Power Substation Emits Eerie Glow Over Moscow – Feb 6, 2012


Power Substation Emits Eerie Glow Over Moscow – Feb 6, 2012

“It looks like a scene from an apocalyptic film — the night sky illuminated by a massive ball of light as John Lennon’s song “Imagine” plays on the radio.
The video, recorded on a dashboard camera in the Moscow region of Russia, shows the moment an electrical substation exploded in front of drivers on a busy highway.

Cars are seen hitting the brakes on Vitebsk Avenue as the bright light fills the sky several times, before suddenly fading back to darkness.

The street lights also black out during the blast, adding to the ominous atmosphere.

The explosion was caused by an equipment failure yesterday morning, Russian news website Fontanka.ru reported.

The local fire brigade is reportedly still battling to extinguish a fire sparked during the blast.

Russian electricity firm Lenenergo said their technicians were working to restore power to the area.

There were no reports of anyone hurt during the blast.”

Source and author:  * news.msn.co.nz Eerie

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  1. Why is this post HERE it just a freaking transformer at a power substation!!! (Nothing new Nothing unusual ) or evening remotely Weird. Up loader must be a relative of the Infamous “Terral03” who by the way should never show his panicky face again lest comet Elenin returns….LOL