Sokoto Nigeria Sheep Gives Birth To Half Human Creature 2012

Sheep Gives Birth To Half Human Creature

Residents of Sokoto metropolis Nigeria are yet to come to terms with the unbelievable incident that occcurred on January 22. That was when a sheep gave birth to a monstrous being at a government owned veterinary clinic in the Sokoto State capital.

The news suddenly came into town at about 5pm that a monster- human-like creature had been discovered in a sheep’s womb during an operation carried out by some veterinary surgeons in the state.


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The scene which took place at Fakon Idi Veterinary Clinic, drew thousands of onlookers that trooped out from different parts of the metropolis to catch a glance of the strange being.

The locals are claiming witchcraft or beastiality was at work while more reasonable answers like birth complications have come from officials.

Dr. Dahiru Sani who was one of the surgeons that carried out the operation on the controversial sheep said infections such as German measles, excess drugs and radiation could cause such abnormalities in animal pregnancy.

A sheep was born in Turkey in 2010 with human-like features.


And in the remote South American village of rural Santa Cruz El Chol. Guatemala, August 2011: A piglet born with Human head


Piglet born with Human head in Guatemala! August 2011 video

The Huffington Post points out that people have been quick to jump to conclusions with abnormally shaped animals before.

Dr. Dahiru Sani: “every layman would believe that such a picture is a human-like animal, but in science, it is just a condition that caused the incident.”

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7 responses to “Sokoto Nigeria Sheep Gives Birth To Half Human Creature 2012

  1. Stella H Howell

    This is what medical & other scientists have deliberatly created.
    The next stage is they will convince the foolish that human genes and animal are the same. For this reason those who inject with insulin, are most probably unaware that it is made from Pig (as in the animal).
    This applies to your food when it is GMO/transgenic/Genomic it has animal genes hence there is no such thing as vegetarian/vegan unless…..
    NOTHING that you have been led to believe in ANY context is true.
    Research areas of your interest and you will find the TRUTH.
    Voice your opinion direct to Government in your country. Search for E-Petitions as a start – get involved in consultations instead of making excuses that you do not have time.
    Do you have time to get sick?
    Do you have time to DIE???
    Peace not PIECES!!


  2. LOOKS LIKE GENETIC MEDDLING TO ME–What better places to fiddle with this business than out of the way labs..So, what does it take to fiddle with the DNA of living creatures. If they don’t have the equipment there, perhaps they imported it without knowing…or then, perhaps it was done by some unseen source…Boy, could I build a conspiracy theory out of this one.

    That said, Have I ever told you how infuriated I become with the disregard for living organisms? Don’t ask…Marina–9:33am-2/15/12-usa


  3. It looks to me like aliens are coming down to earth to have sex with our animals


  4. @IsItRe,then you presume that space alien’s must be negriod! Have you met an alien??.Get real and get a life.It’s beastality and not anything else!


  5. I am not a biologist, but it is my understanding that humans cannot mate with sheep. Do a little research.


  6. I take it that “IsItReal” left that comment as a joke.. dont jump to conclusions.


  7. comfortNweke

    This is more likely to be a monster which is often seen as an abnormality i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ pregnancy due to congenital defects and not some issue of witchcraft.