UFO – Unusual huge ice blocks found in the Ural River residents – Jan 27, 2012


UFO – Huge ice blocks found in the Ural River residents, Jan 27, 2012

Translated: Unbelievable but true – superhuman size lumps found in the Ural River by local residents. Eyewitnesses say that this is nothing more than tricks of the aliens. How else to explain that the huge blocks of ice, as children’s toys are scattered within a radius of 20 meters.

Paul Singilevtsev, huntsman Rubezhinskogo Forestry:
– I walked away from there, I saw, I thought there trees, poles lie far away it seems logs. And when he came – the ice. This I have not seen in my life for 50 years for the first time.

Hunter, not a little frightened, immediately called emergency services on site. The only thing that could tell experts: the chemical composition of the river old and radiation, either. According to one version, so the ice could raskurochit poachers. But, according to foresters, fish, this place does not. Meanwhile, in the Uralsk today persistently rumored that in the vicinity of the river fell a svyatyaschiysya object.

It is true that the witnesses of this event, however, as aliens, to find it was not possible.

Nikolai Sitnikov, Mayor Rubezhinskogo rural district:
– No sound or anything of the incident, nor the explosion of the residents have not heard anyone, not specific to say. The place is pretty dull.

Note: Besides the suggestion of a UFO, other possibilities may be a meteor or satellite crash?

Source and author: ktk.kz *  (youtube) ufo

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  1. God spilt his drink.


  2. Translated into what?


  3. Wondering if these could be from an ice hotel. There are ice hotels in Sweden, Canada, and at least one that I’m aware of in Russia. Will need to research further in terms of ice hotels that currently exist or are under construction in that area or in areas from where the Ural river is fed. Quite possibly these ice block have found therir way to the Ural river from an are where an ice hotel has been dismantled or is under construction.


  4. typo in my post above — it shoud say: “…found *their* way to the Ural river from an *area* where an ice hotel…”