Huge Fireball Over Tokyo on February 2, 2012 – Multiple Camera Angles!


The first video shows a Huge Fireball Over Tokyo on February 2, 2012 – Multiple Camera Angles!

The second (new) video shows The Texas Fireball : “Capital Media were filming the Nemotoads for BalconyTV Austin at Joe’s Crabshack on Riverside Dr. in Austin when there was a strange light in the sky…..”

A second large fireball was seen last night, Feb 3, 2012 around 22:15 EST over Maryland and Virginia. Many reports out of D.C. No footage yet.and a Meteor Fireball was seen over Western Australia, February 5, 2012, No footage yet. For the latest on fireball / meteor sightings check out:

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Source and author: lunarmeteoritehunters  (youtube) fireball



4 responses to “Huge Fireball Over Tokyo on February 2, 2012 – Multiple Camera Angles!

  1. 2nd could just be plane, but 1st one, hm, earth’s trojan asteroid IS quite close, hasn’t perchance started shedding ice blocks, coz if so, y’all wanna hope it’s ensuing la grange point trajectory anomolies just make it swoop y’all again & not “roll&tumble” ala babylon and atlantis etc, still, at least y’all got cameras this time, be too much footage for sasanach 1%ers to destroy with burning pillage this time, ps, that lump ov hydrogen ice it shed over tunguska a while ago, hm, “umbrellas any1” Beware the Blue Ice…..🙂


  2. Incredible unidentified flying object, although you can not see the video speaks for itself


  3. I want to know what the flaming object in the sky was just northwest of Tucson that left a contrail from the northwest went over just about Gates Pass where it twists at least a couple of times. I did not see the flaming object, but kold news 13 near the end of there 10:00 p.m. broadcast mentioned that alot of people had called in reporting that they had seen a flaming object streak across the sky. Also people reported hearing explosions and smelling an odd burning metal smell. I saw the contrail it had left in the sky and could still smell it very heavy when me mom told me to go look outside. This all happened sometime just after 9:00 p.m. on Feb. 6th 2012. Lets find out!


  4. I just saw another one in nw tucson it looked like a giant fireball i thought maybe it was a comet idk it was just weird