Dedicated to Revelations of the mayans 2012 and beyond coming Disclosure


Dedicated to Revelations of the mayans 2012 and beyond coming Disclosure (video)


Hundreds of military and government agency witnesses have come forward with testimony confirming this extraterrestrial presence.
If extraterrestrials influenced human history, can evidence of their existence be found in hidden tunnels and caverns around the world?

Could a cave in Ecuador contain metallic books inscribed with secrets of alien technology? Was an ancient underground city in Turkey built with alien help… or as a refuge from an alien attack?

Rumors of the U.S. military working alongside aliens in a secret base inside a mesa in New Mexico continue to swirl, Native American legends mention strange inner-Earth beings, and recent archaeological discoveries in the Yucatan may point to an extraterrestrial reality behind.

An underwater Maya city, a millennia-old landing pad once used for spacecraft, and human contact with extraterrestrials.


These may sound like the makings of a blockbuster Hollywood film, but they’re actually the alleged discoveries behind a new documentary Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond. Release date has been set for August 2012.

Los Angeles-based producer Raul Julia-Levy, the son of late actor Raul Julia, is billing the movie as a game-changer.

“It is the most important archaeological finding in the history of mankind,” he says. “It’s going to open the eyes of humanity and elevate the consciousness of every human being on the planet. I guarantee it.”

Revelations is set to begin production next month deep in the jungles of Mexico’s Gulf coast state of Campeche, at the Maya ruins of Calakmul. Julia-Levy, who is producing alongside Ed Elbert (Paraiso Travel), says the mother of all secrets will be revealed at the Calakmul archaeological site, though he declined to specify what could possibly trump the aforementioned findings.

The underwater Maya city, which Julia-Levy describes as “a city that was built under water, and not a sunken city,” was found at the bottom of a lake in Guatemala, according to the producer. He says audiences will see underwater shots of the city.

Further stretching the mind, the actor-turned-producer claims the documentary also unveils a 3,000-year-old spacecraft landing pad that was allegedly built atop a rock structure capable of holding electromagnetic energy.

A collaboration between archaeologists, scientists and the governments of Mexico and Guatemala, Revelations is the fruit of a decade of research that purportedly draws on classified information.

This documentary ‘Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond’ is going to shake the world.


Source and author: hollywoodreporter *  mayans

7 responses to “Dedicated to Revelations of the mayans 2012 and beyond coming Disclosure

  1. This adventure is getting better and better—I am still waiting to hear what happened to the man and his expedition who headed off to the top of the world a few months ago to look for the hole of Admiral Byrd fame. What with all this 2012 pressure, supersitition is rampid…these adventures into archeology are salve for an aching wound on the psychi of those who just KNOW for sure–this planet is bigger than a bread box…BRING IT ON!
    Sincerly, Marina Pratt -12:47pm-est-2/16/12 usa


  2. hmm, i just noticed that the system is automaticly tagging this as “Vayakienen”, in stead of VARAKIENEN.
    This is in-accurate. there is Only Varakienen, and any thing called Vayakienen is some sort of system error. it will be corrected.
    ~ Vara has spoken. 😉


    • Now. since my last post didnt seem to get printed, I will recap.
      I am VERY much looking forward to this.
      How ever there are two aspects that worry me.

      1- if the powers that be have kept evidence of aliens from us for this long, why would they allow this event to move forward?

      2- IF they are aware of it, and of Course they are, and allow it any how, then it can only be as Part of an agenda that they already have in motion.
      All of which leaves me Highly suspicious.


  3. Alternative thought.
    Earth is being slow cooked by waves, such as your microwave oven.
    Billions of years will tell, as we could be in the defrost stage. Remember, microwaves cook from the inside out. In another billions of years , the earth should be well done.
    Your thoughts?


    • Micro waves cooking from the inside out comes from an advertising myth to sell microwave ovens.
      Micro wave is a type of particle beam that works on the molecular level.
      It shoots these particles which strike at and agitate the larger particles while passing by or through the smaller ones.
      Water molecules are actually large and easy to agitate, and so they heat up faster than the smaller ones around them.
      this is how we cook using microwaves.
      So using the microwave analogy is missleading.
      Yes, we are being bombarded by other forms of radiations and magnetics which can and do agitate the planet and its core on the inside more than it does on the out, based on what the inside is made of and the magnetic fields it produces. Yes, the earth is slowly, VERY slowly expanding. shrink it, and the land mass’s we call contenents fit together uniformly like rounded puzzle pieces shaped in a sphere.

      not sure what the point you were attempting to make in reguards to this subject matter was.
      ~ V.


  4. @varakienen->Good morning friend! 7:16am-est/2/17/12

    I have been dancing through the lilies of our planetary discontent for a while now and I suspect this microwave theory is just another doomsday conjecture–I call it the, “We are all gunna fry.” theory. This goes with the matched set of “We are all gunna drown.” theory and the “We are all gunna go stark raving mad.” theory. So far, Stark raving mad…is one up and the game is moving forward.

    Am I taking any of this seriously, well, yes and no..CLEARLY we are on A RIDE. In This case of the micriwave theory, I suspect a misuse of language only. For, in fact, we are being bombarded by :Sun stuff–for lack of a more detailed description. So Mr. Beacon007 is not wrong in his slow cook theory, he is just not privy to the long words and language which describe the actuality of the situation.

    The deal is, we have always been “rained on’ by sun emmisions and any other glalactic materials through which we pass on our spiral jaunt through space. At the moment we are experiencing an up tic in sun emmissions as well as the rain from what has been inadequatly described as a cloud of “photons?” ,a galaxie enveloping cloud from what I have seen called a black hole hic up at the center of the Milky Way system. I am also seeing the use of the terms, dark matter. I am not so sure this has not been around for a considerable period. My take is, it was just noticed by our astute technology recently put into place. The fact that NASA has not been very forth coming on their releases of such things indicates they have known about all of this stuff for a while.

    What is rather disconcerting is the fear I see in agencies who are responsible for this information. This whole business of the Chem trails we are experiencing here in the states has just come to public attention in the media because someone noticed the lines in the sky one day, read up on it and decided to find some one to sue…Thus the public increase in awareness even through everyone is able to see the sky being used as a chalk board. This chem trail thing has been going on since before the early 1980s..I have a photograph to prove it. Not that I understood what I was looking at mind you. We just called it, “X marks the spot”–and thought it rather syncronistic under the circumstances. It is not until a few years ago I found information that these chem trails were made up of Aluminum and barium and such. OH, MY! What goes up, must come down…”Not healthy for children and other living things”

    So, at first, I thought it was an ET thing. When I discovered it was some kind of human effort to off set something noone was talking about, I was incredulas. I still am actually. There are so many factors in all of this snarl that it is hard to open the mind to wider thinking and recogniton. Most folks do not have a clue while at the same time, they hear the drums beating in the back ground and it appears a certain fatalistic attitude has begun to take over.

    I think my favorite responses as witnessed through one of my news sources, is the bit about how the Ets are going to sweep in and “take us for a ride”
    These folks were dead serious and completely disappointed because, guess what, the ship never showed up…Everyone is looking for a romatic happy ending while at the same time, there seems to be little realization that we have to work to make the best of a situation and SAVE OURSELVES.

    If everyone who is standing in line for a joy ride on a UFO used their time gathering the information and tools they need in the event the worst scenerio [what ever it is] comes into view, then everyone around them will hopefully take that as an example and do the same thing. We need voices to call for disclosure of the actual circumstances surrounding the planet. The ETs appear to be more than able to stage a disclosure all their own..The sightings are increasing by the day. I am sure there is a very nasty story to be uncovered in this covert behavior on the part of governments world wide but I honestly can’t blame them much–I mean, who knew? Most of us are as dumb as rocks…it is ok…It is the elitism that really bothers me. I suspect that is the greatest danger of all…Nice talking to you my friend, Sincerly, Marina


    Abreviated, KISS.
    Kiss my ass.