Space Weather and its implications for Planet Earth


For a long time we believed that we lived in a gravity driven universe. We do not, according to Susan Joy Rennison and many other in the meantime, we live in an Electromagnetic Universe.

At this time thousands of scientists are studying the behavior of the Sun to predict Space Weather. Plasma and particle bursts can disrupt and have disrupted satellites, high frequency radio communications, GPS, power grids etc. and more is coming looking at the rather turbulent life our Sun is presently leading.

Susan Joy Rennison will discuss the latest press releases from NASA and ESA and other books and articles published since she wrote her book Tuning the Diamonds in 2006. Since then many of her ideas became reality as Space Weather is becoming more and more an issue in everyday life.

Susan Joy Rennison gave a lecture on this subject in the lecture hall of the university  (TU) Delft, The Netherlands

Watch the lecture  on this subject at Collegerama van TU Delft

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2 responses to “Space Weather and its implications for Planet Earth

  1. In defined true a Earth Issue .


  2. Thanks for the link John Doe.
    It is most certainly a worry with our magnetosphere weakening more often.
    Magnetosphere weakening and sun becoming more active. hmmmm.
    The thing is why is this happening to our magnetosphere? What damage will this cause to our planet?
    I have noticed at times we even lose our south magnetic pole for awhile.
    Also as the magnetosphere tightens around the planet, like it’s squeezing it, there seems to be not long after wards (give a day maybe) higher magnitude quakes.

    The above lecture is worth taking a look at.

    Stay Safe