2011 Earthquakes Worldwide (plotted, animated and with sound intensity)


This is truly profound to see — the year of 2011 earthquakes plotted out on a orthographic (globe) map.

This map shows magnitude 4.5 and greater


Source and author: monoroch.net *   *   earthquakes


3 responses to “2011 Earthquakes Worldwide (plotted, animated and with sound intensity)

  1. This is one of the best data pieces I have seen on this subject…THANKS! I posted it on FB…From another source yesterday but I am very glad to have it here. That Japanese thing is absolutely amazing! It was so shallow but it never went away. Having lived in CA, San Diego, I have exerienced the “mushy ground” feeling when walking that I imagian the Japanese must experience all the time. It is almost like walking on a trapoline. It has to do with the make up of the soil..In our case..sand..I noticed also that the Madris fault in the center of the US had a blip but the rest of the country seemed pretty solid…and yet, we experienced a 3.5 here on the east coast last year in Virginia…We are suspicious of HAARP…at least those of us who are aware of HARRP. I hope this research group is doing the same thing for this year..I think this is going to get more and more intense…Sincerly, marina-2:o6pm-est-usa


  2. This is by no means accurate. Christchurch NZ had 22 aftershocks over magnitude 4.5 within 17 hours of the 22nd Feb 2011 6.3 EQ. And has had 73 over 4.5 to date (And Counting).
    And since Sep 2010 we have had 118 over 4.5 and we have experienced 9896 aftershocks since Sep 2010
    INFO Source http://magma.geonet.org.nz/resources/quakesearch/


  3. The general population is being kept in the dark over the actual correct amount of seismic activity going on. They down ground earthquakes all the time.
    Any information is welcome.
    The indo-australian plate is one to watch.
    NZ is a place to worry about.

    Stay Safe