Surviving 2012


Surviving 2012

No one is predicting 2012 to be an uplifting year, economically. All major financial analysts predict stagnation at best, while others warn of likely doom and gloom as the dollar continues to become less desirable around the world.

In 2010, China and Russia agreed to stop trading together in dollars and Japan agreed to do the same with China just last week. Moves like that coming from these major economic players only can spell doom for those who rely on the strength of the dollar.

With commodities like food and oil still trading in weakening dollars, it puts further pressure on the soaring prices of these essentials. All signs seem to indicate that the cost of living in dollar-based economies will likely rise dramatically in 2012 as well.

Additionally, just as Western populations find themselves broke and without jobs, their governments are also on the brink of bankruptcy and are reducing domestic spending, while continuing to print endless gobs of money for fraudulent banks and endless wars. The notion of reversing this trend is not promising.

A quick overview (video) of the Top Ten things to consider in preparing for Surviving 2012.

Complete documentation of the 10 things to do in 2012 at activistpost

Not only the economic recession plays a role on the world stage, also the threat of a major war is very real.

The United States has recently intensified its war rhetoric against Iran to put more pressure on the country and stop its peaceful nuclear program. The threats come following the failure of US-led sanctions against Tehran.

US President Barack Obama has repeatedly threatened that all options are on the table regarding Tehran, including a military attack against nuclear facilities.

In an address in January, President Obama said that “America is determined to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, and I will take no options off the table to achieve that goal.”

Meanwhile, Washington is increasing its military equipment and forces in the Persian Gulf. The oldest American aircraft carrier USS Enterprise is set to join two other US strike groups in the Persian Gulf by March.

Several sources have indicated that the U.S. under the influence of Israel probably wants to perform a false flag attack on the USS Enterprise and put the blame on Iran will try to shift.

The USS Enterprise -perhaps one of the most well-known aircraft carriers in modern naval history- is scheduled to be decommissioned in one year. Nevertheless, it is still being deployed to the Persian Gulf, which has caused a lot of speculation about how the U.S. Government might provoke an attack (whether real or manufactured) to sink it and blame Iran to start a war.

How real is the possibility of a false flag attack on the USS Enterprise?

A navy combat veteran who served in the Persian Gulf provides his perspective…and the Possible scenarios for the false flag attack on the USS Enterprise…read full article at

All signs seem to indicate that we on the brink of war and with the stagnation of the economy …history will repeats itself.

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    Now here is something well presented and factual and true. Hidden agendas of the past now surfacing like dark spectra’s of our dark past history, and how we get things done !
    What an absolute “Crappy” society we live in ! Set up an Enemy, make them the fall guys, and use them to get the bad world economy going again, while manufacturing products for the War Machine… Bravo here we go into the next economical revival. Hell I wish the Aliens could kick some BUTS !


  2. I just got word that Vladimire Putin was arrested on fraud and conspiracy–Is this true! How can this be true? At this time there is nothing in the media here–I am astonished! Please varify or tell me it is a hoax–this is a big piece of the puzzle—stay watchful–marina-10:34am- est-2/15/12-usa


  3. Daniel Gilfry

    And finally the Jews get to get to do what they came here to do – destroy OUR planet!
    They wrote about this day and world war 3
    back in 1897, in the Jew Protocols.
    Nobody has tried to stop them.
    Quite the opposite, we have given them our planet
    and let them turn it into dog shit.

    We deserve what we get!


  4. During a pole shift the sky collapse, because the earth abruptly stop rotation. The Iron Nucleus stops first and the magnetic field equals ZERO. The crust has momentum and moves setting up all volcanoes as it stops too. The earthquakes up to 20 scale Righter are common. The atmosphere can’t stop immediately so 500 miles per hour winds are common too. For 3 days the earth doesn’t move, so will be 3 long nights or 3 long days. The sun radiations kill everything at illuminated area. As earth start moving the sky is covered with dust and H2SO4 from volcanoes, and there will be 3 years only winter. This happens in the past and will happen again. Only a couple of thousands survived inside underground caves with springs of water inside. After the first week, survived only those located to equator area, with water beads to get some seafood.


    • Correct…pole shift….momentum…earth crust movement…earthquakes…tsunamis/eruptions..atlantis like events.


  5. Daniel, the so called “protocols” have been proven fraudulent. They are not true. Seriously, with all the ethnic groups that kill each other on a daily basis, you are going to blame the Jews? Get serious.