Amazing UFO filmed above the ‘Wadden’ Sea, The Netherlands


Last year October 23,  A camera crew from Dutch TV station VPRO filmed a UFO  above the ‘Wadden’ Sea, The Netherlands.

Keep in mind that the camera can zoom in, so the speed with which this UFO flies, can be misleading.

The camera crew has no idea what this may be, a weather balloon, a bird, a drone?

Any idea?

Source and author: (youtube) ufo


6 responses to “Amazing UFO filmed above the ‘Wadden’ Sea, The Netherlands

  1. it was a test flight of a drone.


  2. Stella H Howell

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  3. I read a popular science article a while back and Japan invented a really weird round helicopter that was remote controlled, and this looks a lot like what was in the article.


  4. This did not appear to be moving at all – the recording camera in the plane / helicopter seemed to be the apparent source of motion.

    It looks like one of those inflatable kids toys to me – remember the radio controlled inflatable helium filled sharks that were popular at Christmas?

    Plenty of those got away and floated around quite high.


  5. Well what ever it is its this world and not the outerspace and look very close it as a fin on the back you afto realise that militery have to test what they have as they carnt do it in a carpark.


  6. I really want to believe in life in other places and of other kinds – why has there never been any CONCLUSIVE evidence we can all share?? – and then say “Now, we have to believe