LAX FEMA Rendition Site Confirmed


FEMA CAMPS EXPOSED: Alex presents newly exposed footage filmed at LAX airport in Los Angeles confirming a ‘rendition hub’ capable of processing thousands of people per hour from straight off the tarmac and other transportation points.

Further, Alex dredges up video clips of other facilities used in the past for mass containment of dissenters- from Pier 57 in New York City used to detain those rounded-up during mass arrests at the 2004 Republican National Convention to the former Mueller Airport facility in Austin which news clips exposed had been converted to hold mass arrestees to the Sand Point Naval Station in Seattle used for 1999 WTO protesters.

This is, of course, only the tip of the iceberg, yet demonstrates the growing apparatus aimed at American dissenters in the Homeland.

Source and author:  (youtube) fema

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  1. I have No idea what can be done to fight this.
    Protesting wont do it. spreading the info is only a start, and most people arent listening. Even by the time you have a fighting force, (so to speak) it will be too late.
    Even If you resist, you get called a terrorist or subversive, and dissapeared. That law is already in place.
    Unless you REALLY become a freedom fighter, and join some resistance cell, ( Are there even any of those yet, other than “Anonymous”? ) you wont have any effect. And to join one absolutely seals your fate if you are caught.
    I have No idea what to do here.


  2. Is this linked to the nation’s so-called “water infrastructure upgrade?” Here in CA, City of Fresno has proven it to be a farce. Residents being killed; properties seized to carry out water scam. Altered records and perjury to cover up water source being secretly re-directed. Death threats for exposing Alan Autry (aka: Bubba Skinner / CA’s “water shortage” spokesman.) Is this where all our water is headed? To the various FEMA camps? Or to the underground bases / bunkers?


  3. Every time I see something like this I am chilled to the bone. It’s not just the camps starting to be stocked up with food, water, bedding, medicine and weapons. What chills me is the amount of body bags some of these camps have.
    It’s frightening but this needs to be out there where the public can see what’s going on. This is all we can do. Each individual will make there own mind up.
    All those worried about this can bring the subject up so it is at least talked about. I dread the day they are used.

    Stay safe


  4. If you haven’t been following David Wilcock’s coverage of the possible end of tyranical governance and the strong possibility that 60% or more of the military are behind the Oath Keepers and ready to arrest treasonous members of government up to the POTUS level, check out this link (especially part 6-7) and also Project Camelot’s interview with “Bill Wood”, and the Livestream interview with “Bill Wood”, David Wilcock, Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy. Download the mp3 audio of this from There are large groups of White Hats ready to defend the Constitution and everything it stands for. It could all be very, very soon. The NDAA can be used to capture and hold the evil ones as well. Their weapon can backfire and blow up in their face.

    May the bright illumination of truth bleach even more hats white.


    • The Mind Of God Is In Us,Then If Enough Of Us Forget Our Fears And Concentrate Our Minds That This Evil Plan,Will Turn On Those Who
      Perpetrate It,Or Those Who Concieved It,Like Zuvrick Said It Will surely Backfire On Them.As A Matter of Fact,I Can say With Confidence
      That I Know Countermeasures are Allready At Work To Stop The NWO Architechs And Their Henchmen Now And Those Preceding.And Will ThemSelvesFind Out Their Own Demise,As They will Find Themselves in Their Own Concentration Camps Which They Had Concieved of In Their Own LittleCorrupt Minds. Psalm 57:6 Describes it Best “They have prepared a net for my steps; My soul is bowed down; They dug a pit before me;
      They themselves have fallen into the midst of it. Selah.”


  5. @JAY->I have been working on this issue for days now. I have run into some of the scariest stuff–My little life, at the same time, does not feel threatened. My struggle for balance on this issue is ongoing. Beyond all else, common sense has to prevail. There are things here that make sense, and things that make no sense at all. We are in the real world. We must then, take all the factors of that world and run them through the common sense mill to see how the ledger sheet develops. In addition, we must allow for what we do not know–things we have no data on, either pro or con. DATA is the key word here..Theories of a religious or other nature are not going to make the cut. We are talking “human behavior” here–

    For example: 1) There is print and TV media on a military exercise going on over Los Angeles- It was reported yesterday and is said to continue today. The official releases all state that these are being done to train the various ‘troops’ both local and us gov military for urban ‘theaters’ of deployment. There has been no further explaination;re;what urban deployment would they be speculating the need for such activity? This leaves the issue open ended and wild conjecture is naturally going to follow.
    The releases also state that other exercises are being Conducted in other cities in the US. These do not appear to be simultanious.

    2)This morning I awoke to Chem Trails across a bright sky. These Chem Trails are happening over the entire country. On Long Island, NY. a whole town has gone to a court to sue for information. That report was made a couple of months ago. No further information on that has come my way.These chem trails have been sampled by what I call, “snooper/sniffer light aircraft that deploys privately and flies underneath the trails – I am guessing this is a non-gov-private group who are making this effort. The results of those samples have consistantly come up with high aluminum content along with a barium element of some kind and other elements which are noted when searching those findings. The question is; Why has this material been deployed since at least the late 1980s? The cost of this effort has to be enormous. Numerous planes are seen which are not commercial passenger jets. The fuel for those planes is very expensive. The cost of the deployed material must also be very expensive. These Chem Trails are also reported in Europe and Canada. I have heard nothing of the southern hemisphere–Mexico and South America but I have read one article coming out of Australia. The theory I have run into in this regard has to do with the high activity on the sun.I have no data on that. There are reports of physical illnesses which are being related to exposure to this Chem Trail fall out but it has been flatly denied by various “authorized” voices who also deny the existance of the Chem Trails themselves.

    3}HAARP – Discussions on THIS weapon/widget include the ability to penetrate the surface of the earth../ produce ELF[low frequency waves] /damage the ionosphere/cause weather anomolies/disrupt brain patterns causing confusion in populations where ever the earth directed energy is deployed/and allow communication below the surface of the ocean for naval submarines. A number of earthquakes have been attributed to HAARP..We will never really know if any of that information is actual data.

    4)Rumors of tunnels being dug with photos to match. These tunnels are said to house enormous living enviornments. Much has been said on this subject conjecturing purpose. It is also said that huge stores of food and other human needs are stored in these tunnels. Photos have been released showing large transport trucks unloading at docks inside these tunnels. Internal transportation systems have also been photographed. It is said a number of these tunnels exist and have been in the process of construction for a long time. Photos have been taken of large numbers of people involved in the construction and maintance of what ever takes place in the tunnels.

    There have been store shelf shortages noted in a couple of areas. One of these is the pharmacy area where hospitals are having trouble getting certain drugs necessary for cure or maintance of certain illnesses. I have seen at least one article on this and I have testimony from a medical student that this is the case. A group of Medical people have suggested going independent of the Pharma industry coorporations to produce an independent supply route..I have only seen one report on this. In the meantime Pharma-corps have stated they are going to produce less of the expensive brands because they are not moving like the cloned brands. humm
    We have noticed a shortage of certain items on store shelves which are commodities always the first to go during pre-rationing times. Butter is the one most important to me. The high priced brand is being replaced by alternative brands which are selling at a high price. In our area, butter is going for 4$ a pound. I am a WW2 kid..This is a red flag for me.

    5)Local police-town/county/state – are carrying more and more militarized weapons and have access to high tech equipment like drones. Traffic areas all over the country are equipped with cameras and there is chatter that other scanning equipment is being installed is spacific areas. The numbers of police has increased..The over reaction to the occupy movement is testimony to the amount of police deployed where there is activity. The use of various “crowd control” weaponry is seen in many of these incidents. That must cost a batch…

    6)SOPA-the legislation intended to mute the computer networking system is a huge issue. I am getting mixed information of this. One says it is passed – another says it is on hold. I got an announcement from ANNOMOUS a few days ago that I posted on FB immediatly and it was gone by evening. No surprises there…At the same time Mr. Assange’ of Wikileaks fame is doing a number of TV appearances..His situation is being light blasted for full visibility to the public. I call that the armor of visibility.

    7)The world economy is rocking and rolling. China is running neck and neck with the US for top Place/dog of the world economies. The URO as discussed in the US is quickly becoming unstable. And if you have been following the Wilcox/Fulford reports, wierd things are happening with the worlds gold supply. At the same time, while the US is visably tightening its belt by pulling troops out of Europe and other places while talking about a smaller and more efficient army, China has a surplus of males to the degree that men there are fighting to find a female mate. The same applies in India where the male population is growing faster than ever before. All of this is claimed to be the result of families believing daughters are an expense they cannot afford and so forth. So we have a lot of males who would make a great expendable army were there ever a need to have one.

    8)While war drums continue to beat in the middle east, we are hearing from high ranking military folks here that Iran does not have nukes but Syria has got to have a change of government. We have ships there but we are not directly involved on the ground. The arab league has involved itself as a conduit to the UN and Turkey is furious. Isreal looks as if it has some action going on behind the scenes in regard to a number of things and the US has drone fly over problems at the diplomatic level. All eyes world wide are on this snarl. interesting.

    9)In space we have all manner of things going on. The sun is acting out. The planets are heating up. There are near orbit astroids flying by. There is a planet Nasa finally admitted to doing an eliptic orbit right into the middle of our solar system. As all of this business goes on, we are having an acknowledged magnetic pole shift of major proportions. OH MY!

    10)And now – TO THE FEMA CAMPS WE GO. First and foremost, I argue with the google map I have seen. Some one is mixing apples with oranges here..the data is incorrect I am quite sure. This is not to say there have not been areas set aside for some purpose but I would argue with both the location of many of those noted as well as the types of areas noted. In addition I need for the reader here to think about the scenerio and the enormity of the effort required to deal with rounding up a bunch of non-involved citizens into these “pens”. The number of personel required is beyond practical application based on the information we now have. Rounding folks up for any reason is not practical simply because of the economic impact that would have. On the other hand, if there are large areas affected by enviornmental breakdown/earthquakes/floods and the like, there has to be a place for these folks to go. That would address the effects of something happening in the solar system that has a broad effect on the entire nation. If it is some kind of nuclear exchange or invasion, that speaks for itself. Lots of people dislodged and on the move to safer places. In addition, there would have to be holding areas were there an invading army.

    It is not probable that a nation would shoot itself in the chest by eliminating its population. Germany did this and it is clear to everyone what the results were. They lost their best and their brightest to start with. They murdered millions of people of every required an elaborate network -The records are very clear. They did attack spacific folks within their own borders for racial/health/religious and other reasons but they left their general population alone–deaf-dumb-and blind- but alone. They squandered their youth and made slaves of those they conquered but the
    villages, towns, cities, of Germany proper went about their business of working for the state on small rations for the “cause”. It is not logical to destroy that which keeps the economy going.

    So, I am going to go with the concept that someone knows something and has know it for a long time. What has been done has taken time. The legislation has indicated that this internal “repression” has long been developed and worked on. The chem trails indicate something “up there”. It has been said the high aluminum content is to misdirect missle fire–I have some doubts on that but I am not a military expert by any means. HAARP too indicates something “up there” –and “down there” . One can only guess. As a war tool it indicates a “star wars” scenerio.

    It would seem to me the prime objective in this discussion should be, as indicated in the doubt of some who have written here…varify location. In my thinking, the other effort should be an extrapolation of possible scenerios which would lead to this kind of population/roundup control. After that, in the worst scenerio concept, for the safety of home and family, prepare for any eventuality. Go back and read the legislation that has brought this activity into being. The is clearly a long term plan in both creation and manifestation. There are many possibles and many impossibles. Get involved with the idea of finding the MOTIVATION for this kind of deployment. Are we preparing for a war with lots of invading troops? Are we preparing for a nuclear exchange? Are we preparing for a catastrophic enviornmental event? Is the nation preparing for a civil war?

    In any case, there is no where to hide so my suggestion is, look this straight in the eye. “Yes sir, no excuse sir, it is done, sir.” Oh, and, while you are at it, take a look at the Edgar Cayce writings. He was right on in several areas, ,mostly geology. He talks about how an area is going to open up from the tip of Lake Michigan down the Mississippi and into the Gulf, dividing the land mas of the US in half. Notice on the google map how many sites are indicated in the middle west, some of them directly in the area Cayce indicated. So, either someone did not do their homework or, well who knows. We have some mega bases in these areas as well. If anyone who read this is from the middle west and has the time and ability to follow the pins on the map in that area…Oh, please, do, let us know what you have found. Thanks. Sincerly, Marina-10:32am/est-1/31/12-usa


    • MARINA.
      That was a brilliant post.
      On the subject of depopulating.
      Too much population is to hard to control.
      Fema camps will be Used to catagorise people by thier potential and usefulness. Those whom do not have the skill set or what ever is on thier lists will be segregated and moved off to different area’s (*Cough Crematoriums *Cough.)
      War and world tension will Likely be started and be present at the time of the galactic alignment, because the shadow powers behind the scenes NEED for the majority of the population on the planet to feel fear and anger at this time, so they can effect certain out comes in dimensional shifting that will occur.
      Yes, I know This particular aspect is a little more advanced than most conspiracy theorists have researched up to and come to understand, but I assure you it exists, and is in great part, Paramount to thier over all plan.
      Our conscious minds dictate our realities on this physical plane.
      The power of our thoughts and emotions unified have incredible energy and power.
      You can FEEL the effects of this sort of mental emotional surge and union during things like, Rock concerts, mass prayer or religious gatherings and more. You can literally Feel it.
      The power of Prayer it self is a part of this phenomenon.
      And the powers that Be want us all in a state of anger and fear, Lowering our harmonic wave lengths so as to direct a certain outcome during this 2012 conjunction.
      As Much as you need supplies and preparation, you also need meditation and prayer. (Prayer-not nessessarily to a god or religeon)
      My own Prayer is to the benevolent forces that watch over us from other worlds.
      I hope this messege rings a little bell of truth with whom ever reads it, and can influence thier thoughts in time.


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  7. VARA, this sentence u put towards the end of ur post suddenly hit me fairly hard. – ‘As Much as you need supplies and preparation, you also need meditation and prayer.’ For an odd reason to myself i have recently been wanting to meditate where as before its something i have never thought about let alone even considered doing but i suddenly want to meditate but i don’t know why, but after reading these posts on here and listening to the 3 hour long interview (twice) it kinda makes a little sense to me, and also a site i came across called which is interesting.




    • Dan. I must admit, I didnt even know that one was out there, but I am not at all surprised.
      There is a call in the air that some people can feel and sense, and others are yet to bogged down to notice.
      I cannot say from where it originates, but it is growing stronger. Its a pull, a tug, a yearning. Many do not recognize it right off, or cant identify what it is trying to direct them to.
      It can be felt at peaceful times when relaxed, during quiet moments of introspection, and often when one wakes up from a good dream.
      There’s some thing I should do… its got meaning and purpose,… but what the hell is it…? is a common beginning reaction.
      The higher ones vibration the more it can be felt. Anger and fear lower ones vibration. frustration, paranoia, lower it.
      Those that are bogged down in the negative, fear mongering, whom dwell on the negatives life has hit them with incessantly, push the call away, lower thier vibration, and perpetuate the negativity.
      I my self am No angel. I have a Long LONG way to go.
      But I WILL my self to be open. To be vulnerable and at peace.
      and…. to be patient.
      You have heard the call Dan. Find out where it takes you.
      the word Rapture has many meanings.