jar.”

The Met Office said the jelly-like substance was “not meteorological”.

Mr Hornsby, a former aircraft engineer, said: “The sky went a really dark yellow colour.

“As I walked outside to go to the garage there was an instant hail storm for a few seconds and I thought, ‘what’s that in the grass’?”

‘No smell’

Walking around his garden he found many more blue spheres were scattered across the grass.

He said: “The have an exterior shell with a softer inner but have no smell, aren’t sticky and do not melt.”

Mr Hornsby said he was keeping the balls in his fridge while he tried to find out what they were.

Josie Pegg, an applied science research assistant at Bournemouth University, speculated that the apparently strange phenomena might be “marine invertebrate eggs”.

“These have been implicated in previous ‘strange goo’ incidents,” she said. “I’d have thought it’s a little early for spawning but I suppose we’ve had a very mild winter.

“The transmission of eggs on birds’ feet is well documented and I guess if a bird was caught out in a storm this could be the cause.” ”

Source and author: * sheilaaliens (youtube) spheres

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  1. I was driving Thursday January 26th around 6:30 pm near Fort Worth TX …When I saw something bright,blue and what appeared to be on fire falling very fast to the ground into a field. This video and article describes like what I saw? I’ve never seen anything like it in my life…Ive been wondering and watching in the news to see what it may have been , It happened to fast to get a video. This amazes me and sounds to be something that I saw.


  2. Looks like the result of rain cloud seeding… either with Dyn-O-Gel manufactured by Dyn-O-Mat (US Patent 6,315,213 [link below]) or a similar substance with similar properties producing similar results. Dyn-O-Gel is a polymer which was designed to absorb rain and slow down & lessen the impact of hurricanes. Dyn-O-Gel also has a very high tolerence and resitance to heat and flame. For example, it can be sprayed on to wires and act as an insulator which will resist (& repel) heat and flame. []).


  3. Darn, I was hoping it would be some kind of alien life form. Something that would grow and transform….and shake things up a bit!


  4. The obvious question is, what do they taste like?


  5. I wouldn’t even touch that stuff with my bare hands..


  6. This reminds me of “Star Jelly” or “Plasmodium”.

    Star jelly is one of several names for a substance supposedly found where a falling star has landed… Since star jelly is usually said to evaporate before through analysis can be made of it, attempts to identify the substance are conjectural, and conclusions vary… The two main contendors for the leading role in the star jelly mystery are Nostoc and plasmodium. Nostoc is one of the blue green algae and grows in bead like strings with a gelatinous mass on soil or floating water (rain). Plasmodium is a general name for gelatinous congregations of slime molds or certain kinds of fungi…. cases have been reported since feburary 1870 when a yellowish substance fell on genoa italy, scientists were able to dicern that the yellow globules contained high silica sand, water and algae, but were unable to identfy the many cobalt blue globules also recovered.



  7. This is nothing more than ‘Aircraft Chemical Toilet Flushings”
    During a flushing, the sewerage is dispersed into the air, forms round blue chemical jelly like almost iced up particles the size of marbles.
    So… is really Cra.p !
    The other story is related to Chemical spraying of our skies, which no one wants to believe is being done !
    Which story could it be ?


  8. Jet liners do not dispose of waste while in flight it is stored onboard until they land and then disposed of in the usual manner of human waste, where do you get the notion they would dump human excrement over towns and cities?


  9. christine winnan

    maybe they’re something to do with chemtrails….