Creepy! Scary Face Behind the Sofa

Demon Behind the Sofa!!

It could just be a trick of the light. But the terrifying face in this picture could be something more sinister.

At first glance, there is nothing untoward and the image has divided the internet between the people who can see it, and those who cannot.

It’s possible that it was actually created f.e. using Photoshop?

However it was made, it is hard to look away or get the image out of your head.



If you’re still struggling to spot it look to the left of the picture, underneath the cushion on the plain brown sofa.

Source and author: dailymail demon


11 responses to “Creepy! Scary Face Behind the Sofa

  1. Unfortunately another hoax, if you play with the contrast/brightness you can see distortions where the image has been added, don’t you just love photoshop… or GIMP!


  2. you do realise that this is photoshopped in, it has appeared all over the net in shock pictures, a little research before posting if you please


  3. It is very known sofa demon/alien type who is, among other things, responsible for theft of yours car keys and placing it on another spot in apartment😉


  4. I have 2 such faces—one in the window of my front entrance and the other down the hallway a bit..Each wears a hat..and has sun glasses..the glasses are manditory since ET spends most of their time without sunlight..My window face is wearing a santa celebrate Xmas year round as a token to our earthling need for such events..and the other is wearing a “cat in the hat” style topper on which there are black bands with ET faces on them. Those who enter my home do not seem to pay mind to these characters until they get into the kitchen and see the 2 ET magnet heads on my refrigerator which, when pushed, announce…”TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER”. Few if any are able to pass them without giving a push just to hear the tinny , mechanical voices…

    My grandchildren love this touch. They are much less “appauled” at the “silliness” of these decorations. Certainly, thus far with the exception of one, no one is SCARED. The one who was set back a bit until he got used to them is the educated farm hand from across the street who quietly confessed to me that, “They give me the creeps.”

    My ET friends are all green. This photo show a brown such head of exactly the same plastic rigidity, slightly tipped in just the right position to scare the begeebers out of the unsuspecting observer. I am thrilled to see someone else has a sense of humor..That is what is missing in this entire ET discussion. If we do not keep our sense of humor, we are lost for sure.

    Thanks for this photo…Sincerly, Marina


    • This kind of “humor” is very sick. There are those out there who really are plagued by demons/ETs and for them it’s no laughing matter. And for those of us who are laughing now, the situation may look very different very soon!


  5. I always take pictures of the pillows on my sofa…don’t you guys?!


  6. Stella H Howell

    Though this appears to be a hoax, nevertheless, there are evil spirits around us. With some individuals the evil spirits are wthin one. This is not an issue, if once you are aware, you wish to purify oneself. We all learn.
    As our consciousness develops, so do our thoughts, words and actions.


  7. I am a very serious student of the ET phenomena. I am what is known in the present lexicon as “an experiencer”. Back in the day – in the early 80s – I had my first slight awakening to this phenomena. At that time, there were no public references to the ever present “others”. At the same time, ever in the back ground, there was this “silliness” of the reference to UFOSs. It was not until after 1986 or so that I was slammed by the full extent of my personal experiences. By the 90s, I was a wreck – completely thrown off balance by much overt activity in my personal life. As I worked my way through that, I became very pragmatic, boots on the ground, what is/is, on this issue.

    I attribute that ‘grounding’ as much to my never ending curiosity as to the ETS themselves. As it was with Barny Hill [as in the Betty and Barny Hill case -see book] I set about reading everything I could get my hands on. I was determined to get past mid-evil superstion and fear. This is a physical planet we are living on, there fore, it seemed to me that what I was experiencing was in the physical realm and thus was tied tightly into science, both discovered and not yet discovered. Iconic belief systems have no place in my research since they represent human implanted belief systems. These events I was experiencing had no relationship to any pre-concieved concepts.

    In all of that, the one tool I managed to put together to off set the helplessness I was feeling, was humor. This humor does not discount the serious nature of these ‘visitations’. Rather, it confronts the realiety that, some how, I am, on a 24/7 basis, sharing my world with something I absolutely cannot see. I decided it was my job to find any physical indications I could as a varification of this surrounding existance.

    Boy oh boy! Did I find them–It is very important to turn to philosophic thinking where ever it applies.

    The novel, DUNE, by Frank Herbert [also a movie] has a quote in it that reads….”I must not fear – fear is a mind killer-fear is the little death that brings total obliveration – I will face my fear – I will permit it to pass over me and through me – And, when it has gone past, I will turn the inner eye to see its path – Where fear has gone, there will be nothing – only I will remain.”

    Thus it is, when I walk into my front door, I tip my mental hat to my green guy staring back at me through his sun glasses. Then I say hello to which ever cat is perched nearby, standing guard with his stead fast green friend. When something disappears, I understand the blank place in my mind with a passing recognition that I may have lost some time again. When a book falls off the shelf onto my foot, I look over my shoulder to acknowledge the possible presence which may exist, with the understanding that a suggestion is being made…and I smile. How silly.

    Do I know who I am dealing with? No..actually I don’t. Have I seen anything I can report?–Yes, but it is couched in silence and invisibility to such a degree that it defies knowing or description. All I know is, I am75 now–still here. And so, I take my every day as a new adventure, interested still, curious forever and when I have done what I apparently have been mandated to do, I will be finnished with this part of this life trip.

    One thing is certain–once awareness of the “others” dawns – There is no going back. Life will never be “the same”. I highly recommend those who are having “experiences” to confront their fear and step away from the fear mongers—of whom there are many, in many disguises. I am quite sure at this point, there is a “trick” there–a test, if you will…Have faith in your own ability to know the difference between right from wrong and stand by that..that is your “life boat”–and what ever you do, hang on to your personal sense of humor, being mindful of unintended cruelty and mockery so often passed off as such. Sincerly, Marina-8:24est/2/9/12-usa


  8. do love that photo tickles the human mind what on earth is that face doing there?,for the ordinary person not so obvious for me that works with digital imaging beautiful imaging,nice keep them coming


  9. After a Saturday all nghter of drinking and partying, I admit to looking very scary indeed in the early AM. I could give that photo a run for its money.
    Especially New Years morning.


  10. It’s a painting behind the couch, not a Photoshop, lol. If you pay attention to the coloring and the texture, it reminisces of the 70’s painting of a fruit dish colors, mixed with the over saturation of 1980’s colors as evidenced in the eyes taken to a gothic/ state by the artist.