Whitney Houston victim of the pharmaceutical industry

Whitney Houston victim of the pharmaceutical industry!

Whitney Houston

The regretful passing of an American entertainment icon Whitney Houston  marks yet another sad milestone in the devastating body count of the prescription drug industry. TMZ is now reporting that Whitney Houston was found not with illegal drugs, but prescription drugs that may have killed her or caused her to drown in the bathtub.

Houston had “a plethora of sedatives including Lorazepam, Valium, Xanax, and a sleeping medication that was found in her hotel room. The prescription drugs were officially taken into custody by the Beverly Hills Police Department

Houston’s family members said she was taking Xanax, a powerful psychtropic drug. Xanax is widely promoted throughout that DSM-IV, the “bible” of modern psychiatry. Mind-altering drugs are known to cause erratic behavior and suicidal thoughts.

Although Xanax is not an SSRI drug, its side effects include:

Rage and hostility
Twitches and tremors
Mania, agitation

An overdose of Xanax may cause:


A bizarre appearance just two evenings before:

Whitney Houston seemed “wasted” and “moody” as she exited the club past midnight, according to a witness. “She reacted angrily to the security guards trying to get her into her car…and started cussing them out.”

Although the superstar smiled when fans approached her for autographs, “she would get moody again in a split second,” the observer says. “It was sad because her fans noticed that she was really shaky as she left the venue. She definitely was not in control of herself.” 

This is the behavior of a person who is using either prescription psychiatric drugs or recreational drugs (or perhaps both in combination). That this was observed with Houston on multiple occasions is very strong evidence that these drugs were altering her brain function and thereby radically altering her personality and behavior.

In 2008 Heath Ledger was killed killed by prescription medications and remember, Prescription drugs kill over 200,000 Americans every year, even when taken as directed and not abused!

Whitney Houston is just one of countless Americans who are victims of Big Pharma, an industry that cares far more about corporate profits than it does about the lives of real people.

This video exposes the fact that her tragic death, like those of Elvis and Michael Jackson, could have been avoided.

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7 responses to “Whitney Houston victim of the pharmaceutical industry

  1. It is utterly and morally despicable that society permits MD’s (er, Medical Deities) to LEGALLY peddle deadly, dangerous drugs with only their signature, while the FDA, who should be protecting people from such ills, wastes taxpayer money raiding health food stores, bearing weapons mind you, to prevent them from selling unpasteurized (raw) milk. 2012 is the year to correct all such errors, so put this on the To-Do agenda as the NWO and Khazarian Banksters reach the end of their cute heyday. Mayday, Mayday! SOS (Save our Sanity).


  2. Okay Whitney may be an Icon but these past years, like we all know, she was totally a mess. So maybe the prescription has been wrong but I suggest another thing, when someone doesn’t care about herself, like she did, abuse is present. Whatever if it is drug, piles, alcool, a person is responsible in a certain point of his life.

    So for my part, I really don’t care about her, she was mean with alot of people, got success but too stupid to manage a serious life. In fact, she was another victim of her popularity. It is quite strange in fact when we can consider her an Has-Been, having some pity with all the success she had, all the money she had and all the great possibilities in life that not a 1 of 1000 people can have. WASTED !!!


  3. Who is on the UK Parliament – Science & Technology Select Committee?
    Could it be the same as shown on this link?
    The last pages on this link are of great concern.
    I request all those who have had time to glance at this to respond to
    consultations on Intellectual Property. It is vital that we do so immediately or else they will be successful in controlling the entire global population through sensors also force vaccinations, medication …..


  4. Umm, im not really into celebs of any type. i find the hype repulsive. In saying that i would like to nominate Whitney Houston for a Darwin Award. People ultimately are responsible for the actions/inactions. Those closest to people with certain ‘difficulties’ must also , within their capacity, assume some responsibilty. Look after one another. Peace Love Eternity, daian.


  5. Xanax is a very dangerous drug !! I have personally known several people who have died from Xanax, either in conjunction with alcohol or other drugs, especially methadone, VERY DANGEROUS !! Even by itself Zanax can stop your breathing, it should be taken off the market.


  6. yes it is sad with stardom come the endless problems and prescription drugs are killers if taken with alkohol,or even with other drugs


  7. Rest in peace Nippy.