UFOs Spotted in Dublin, Georgia – Jan 27, 2012


UFOs Spotted in Dublin, Georgia – Jan 27, 2012

The number of sightings has increased as of late in the Middle Georgia area especially around Highway 441 in Dublin.

Earlier this week Rodney Crosslin and his brother Scott were in his front yard when they say they saw what at first they thought was a plane.

“Three lights appear over here above the tree line over here then they dropped off and appeared three lights over here above the house where the power lines are and then from there they shot back to the right where they went into about two or three different patterns.”

With Robins Air Force Base so nearby its hard to rule out experimental aircraft, but Crosslin says it certainly wasn’t anything conventional.

Source and author: newscentralga.com *   (youtube) UFOs

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  1. On the night of Jan. 18 a few minutes past 8pm i was standing on my front porch having a cigarette when on of these just popped on like a light bulb right in front of me. It moved to my right, stopped, then dropped about 500 ft., stopped again, then took off to the southeast at a very high speed. I watched it go higher and farther until it disappeared into space. It’s was something that i’ll never forget. I study the writings of Sitchin, and others but never had witnessed anything out of the ordinary and i spent 22 years traveling the US and have been everywhere you can go in America. Who would have ever thought that i’d see something that amazing in Louisiana (Morehouse Parish) !