Strange Clouds Form Over Panama City Beach, Florida (Condo Fog) – Feb 5, 2012


Strange Clouds Form Over Panama City Beach, Florida (Condo Fog) – Feb 5, 2012

“A tidal wave of cotton filling? Some ghostly aerodynamics? A photo of mysterious cloud formations in Panama City Beach, Florida, has the weather world buzzing.

Pilot JR Hott of Panhandle Helicopters snapped the spectacular shot, which shows low-lying clouds streaming ominously over high-rise buildings standing sentinel against the Gulf of Mexico.

The retired Navy diver, who has owned Panhandle for three and a half years, said he had no idea when he snapped the photo it would demand worldwide attention from the likes of CNN.

“I took and I thought it was really cool, so I put it on Facebook,” Hott said, attributing the phenomenon to orographic lift — something usually seen with fog on mountains. “We see it a few times a year, and it can happen in a minute.”

According to the Weather Channel’s Dr. Greg Forbes, it’s just a matter of, well, weather.

“The relative humidity must have been very high just offshore, almost ready for fog to form anyway,” said Dr. Forbes. “Because the clouds form so low down, and then they really get thick, almost obscuring the high-rises.

“The other thing that’s happening is with friction, the air slows down as it just begins to move onshore. That gives it a little extra convergence and an upward forcing of the air to rise. But it must be that relative humidity needing to be just right that…explains why we don’t see this kind of a picture every day.”

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5 responses to “Strange Clouds Form Over Panama City Beach, Florida (Condo Fog) – Feb 5, 2012

  1. weird ! a sign for upcoming event !? just speculating , but too many weird things going on … Earth Changes ! We know that a huge tsunami can happen anytime on Atlantic coming from Canary islands if the wrong volcano blow up and fall to the ocean , and others catastrophic events such New Madrid and St Andreas fault line come to high movement , what expect to maybe happen in 20 to 100 years with all crazy instability on Earth’s magnetic field ( CORE ) the mass animal deaths , quakes , volcanoes , extreme weather phenomena it’s all connected , from 2007 and then 2010/11 & 2012 following the Speed of all disasters 20/100 years have no place on the table , time now become secondary cause the instability on Earth , every major natural disaster that can happen and predicate by theory in statistic in time back last events a the same proportion lost the effect , it’s like if this mega event was a time bomb with a predicate circle and changed by a wave bomb , that can be trigger by vibration on surround , and it’s what it’s going on here , on planet Earth , it’s vabrating , humbling … instable , can trigger a mega disaster anytime .. anywhere …be aware … be prepared .


  2. Could this be a precursor of what’s to come, a massive tsunami maybe?


  3. These may be similar to the clouds new Birmingham Alabama last year. Those clouds are called Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds and look somewhat similar to these here in the video near Florida. This is definitely a difference of pressure and temperatures creating this cloud condensation. The question is what is causing this intense difference in pressure and temperatures?


  4. Be Alert Around Either 3/1/12 Or 3/11/12
    Especially Those On The East Coast,Some Major
    Disaster Natural Or (Man made Haarp?) Is Prone To Happen On One Of Those Days.Some Of The Illuminati
    Already Know.They Even Sent Me A Coded Message.