Remote viewers predicting catastrophic events 2012/2013

remote viewing

Remote viewing!

Back in 2008 some predictions were made by a team of the top, military trained “remote viewers” – each with over a decade of successful service. Lyn Buchanan from US Army Intelligence and Glenn Wheaton, of US Special Forces participated in a project run by Farsight Institute originally designed to detect minute climate changes at selected targets around the globe. Instead of climate change, the remote viewers saw a huge meteoric impact in the ocean with devastating tidal waves and volcanism. All this happening by 2013.

The results were unexpected but should be taken seriously. It appears that the governments of the world are already preparing for such an event. The scientific community believes these predictions to be so strong and reliable that they proposed to let the reputation of remote viewing, as a science, rest upon this horrible prediction.

In 2008 a team of 8 military grade remote viewers were asked to view several targets with the understanding that the actual target assignments for each session would be given to them in the future. The sessions were given a number (S1, S2…) and the notes and drawings from each session were collected, scanned, encrypted and subsequently downloaded by tens of thousands of internet users for some future date, when the encryption codes would be published. This guaranteed that the results of the remote viewing sessions could not be changed.

There was a total of 113 sessions. Once the sessions had been recorded, the targets were selected in a random manner, pairing each session with one of three possible target conditions in 9 different locations around the globe:

The locations are

  1. Vaitupu, Tuvalu
  2. Fort Jesus, Mombasa Kenya
  3. Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia
  4. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
  5. United States Congress Building, Washington, D.C.
  6. Malé International Airport, Malé, Maldives
  7. KITV Building, Honolulu, Hawaii
  8. The Vehicle Assembly Building at Launch Complex 39, Kennedy Space Center, Merritt Island, Florida
  9. Key West, Florida

In general, these remote-viewing data suggest the following types of physical changes across many of the above geographical locations by mid-2013:

  1. Impacts from what appear to be large meteors leading to tsunamis and possible volcanism
  2. Extensive and forceful flooding of coastal areas
  3. Excessive solar radiation
  4. Storms and other severe weather

In terms of the effects of these changes on humans, these data also suggest:

  1. Massive self-organized relocation from coastal areas (refugees)
  2. The breakdown of rescue or other notable governmental functioning
  3. The breakdown of the food supply system
  4. The breakdown of the vehicular transport system
  5. Extensive loss of buildings near coasts

A video with the specifics and details of the remote viewing project:

The two 2013 timelines examined in this study are:

Timeline A: 1 June 2013, 12 noon target local time, following the timeline in which the leadership of the mainstream global scientific establishment continues to ignore or deny (1) the reality of the remote-viewing phenomenon, and (2) the existence of life not originating from Earth.

Timeline B: 1 June 2013, 12 noon target local time, following the timeline in which by the end of 2009 leaders of the mainstream global scientific establishment publicly recognize (1) the reality of the remote-viewing phenomenon, and (2) the existence of life not originating from Earth.

Governments are aware of these things

According to the Farsight Institute, there are certain events that have happened around the world that imply knowledge of this, or some other similar catastrophe in our immediate future.

1. The U.S. Space Shuttle launched its last mission in mid-2011. At that time, NASA entirely abanded its government-funded manned spaceflight program. Given the investment that the U.S. has made in launching humans into space since the 1960s, this is odd, especially since private efforts to launch humans into space are years away, and currently unproven. It is as if the government does not anticipate being able to launch humans into space in the near future for reasons not currently stated.

2. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault was sealed in 2011. This seed bank will allow the world to restart agriculture given a global catastrophe. The United Nations formally inspected the facility, which might seem odd for a Norwegian project. The timing of this project seems like a strange coincidence.

3. U.S. and global debt. It is as if various governments are not expecting to have to pay back their debts, perhaps anticipating a global economic reset due to reasons not currently stated.

4. The devaluing of the U.S. dollar seems to be a trend that will stay. Moody, Standard and Poor, and Fitch have announced that they may be devaluing the rating of U.S. Treasury bonds (see NY Times article, 15 March 2010, as well as the editorial on 20 March 2010), and there have been discussions within the United Nations of the International Monetary Fund phasing out its dependency on the U.S. dollar. The governments seem to be acting as if the U.S. dollar will be replaced as the global currency.

5. Digging, digging is everywhere. The U.S. has no nuclear enemies, yet it is digging huge underground facilities in inhospitable regions difficult for the masses to reach. Why? On the other hand, the Chinese tend to think collectively, and China is digging extraordinary subway complexes under most of its major cities in a crash program that seems odd in terms of timing and scope. See, for example, the NY Times article by Keith Bradsher, 27 March 2009. Subways are, of course, conveniently located underground tunnels, and such tunnels could house millions of people in an emergency. Russia announced in 2011 that it is adding 5,000 new nuclear bomb shelters in Moscow, enabling it to protect all of Moscow’s residents. The program is to be rushed so that it is finished in 2012. Why? Russia has no nuclear enemies. Russia’s new subway systems have also been place deeper than needed so that they can be used as deep emergency shelters. Again, why? Why all these preparations, and why the rush?

6. NASA is now predicting that the Sun may generate unprecedented solar storms for a lengthy period in 2012-13. We cannot accurately predict Earth’s normal weather a week in advance, and it is by no means clear how NASA can do this with respect unprecedented weather on the Sun years in advance. They are saying that we are more dependent on vulnerable computer technology now. But we had similar dependencies in 2001 and 1990 when previous 11-year solar cycles hit. What is different about the current cycle? Some might suggest that NASA is acting as if it has some extra information that is not currently stated.

Here are links to some of the data and analyses for the project.

Predicting the future has been one of the most difficult things to do with remote viewing. People often ask that if someone can remote view, what will happen at some point in the future? Many have tried to use remote viewing to answer that question, and some have occasionally met with success. But to date, only one experimental design using remote viewing has ever worked consistently to correctly predict the future. We now have an idea why that particular experimental design works, and why other experimental designs do not work as well. The reason may have to do with the existence of multiple universes, and we now have a way to test for this directly.

Courtney Brown: “Web site visitors who are not familiar with our research into multiple realities might want to view this introductory video presentation on the subject”:

More information about this project at

Completed experiments

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  1. Hi all..don’t mean to sew seeds of fear but today my mom called to tell me what my daughter said to her on the way home from school..she told my mom that she was going to die next year in July and that she too(my daughter) was also going to die and become an angel. My girl is 5 years old and has read my thoughts on a few occasions, having answered me before I had asked a question..She has been asking about death a lot since my dads passing last year. What must be must be..hope my day to leave this planet is the same day as my mom and daughters. Can’t help but think that all this talk about us magically becoming etheral beings by way of evolution is just a little white lie by the positive beings of the light who will not allow us to live in fear as we await our destiny..on a positive note I think we are on the brink of formal ET disclosure as I’m sure there are governments that will speak out if they know our existence might not be guaranteed in the near future.Quite a co-incidence that I read this article the same day my child blurted out some deep stuff. Go well all..


  2. Sun is a life force. Smile at the Sun. Connect with the Sun. See that the LIFE FORCE IS ENHANCING. Sun will protect us. Earth will continue to RENEW. Human life and everything else in creation keep enhancing. There are no destructive flares. The universe is in balance.


  3. Hokum. That is all.


  4. Interesting. Military controlled. Feels like a prison. I would rather be free without all the chatter and clutter.

    There is a lot of fear being felt. Most fear is generated by confusion of not knowing the actual facts or being able to fore see the future. Only a few can do that and they are not believed any way. It’s a frustrating. confusing world we live in.
    It’s old news that our world is changing it’s climate. In different parts of the world there is more rain, more drought, more seismic activity the list goes on. These things have always happened it’s just becoming more so. It’s a cycle that can’t be stopped or played around with. I’m afraid man is playing with these things and in the end it will be much worse. Sometimes man makes a huge misjudgment and then tries to correct it. For example man drills deeper for oil. He drills too far and a crack opens in the sea bed. Inch by inch that crack moves forward not stopping. Man concludes that the only way to stop it is to blow it up. So they do it. They have stopped the crack from moving forward. This action has also caused other things to move forward at a faster pace but at least the crack has been stopped. You don’t need to be able to fore see the future to know what can happen to our world after these events. All it takes is a little research.
    Be prepared for that little bit more.

    Stay safe


  5. terribly fascinating stuff. And supports both a lot of my own researches, and more than a few of my own theories.

    It also wierds me out a little.
    I have been known to have missing time, and I have been known to have moments of what I would call, “Ultimate clarity”.
    These clarity moments are difficult to describe but I’ll try.
    I have zillions of puzzle pieces in my head and on paper from years of research.
    Many dont fit, and I wrestle with them.
    But some times, out of the blue I have Epiphanies with no reason behind thier triggering or generation.
    Like a bolt from the blue it feels like my IQ sky rockets for a moment, and a new aspect of the puzzle which didnt even have a piece to represent it, becomes visible and falls into place bridging the gap for the other pieces.
    there was no information for me to draw on to create such a piece as far as I can tell, it just Comes to me.
    Some times I wonder if this is a genetic quirk, or my IQ is repressed as a near constant, then shines through at short variable times, or, if some out side force sends some thing to me out of the blue. I just dont know.
    The english language doesnt really have the proper words for me to describe this phenomenon better, im sorry. But there it is.
    It is so powerful at times, I feel euphoric and not really a part of my little self, but as if I am part of some thing indescribable and bigger.
    I some times feel as though I am seeing into a realm thats always been there, but I cannot normally see into it.
    Again, language description barriors.
    Aaaaaaany way. Just needed to get that off my chest.
    By the way, My IQ averages 151, and I definately have moments when I think Im slipping below 100 as well. hahaha.


    • Ahhhh Vara. Hey dude I like mushrooms too ! Well, back in the


    • I too have had these experiences and yes, they are very hard to explain ad there are no ‘words’ to explain what you are experiencing. I believe we tap into our higher self, our all knowing and that is where the information comes from. Having said that, yes, it does feel as though one becomes a conduit for higher energy/information also. Just letting you know you’re not alone. It’s good you’re writing it all down. I know myself when I used to come out of the energy and back to 3D as it seems quite often it was hard to recall all the details.


  6. Watch the movie “Unidentified”. This is Christianity’s answer to the UFO phenomenon. There is a surprise ending. When the US government tells everyone about the ET’s and UFO’s, AFTER THE RAPTURE HAS JUST HAPPENED, they will try to explain that it is the UFO’s that came and got a lot of people and we just need to accept it. Because when the antichrist is on the throne in the 3rd temple, it makes perfect sense to claim that UFO’s got millions and millions of people. The antichrist sitting on the throne in the third temple can’t say, I am Jesus Christ. But the people have already been Raptured up in the air to meet the Lord! Then the earth will suffer 7 years of Tribulation. God Bless you!


  7. For goodness sake. Remote viewers can’t even pick up what is happening a couple of miles away TODAY with any documented and reliable consistency … with the occasional successful “hit” usually down to the general tricks used by mentalists to describe things as generically as possible.

    So why would any person believe that they’re able to slip into future events to view? These people are whackos – they spin a story so that they feel more important than they really are …

    Take a look at these presentations on the “Farsight Institute’ … totally delusional …


    • Not Wakkos.
      Military remote viewers are the absolute best and train psychics in the world, but the military will NEVER allow you to know what they are really capable of.
      So, lets give you a tiny example to help put things in measurable context.
      The random psychics whom help the police with unsolved murder cases and abductions have a far and away better accuracy rate than what is being shown here.
      So, if the military ones are better by far, we definately are Not seeing the true potential.
      ~ V.


      • That’s the problem. Not everything can be revealed. Not everything that is seen can be stated. Fear stops you doing this. Especially when you see governments and military scenarios yet to come to play. It’s dangerous at times to speak out. You must choose your words wisely. Keep it simple.
        If too much is said on this site it will no doubt be closed down. It is already being monitored. A few have taken an interest in some that post. Just come out of the woodwork, come into the light instead of hiding in the dark.
        It saddens me deeply that our world has come to this. A place where if you do have the ability to foresee you are called a wakko. It frustrates me to no end. The ancient Egyptians honored those with these abilities.
        They listened and kept records of it. Any who has knowledge of those times knows this. How did it come about that these gifted people are called wakko’s?
        If you have any sort of fore sight don’t doubt who you are. Don’t hide away thinking you are a freak. You are not a freak. Thousands of people experience these things. Nobody has the right to be negative towards someone else because they are different or because they don’t understand them. It takes a hell of a lot of courage to speak out so give these people a break. Better yet learn to listen and don’t be judgmental.
        Just imagine you see something yet to happen. Not only do you see it but you can feel it also. Let’s say you see fire and you feel the heat burning your skin. The pain you feel is so real you scream out. You keep feeling this until the dream is over. Emotionally that is hard to deal with. Physically it is exhausting. You can also go into a state of shock especially if it’s new to you. You learn to deal with it. You become stronger. You fear less.
        For some it’s more than just having a dream.

        Stay Safe


  8. river of dreams /river of time


  9. Interesting and not a complete science-but what really is? When I was 17 I had a strange dream about my parents dying-and it happened a week later almost exactly like I had dreamed, I tried to warn my mother to no avail. Over the years that haunted me. That was the very early 1980’s, since the mid 2000’s I began having those types of dreams again. They lasted several years, I can’t predict the future but I can’t deny what I have been shown or seen in these dreams. If they represent the reality I will experience in the not to distant future then we are all in for a heck of a wild ride. I hope they are just my imagination running wild and do not predict the future-for if they do then something very bad does happen (I don’t know what that is) but there is a mass exodus-many people on the move-running from something. There are strange ships in the skies, and warfare between someone here in the US. The only good thing about these dreams are that we are not at each others throats-we are all working with each other-but we are on the move running from something. I have noticed certain things in these dreams which tell the season and other pointers to a time frame-but cannot nail it down. I’m former military and hope my uniformed brothers and sisters out there remember their oathes, we will all need to help one another the best we can. Guess we will all find out.


    • It’s hard to see something and then it happens. We seem to punish ourselves for not being able to stop it. Some of what I have seen is pointing towards the end of April maybe First week of May. I still have more research to do.

      Thanks for sharing

      Stay Safe


  10. Well, I thought I would check in with my waakko–wacco- whacko-friends I see here.. You guys really keep my spirits up. Clearly, I am a wacko in good standing to have such good company on a rainy Sunday afternoon reading about Mayans and dooms day and Cortney Brown and his band of far seeing wackos..

    I have encountered mr. Brown before..on the Art Bell show..there was a bit of a disagreement at the time and Cortney slid into non-appearance..Now he seems to have reappeared in pristine organization, point to point..

    Now, it just so happens, I have done a spotty research on this business of remote viewing and need to tell you, the details of this science can be found in many very credible volumes at your local library..The history of remote viewing is long established and pretty darn impressive over all..with all its warts. The basis of the history here is; it was a project begun by the military and thus the detailed point on point varification system was established. In all of that, it was established that some folks have a natural ability to do this, even if they don’t know how to explain exactly what they are doing. The military used some people who were known psychics as part of a blind study and discovered they had a pretty good..hit..rate even through they were completely unfamiliar with the “remote viewing” system set up by the tight jawed, credibility is everything, military guys building this process in a very methodical fashion.

    Now, the question on the table here is: Are we all gunna die as the result of catastrophic events brought to us from space? 2012 is the big honcho driving us into fear and loathing big time. That is enough to drive some people whacko but the folks here are rather philosophic and controlled on the subject for the most part. Most here have had some ‘out of body’ experiences during which they have seen stuff ‘in their dreams’ that defies interpretation. I mean, don’t we all just want to live our lives hassel free? Why should anyone pony up to the table of chaos if they can avoid it? This of course does not include those who are experiencing health problems that bring chaos to them of course..and those I know who are having this experience, would do anything possible to change that state of being.

    I have said on another site in this same newletter that I do not do crazy very well..So, lets change that here to, I do not do “wacko” very well. I don’t mind being put into that catogory mostly because it gives me a real good hold on a conversation seeking the deffinition of that state of being. So far, I am on the winning side in most of those conversations…and damn proud of it.

    So, let me tell you of an experience I had sometime in the 1990s–I was visiting my ecclectic, artist aunt [fathers sister] in her apartment in LA, CA. We had made a trip across the street to the LA Museum of Modern Art to wander a bit and in so doing, Charlotte found an old friend from art school and settled in on a concrete bench for a long conversation. I wandered off to look at the big building in downtown LA..amazing structures that I had never seen. I grew up in Hollywood and the downtown area had but one tall building of note at the time..the police station…no kidding. So here I was looking at shimmering glass and white stone.

    As I followed the conturs of the building upward, I was astonished to see a huge bird flying in a circle directly above the building. This was, by far, the largest Eagle I had ever seen. I braced myself against a short wall to stare. My next memory is, being airborne. I was looking down at the area and as far as my vision allowed me, I saw sparkling glass…or was it? I saw the tops of automobiles which appeared to be roof deep in water. I scrambled my mental image to shake out the difference between water and glass and looked at the buildings. Not a paine of glass remained in any of them and yet there was no structural damage as one would find in an earthquake. The image is imprinted so deep in my memory, I have it still.

    I was looking at a deserted area. Not a single human was there, just water and glass. The silence was awesome..abandoned silence. Not even the shussh of laping water. It was as if I was looking at a still photo. Then I remembered the bird. Looking up, the bird was gone. Looking down, I saw the bricks of the patio I was standing in. Looking back up, the world around me had corrected itself and I was seeing the world of 1990something as it was at the moment. I felt astonished, breathless, distracted and light as a feather. Looking down the patio area, I saw my aunt still talking to her friend. I sat down on the small wall and tettered between what I had just experienced and what was known to be the real world of NOW.

    I spoke of this to noone. It went into my old kit bag of other experiences I call dances of the mind. Shortly there after, I heard an interview with a man who had a very similiar experience in the LA area while pumping gas. He described it as a bump forward in time, “or something.” He was witnessing a huge desaster in the LA area, after the fact. The remains were what he saw. No people. It happened so fast, he was completely shaken and almost over filled his gas tank. As he gave his story, he explained that he was just this guy going to work without any exposure to psi or other forms of ‘far seeing’. It was a call in show for Coast to Coast and he simply had to share. At the end of his conversation with Art Bell, he said, “I have a feeling I am going to be moving soon, I will get back to you on that. Gotta go.”

    Art then held up his calls and told us, the audience, that he’d had a dream in which he saw thousands fleeing through the California deserts into Nevada and surrounding states [he presumed]. He said he had never mentioned this before because, “Well, you know. Living this close to California, we are always aware that when the big one comes, a whole lot of folks are gunna flee and we are in their path. But, I gotta tell ya folks, this felt so real. Like it was happening.”

    Earthquakes are common in Southern California. When you live there you keep water and other supplies – just in case. Everyone knows the system is not going to have 9-1-1- calls answered, if the phones are working at all. There is a smuggness about it with bumper stickers reading…”Waiting for the BIG ONE.” This -push the forward button- imagry I had was not a happy one, not one that was ‘as predicted’. Now, all these years later, I suspect what I saw was the aftermath of an enormous wave sweeping above and across the area of Down Town La…If you look at a map, you will see the distance from the ocean to the downtown area. That was SOME WAVE!

    So, you see, Who would have thunk? “Stuff like that just don’t happen!” a doubter I was taking with one day responded.And, he is/was right..until the tsunami in Japan not long ago..and the one before that in Indonesia. Even those do not equal this however..this is a mountain of a wave…anyone to go for a meteor falling in the Pacific somewhere? That would do it, don’t ya think? Not impossible…but then, I am way too sane for my own good.

    Sincerly, Marina..2/19/12-6:42pm-est-usa


  11. Regarding the west coast of the US.
    One of my dreams/visions that still repeats.
    I don’t know how I know but this happens along the California Coast. It is daytime and rather cool. Not summer. There’s palm trees dotted along the shore line. It’s commercial.
    I am suddenly with speed bought to a man that’s standing on the beach. He has dark short military style hair, brown skin, brown eyes and is wearing glasses. He has a red jacket on and denim blue jeans. He’s be in his mid 20’s. He’s looking at the ocean which is behind me. The look on his face is one of great concern. He’s worried like he knows something. He has one hand in his pocket and a set of car keys in the other. I am then shown what he is looking at.
    I see a great wall of sea mist. It stretches along the coast as far as the eye can see. It’s coming in at a high speed. It’s height would have to be well over 50 ft high. I think to myself is it really mist?
    I am then turned around and I see a building. Very Plain. Made of dark brown brick with a black painted doorway. There is no sign hanging in front of the building that I can see. There is a pole maybe for hanging a flag but I can’t see any flag. I get the feeling that this place is for study purpose or to gather information. I don’t know why I am shown this.
    The mist is now rolling onwards inland. I can hardly see what’s in front of me now. The mist is too thick. An earthquake hits. I can’t stand. It doesn’t end there. The ground is moving like ocean waves. Wave after wave. I hear buildings crashing down. I am terrified as I can’t see very far ahead. It feels like the ground is taking me inland. Dream/vision over.

    The things some see are strange indeed. I don’t understand why I would see these things in a country I have never been too. The Japan quake hit me hard. It still does. Only those closest to me know what I saw with that one.
    I completed one of my paintings which was made up of huge waves done in shades of blue. Amongst the waves were figures of people. The day I completed it was the day the 2004 Indonesian tsunami happened. Coincidence maybe.
    Sometimes I just doodle and end up sketching someone. People I don’t know. Some of these people I have sketched I seem to meet. Weirds me out.

    I see a lot of things that are bad and ugly but I also see good things.
    I don’t fear that the world will end. Life will go on. Hopefully in a better way than today.
    The only thing I fear is the ignorance of people. So many more will die because of this. If I had the power to save more I would without a second thought but I am afraid I don’t have the power.
    Some of you should write books. Would be a good read.

    Stay Safe


  12. Im thinking August and after.
    In a building crescendo.


  13. Great follow up’s. In the series of dreams I had were/are/very disturbing. I was told by a close friend to take note of my surroundings-to figure out where I am at and possibly when. The best I can do is say from my observances that it’s early september maybe late september. I’m in michigan-there are already leaves dried and fallen to the ground around bigger older trees-and the I am on back roads-farm country-the grass along the sides is tall and golden on top-green towards the bottom. It’s fall in michigan but not very cold-I and the others around me are not dressed heavily. I hope it was all a crazy wild bunch of dreams. The last one I had I remember very vividly. I am with a group of people clustered off the road under an open air horse barn. I venture out with a young man who has a jeep to the far side of the field behind us to check out what or who is in the next field. We park and approach a rise and a long row of trees and brush-peek over into a meadow that backs up to a wooded area. Parked off to the side of the meadow and parallel to the woodline are some dark forest green military trucks-small tug like? I am former military and have never seen this type before (I actually searched on line til I eventually found what I think I saw-they are new issue medium sized vehicles that the russians and chinese are getting?) We got the heck out of there and upon returning to the rest of the group-didn’t have time to even report what we saw when a series of loud bangs-more closer to a hollow booming noise-I looked back over to where we had come from and saw six or eight long smoke trails reaching up into the sky. (From my military experience I do know what rocket artillery is like) I told several people around me that we had to get out of there now and we headed off down the edge of the road away from the rockets, along the way I noticed the grass-bright blue sky and folks were panicking trying to hide in a leaf covered drainage ditch near a house. I told them they couldn’t stay there they would be found and they had to keep moving. Everyone was terror stricken-it was bad and I do remember looking up at the sun and we were heading west. This is just one I had in a series-the rest are filled with moving-always moving-groups of people-pannicked-cars jamming the freeways. And like I said strange multi colored vehicles in the sky a couple times that are oddly very beautiful-yet you know to run. Hope it is all for nothing. Peace………


  14. As a quick follow up to that long paragraph-I don’t know who was firing rocket artillery? The vehicles are a deep forest green-we (us-military) don’t paint our vehicles this color? And as for the vehicles themselves-I could only find two out there that looked like what I saw-and the chinese vehicles were a forest green??? It’s not large mlrs type rockets-these are fairly big and are attached to the vehicle. What I saw made me think of towed detachable launchers that were probably in the wooded area for camoflage reasons. I don’t know who they were shooting at-but I do know you get the heck away from them do to counter battery fire coming in. I hope we all are having just a mass physcosis-ha ha. Not predictions or visions of a near future event. Peace brothers and sisters.


  15. @Nick Collier->Now here is something I have not yet encountered. Most folks are having enviormental decay dreams or out of body witnessing–In most cases there is the same business of large crowds moving without direction in a panic. This one has the military aspect that I remember so clearly in Whitley Striebers book WAR DAY..I was pinned to the chair as I read it. Whitley is a bit of a psychic – He has been a front runner in UFO research after having had a series of “contact” experiences that shook him up pretty badly. He presently has a radio show and a web site–At any rate he was talking about a nuclear exchange which hit several areas in this country. In all of that, there was a massive assistance effort by the UN sponsored by the British and boyed up by other countries. He never identified the source of the nuclear invasion as I remember but I will have to go back to refresh my memory–I read it years ago.

    Now we have a new twist which he did not introduce into his tale..UFOs. This was written before his personal introduction contact. None the less, In this dream you had, is it possible there was bleed through of your own war experience? Even if the trucks you saw were not anything you had ever seen before you might have what I call a mix and match dream sequence going on.

    The human brain does that..It will take something you are familiar with and add it to something completely unfamiliar, born from an out of body witnessing, thus allowing the consciousness the ability to identify the situation. This is a decoding process . Since you had an experience with Missles they may be representations of something else..

    Given the recent upwelling of fear regarding the mystique of the 2012 legends, there is a huge collective response to the recent legislation passed by the congress as part of the military authorization bill. I am seeing responses to that everywhere…the fear is stated to be that people will be rounded up and herded into FEMA camps…That kind of collective thinking is highly contagious–that also may have caused a bleed through into your “dream”-witnessing.

    I am facinated with your identification of the vehicles in your dream. I would be interested to know where the missles were going..were they targeting the objects in the sky by any chance? Your comment indicated a house and people hiding along the road knowing to avoid the objects in the sky. Is it possible that the ground vehicles you saw were targeting something above rather than below? Also, give some thought to where in Michigan this might be? As you are doing this it is important to recognise that after dream witnessing, everything is conjecture–again the mix and match of life experience with a different time dimension or something like that.

    I too hope this is just a crazy wild bunch of dreams as you put it but it has a strong feel to it. “and, like I said strange multi colored vehicles in the sky a couple time that are oddly very beautiful-yet you know to run.” Really strikes me as the key to the entire episode. Seems like you nailed potential “bad guys” –THANKS FOR THIS…Marina8:55pm/est-usa


  16. unfortunately, or not, vari, pk may have a point. If, as you say, the military will never know what they have accomplished with this remote viewing ability, then how will WE ever know how real or accurate it is. Don’t get me wrong, i believe people can communicate with each other over distances, sending images or specific info. A high school friend and I used to practice this back in the sixties, sending each words, specific times, or images to each other while asleep, taking turns being the sender or receiver. To be honest, we were stunned how precise, sometimes 100 percent accurate, we were able to be. I wonder, though, if some remote viewing, or all of it, is maybe not really traveling through time in some way to actually see events, but more of a matter of sensitives, as i call them, picking up the mass emotions, worries, or concerns, of hundreds, thousands, or millions of people on a subconscious level. My point: are they truly predictive or a conglomeration of fears, not that one rules out the other. There has been so much written, from ancient civilizations and religions, the old and new testament prophecies (esp. revelations), and groups and seerers from more recently, that many dreams that people share seem like a mishmash of these thrown together at random, with occasional focus on one or two aspects of them. I am not trying to dissuade people from sharing, but to be honest, I am more impressed with, let’s say, a two or three thousand year old vision or prophecy from the bible describing a “fiery mountain” crashing into the earth and killing one third of all human, animal,plant, and sea life then i would be with a dream someone had a few days or years ago. By all means, guys, please keep sharing, but i take these stories as “interesting comments” or mass fear projection then i do actual prophetic visions of coming events. Thats my choice, of course, and others are welcome to react differently. I agree something is coming, but i believe the details of it, all sources considered, are already pretty clear. Thanks for listening


    • I never said the military do not know what they have accomplished.
      Lets not be putting words in my mouth.
      I said they will never let “us” know the full extent of what they have.


  17. Ok folks…Look, it is important that we stop buying into the self doubt tag lines…We are here because we are questioning our internal imagry..There are dozens of explainations for this process…crazy, Wacky and psycotic do not apply. This process is normal and becomes more normal and healthy when aired. There is no doubt that we are all influenced by the collective unconscious flow…More even by our own personal experiences which are held in fractured images to be released in the dream cycle—and then there is the known out of body process which can take place even while being awake…It is the out of body traveling that mixes with what we hold as experience that causes the sense of confusion.

    Bamm–keep that on the mental table at all times…My brother called me a reciever. I was trained as an observer of human behavior as the result of my theater experience. My deffinition of “crazy” behavior is linked to a small knowledge of the brain that speaks of disfunction at the biological level.

    Last night we got a call from a teenager who has such a disfunction. He called to report that he had just carved the word, HATE, into his forearm. He had to tell some one even tho there were those around him to see what he had done. He told us because, somewhere inside, he blames us for something and he was telling us without saying, that it was our fault that he took a knife and carved himself bloody with the most damning word he could think of at the moment. By medical standards, this kid is exhibiting psycotic behavior. Fortunatly, we are well versed enough in this area that we – my daughter – was able to talk him down a bit. But he is way over there and we are here and we absolutely do not have the tools to assist this person in any way. We cannot take responsibility for his behavior. We can only pray that he finds the help he needs and was carefully advised by my daughter to find.

    As Varakienen mentions, words matter. All of us on these ET/armegeadon/mysteries of the universe, comment lines are struggling with personal experiences and observations the best way we know how. Not being given any counsel from areas of government and their minion has left us dangling out here with resolve to find the information on our own. We are seeking direction within ourselves and are lucky enough to be able to share that search with others in the same ocean.

    This morning I ran into a yahoo article on the discovery and reconstruction of an artifact found under the desert floor in Egypt. It is a boat…As I went through the comment line, I ran into a number of responses that were angry outbursts against muslims/the Koran and on and on. In no case was there an attempt to understand that this was about ancient history so far away from contemporary religious snarls that one finds it hard to understand how this connection could be made. Clearly the anger expressed had more to do with something like needing to vent personal frustration in print under any subject line available than it had to do with archeology. The web is full of angry people venting in any direction possible. In some forums these folks are refered to as TROLLS…

    For the TROLL, it does not matter what the subject matter is..They just pick the one that seems most easily vented about. They are not seeking information, in fact, they would not accept information if it were given to them in large print A-B-C books at kindergarden level. They are into their anger at what ever…Thus it was that some gal said to me in print, “Ignore the Trolls. They might go away.”

    This brings me to Chuck. I really get your difficulty buying the “remote viewing” gambit. I have been fortunate enough to have wandered through a number of sources on this information. Cortney Brown is a bit frantic for my tastes and further, he is detail and clinical oriented..distant and therefore easy to dismiss. There are many others who were with this military program from it beginnings..Don’t ya know, I cannot at the moment remember their names..I had a dead cat in the middle of the road incident this morning that washed my thinking away. I was in the middle of this when the event occured so detail is not me at the moment. I do know however that there are a number of books available on this subject that give a much more human touch to the efforts these guys went through as they were struggling to fulfil the mandate they had recieved from their superiors. The original idea came as the result of information recieved by the Russians who had been doing this exercise for a number of years with very positive results. It was originally designed as a military tool. “Find a target and annalyse it.” kind of thing. Because of a funding problem, the project was closed and a few of the guys went independent and started their own -“for profit” projects dealing with everything from lottery jackpots to staring at the devil from a distance…facinating stuff. I recomend that you give some of this reading a try..It is very interesting and exciting. Sincerly, Marina-9:39am-est/2/21/12-usa


  18. Everyone this has been a good conversation. My military experiences in the mid 80’s may have bled through? I didn’t look up to see what if anything some one was shooting at-I was trained not to do this because our natural skin oils reflect light, also I was in a hurry to get everyone moving. I will say this-I was raised in a blue collar town in the middle of southern michigan-no frills-In fact I would say growing up in the seventies there was a great experience. My first experience with anything out of the norm was dreaming how my parents would die, it shook me up and I tried to warn my mother who blew it off as just a bad dream-one of my brothers believed me but it was the day it happened that I told him. Everything I experienced was exactly like I saw it. Now I don’t know about the series of dreams I had becoming reality as that did. But I live in the detroit area and have always figured if anything bad happens I will head west to where I grew up. I know the back roads-I know folks there with farms-I also know there is fresh water-crops-and plenty of game animals. The series of dreams began with my wife and I watching a report on tv that blows our minds, and we head for the hills so to speak. There is the heavy traffic as I leave the city and at some point get to the country side but get stopped at the bottom of a hill where a traffic back up his stopped everyone. We are outside of the car talking with other folks when some one directs our attention to the sky. Its evening and the suns behind the hill setting in the west. Above the us all is the biggest triangle I have ever seen-it’s not black it’s a shimmering color of the sky? but it has the most beautiful lights running on it’s edges-literally I have never seen anything so pretty and spectacular. Everyone is literally just standing there looking at this thing in awe, thats when it hits me that gut instinct-get out of there. My wife and I headed towards the woods off the road-when I looked back everyone was running away from this thing. This dream was followed by a chaotic one that still makes me think about my gut feeling to run “it was in the dream the right thing to do”, The second dream is me and my wife cutting cross country-It is not a good trip, people are following in clusters-there is crying and children. we enter a part of the woods that are not dense near a field, we had for the truck-it ws white with writing on the door, my wifes pointing out to the clearing-it’s getting dark and hard to see-she’s screaming about all the dead bodies-I don’t see them I just jump in the truck with her and it starts-the keys are in it, I’m so relieved until she makes me aware of what she was pointing at-the darkened sky is full of odd shaped and colored ships? I just started driving crashing over little trees-I’m to scared to turn on the lights. The next dream was the side of the road and rokets dream-the one that followed was a humdinger-my wife and some people I don’t know make it to my aunts house outside of where I grew up-I remember laying in her bedroom staring at the ceiling-I was to late-she was gone-it was a horrible feeling. A man who’s with us comes to the door and says we have to go. We head through a ritzy area of town on the out skirts-the houses are all empty and open-we all remenise on how these must have been really pretty at one time. We head into town to see if theres anyone at the college-and we find people-they have the gates to the athletic field locked-once open everyones bursting into tears-we are all so happy to see each other even though we are strangers. The ending of this may be to violent for some-I trained for combat but was never in combat in the military and have never had a dream like this whereit ends so abruptly for some others. I will say that I offered my services to help in their security-They are all good folks and had hunkered down there in this facility and were living. The bad part comes when a black or midnight blue bus comes down the street-it’s a mess nd it pulls up to the gate where we confront two men who come off the bus. They are in black uniforms-body armor webgear helmets etc. I was at this point armed and standing off to the side watching them as a couple men from the college facility speak with them. he one who’s speaking is in charge-he’s demanding things-he’s irate and very confused and irrational- can’t hear what the arguments about because I am watching the other soldier-or what ever he is-they have no patches on the dusty black uniforms. He’s watching me and at a certain point I believe they mean us serious harm-I drew quicker than he did and and he’s down and out-I immediately approached the other before he could react and point blank asked him to pick a side and he hesitated-I was watching his hands not his face and his move was to go for his weapon-he’s down and I awoke sitting straight up in bed. All I can say Is I agree there is so much about this that we don’t understand-I do not want tothink this is in anyway our future-my future! But I can’t shake it-and yes the colors are truer than anything I have ever seen-I am heading west from detroit to the center of michigan and it seems to have taken some time, yes there are very strange vehiles that light th sky day and night in some of these dreams-and folks are scared of them. I will have to find my notes-most of the time immediately after having these dreams I have amnesia fr several hours-then it all comes flooding back-and I have ben lucky enough to be able to write them down as they come back. My wife who does not have wild dreams had one-very similar to the truck dream-I never told her she was in my dreams I didn’t ant her to think I was going nuts. I appreciate being able to discuss this, I really do and all of you make great points and observations. Thanks Nick


    • I’ll tell you one thing….
      I dont think there will be a head to the hill scenario in an all of a sudden fashion.
      As witnessed in the USA, The TSA is unconstitutionally setting up road checks.
      Every day these stop and search your vehicle in a police state fashion are expanding and becoming more bold.
      They will expand to inner city locations such as malls, they will Block all county and state boarder crossings, and as the days go by they will become fortified so as to be able to stop and road block all traffic.
      The powers that be know some thing is comming and by the time that some thing becomes public knowlege, thier system will be fully in place.
      other countries have already begun to follow suit.
      Canada, (the place I haunt) is already drafting like wise scenario’s.
      If and when martial law is declared, (I really Do mean “when” not If) there will be no by passing these road blocks in 4x4s and jeeps. All attempts will be met with deadly force. All supplies and weapons will be confiscated for National security reasons. People will be directed instead to sorting camps (FEMA) where it is claimed that all confiscated supplies will be rationed out fairly.
      These things are not merely in the works, most are fully established already. Any form of decent will be met with arrest or deadly force, and Citizens will be classed as terrorists, stripped of rights or legal council and detained, tortured or killed depending on circumstance, as the newly signed detainment Law allows. (and it DOES)
      It is prudent at This time to find a place out side city limits that is not noticable from aerial surveillance, and start supplying it now in less than suspiscious amounts per trip, so as to not Look like you are stocking up.
      Said place should also be kept in a state that can be packed up quickly in case a move is nessessary.

      Im Not being Paranoid. Do Not assume these things cant go this far.
      In fact, they will be gone farther than I have knowlege to express.

      I my self have decided, though I have a fair amount of supplies and survival gear, I do not think I wish to live through this holocaust.
      I will likely instead meditate in attempts to raise my awareness and vibrations, and seek to let ….. other forces, know that I am attempting to shed all the violence and fear based mendacity. And hope that I may be chosen as a candidate for…. rapture? extraction? hahaha.
      OK, so I’m crazy. what Else is New?😉


  19. I was just finishing up my email run when I came across your post. Very unsettling indeed! Perhaps I need to explain my interest here. It always helps when one knows to whom they are speaking. My personal experience with UFO contact really rattled my cage. My husband, now dead 4 years or so also had experiences and I am witness that his cage was rattled as well although he was the strong silent type–raised on a farm in upstate newyork from a family of 8 kids, most of whom were boys, he being the youngest. He was a big man, He could shoot a pea off a fence post. He never was in the military because he had heart damage from childhood bouts with rumantic fever and such. Although the two of us had a mutual shared ufo experience, for the most part, although we lived in a small apartment with his and hers chairs in front of the TV and his desk with the computer, we had experiences which were seperated by blank spaces neither of us were able to describe to one another. So odd…

    I decided to handle all of this with a realiety based approach. With this, I managed to keep myself steady. Over the years I got my sense of humor back. Since I have had this computer, I have been observing the human landscape that appears here with a need to organize patterns of behavior. This has been a bumpy ride to say the least. Although history grinds on and on, there are distinct patterns within it similar to the weave in a rug.

    This site has given me the opportunity to look at things I have avoided like the plague because I wanted to avoid getting swept up in the high emotional tsunami I see sweeping across human consciousness. I don’t want the world around me to get unstrung by panic. Yet, I find myself facing such challenges as the FEMA camp gambit and the piles of new repressive legislation that are coming at us like a blizzard with 80 mile an hour winds. I am seeing destruction of our orderly lives at every level and the loss of other species is at an all time high. I am seeing weaponry in our national defense system that defy imagination and I am watching increasing seperation of constitutional powers as the police are more heavily armed and the technology is in place to watch our every move. There has to be a reason for this–a motive–. Who is in control? Who is not in control? Are we spinning out of control? These are not new questions but they are important ones.

    Your post addresses all these questions…So where is this coming from?

    It has been suggested that we are experiencing alternate universes, alternate time lines. That suggestion goes on to say that this phenomena will increase. In the meantime, if you take all the puzzle pieces we have proof exist, is it fool hearty to conjecture the possibilities that may unfold depending on how we arrange the pieces on a board or even two or three boards? A dear friend of mine once turned me on to 3 dimensional chess. I am seeing much the same thing here.

    So, just taking the tales that have been told on this one coment line we have 1)a huge wave engulfing what is easy to assume is the west coast although they have palm trees in Florida as well so it could be the Canary Island desaster so long predicted comes into being. I too saw a huge wave off the coast while I was living in CA during the early 1960s. I was completely surprised and felt no little fear–from that day forward I kept my eye on the beach which was two houses down from my cottage. It was a dream that imprinted itself in my mind to such a degree that I am replaying right now in stero just by bringing it up.

    2)We have theoretical conjecture that the ET phenomena is a danger to humanity. The great early investigators of the phenomena slowly began to see that very clearly only after there was an acceptance of the abduction phenomena. The catch in the argument was then and still is now, “We are still here.” Very long story indeed..

    3)We have a long list of psi people, Edgar Cacey[sp] not being the least of these because of his understanding of geology…who speak of earth changes which will bring the New Madrid plate into action thus causing the opening up of the Missippi river region right up into the chicago area to such a degree it will divide the continent…Michigan would be in the eastern section. There is a theoretical map of the aftermath of the earthchange process that has been kicking around et/new world/earthchange conventions since the late 1980s..Believe it or not, I recently saw a copywrite infringment suit argument being held in some courtroom some where not long ago.

    4)We have the HAARP PROJECT bringing bad juju to both sky and ground.

    5)We have CHEM-SPRAYING bringing bad juju to the health of humans and I recently saw a piece on enormous damage brought to plant life by chemicals which are known..barium and aluminum and others I do not know the name of at the moment.

    6)Then we have nuclear everything..who the hell thought of this one..? I mean, like duah! But, there it is, nuclear waste noone knows what to do with and nuclear power plants sitting on earthquake fissures and nuclear weapons that are not nuclear weapons except that they have depleted uranium in their chemistry..and don’t forget the other stuff, too numerous to mention.

    Should I go on, of course not.But wait, one more I saw a chilling video that showed some kind of phenomena buzzing around our sun like bees working a bee hive…

    So, now, with those pieces turned up on the puzzle board, see if you can find the ones that might fit your experience. Ask yourself questions like, ?How old am I now?[in the dream] ?What color is my wifes hair? ?What kind of shoes am I wearing? What happened yesterday? Was there a yesterday?

    I know that all seems quite strange to suggest but one of the things I learned from that wave dream I was talking about was that there was only me and the wave and the sand..and it is frozen in place like that with the fear attachment beating strongly in my belly.

    My husband used to say it all has to do with probability lines…time lines– and maybe with the collective unconscious feed back pushing through forming realiety, lines depending on how intense that feed back is. That is why the list above. Those are the strongest feed back lines I am picking up on the web chatter I cruise in the morning. Every now and again I throw in a reminder—Fear is a mind killer–

    Your bravery in this situation described above is exemplatory. It is the part about the objects above that really disturbes me..My suggestion to you is to do a bit of ufo research if you have not the videos on utube and on this site..the guys in the black suits died..that means they were not wearing body armor…Even our local cops have body armor. You said there were lots of dead people…Here is an odd question..How dead were they? Were they physically damaged or did they appear to be “sleeping”–This is big for a number of reasons. The missle thing bothers me also..Did you see any damaged areas? This is why I asked about what direction they were shooting—Was any part of this imagry like a series of frozen frame photos?

    But then, you will see as you go through the et information that they have the ability to insert imagry in human minds that the humans believe are real. So when examining these images as you will do without wanting to, look for what used to be called, ET Screen projections.

    I have said enough. I am with you on this. It has affected me deeply at a number of levels I will not go into here. There is no doubt we are in for something..the point is just exactly what is that something? Perhaps you and the rest of us here can make some head way in this sea of conjecture.

    Peace and stability for you and your wife..Sincerly, Marina-8:21pm/est-2/21/12-usa


  20. sorry vari, i skipped a rather critical word when i originally typed my previous post and was hoping (through remote viewing, lol) you would fill it in.oh well, yes, i doubt the military will ever let us know what they have discovered, thus my statement about us probably never really knowing at all. they are fairly good at deceiving and secrecy. The Bible predicts that in the days before what it calls the “day of the Lord” (not a good time to be here) that “young men would see visions and old men would dream dreams” (or was it vice versa?). anyway, i fully accept that men and women(yes, there were prophetesses in the bible) in these last days will be given dreams and visions of what is to come, to some degree. The clearest descriptions of these have already been written. The upcoming Arab-Isreali conflict (ezekiel, chapters 36-39), including the initial Arab invasion and possible later involvement of Russia, The EU involvement (Daniel, the whole book to a large extent), and the Kings of the East (probably China and allies) coming through a dried up Euphrates to invade the middle east, and Revelations fills in with lots of earth related details(earthquakes, solar and lunar anomalies, large objects hitting earth, death tolls reaching the billions, starvation, disease, lack of water, inflation”a days wages for a loaf of bread”, and so on. It also describes some political alliances and interesting world characters (false prophetic religious figure, the anti-christ, head of a ten nation or section confederacy who makes a treaty with Isreal and then breaks it). It astounds me that a book, supposedly written by regular working class guys, shepheards, priests, masons, fishermen, etc, could, without divine help as some charge, manage to predict that the focal point of the worlds attention, in the midst of such carnage and death, would be the nation of Israel, a nation, that for all intents and purposes, ceased to exist about two thousand years ago. They forsaw that the Jews would be scattered all over the earth, persecuted (do i need to list examples?), and yet somehow come back as a nation thousands of years later. Not just that, but it says they will be a “burden” to many nations, who will set out to destroy them AGAIN as a nation. Seen the paper recently? Been watching the news for the last 60 years? Isreal, Isreal, Isreal. Always Isreal. How did this book know. While i enjoy hearing of visions and dreams with interchangeble details and vague applications, i find it amazing to have found a book that quite clearly lays out the major details and major players of this incredible upcoming upheaval. And then my goodness, add in a few comets, asteroids, “brown dwarfs”, solar flares, earth-shattering quakes, etc. and you’ve got a pulse pounding page turner. So yes, have your dreams and visions like i have mine. We’ll share them in an attempt to understand and comfort one another. This world, if the Bible is correct (and it has an amazing accuracy record), will one day be beautiful beyond belief, and a better place to live on would hard if impossible to imagine. But, i am afraid, it will go (and the people who populate it) through a hellish period first. If any of you want to accuse God of being cruel and unfair for doing this, I suggest you might want to revisit a little history and see what cruelty, evil, and destructiveness we have visited upon each other and this earth. If He is ticked, I can’t much blame Him. We are still doing it today. Whether its God or Gaia, I believe the bill has come due. And soon.


  21. Can’t blame anyone for getting as I call “down in the dumps”. Especially when they have these dreams /visions, visitations, constantly see things in our skies and overwhelming feelings deep inside. Life is hard enough without all of that happening to you.
    My intentions are not to cause panic or assume a doomsday scenario. I simply share some of the things I have been through and seen.
    I have contact plus dreams/visions what ever you want to call them but I also have the physical feeling thing too. (I don’t know what to call it). It’s stronger now.
    I have been preparing for a few years now. Stocking up on what I can. Not just to help myself but others also. I have learnt so many new skills in the last year that will be useful. I have my experiences to thank for that. I call that a positive.
    Yes things are going to happen but the world won’t end. Not all aliens have bad intentions. Actually with some of what I have seen and if it’s true we are a lucky planet indeed. Our history will have to be rewritten yet again. War doesn’t just happen on our planet.
    My concerns are these times. This time on our planet. The changes that every nation is experiencing. It doesn’t matter why this is happening. It is happening and no one can stop it. You can’t stop the magnetosphere compressing against our atmosphere. You just have to be aware of what will happen after wards. You can’t stop plate movement but you can be prepared for it. You can’t stop a mad man going mad but you can shoot him!
    If you do have dreams/visions ect don’t just live for finding out what they mean. Don’t forget them either but be alert of what’s going on in our world.
    I find it interesting that some that have dreams seem to have the direction west in them. I was told in one to face west when the winds come. Strange indeed.
    The end of April maybe start of May is the beginning of an event that I have seen. After that it is a domino effect. If it doesn’t happen I will be the first to crack open a bottle of wine and celebrate that what I saw was wrong.
    So hopefully it will be cheers to you all!

    Stay Safe


  22. To understand why Nasa is freaked and everyone is digging in
    learn what you can about
    Fluffy the local interstella cloud thats been cooking us since 1996.
    then you can see the connect with the emp fear too !!!


  23. All my Regular friends, lets see if we can add some objectivity and “Constructive” criticism over in :

    Massive Reptilian Undersea Base Destroyed – 5.1 quake Nicobar Islands area.

    Show the trolls what kind of input we value on this site, rather than just negative destructive or manipulative commentary to force readers to bow to whats popular or mainstream, rather than to choose or think for them selves.


  24. this is “Interesting Information”if we look at what is in our “Inmediate Solar Neighbourhood” based on what “Legit Tracking Info”is made publically available,we have some “Intresting-Space Objects” what if there is “something We Cant See” and 80% of all “space Tracking Data Is Classified Information Anyway” are we staring down the “the Barrel Of A Loaded Gun Ready To Fire”at any given moment,there are some really interesting “Space Objects”at present,that could very well be “Slingshotted”in our direction,dont look past the “Elenin Theories”,there is a clue in those reports,findings,that hold the clues,its just finding them,easier said than done,Im not always right with my calculations,but that is how it goes,nobody is right,there are to many “Variables”that can alter the course,of any “space Object”in our solar neighbourhood in seconds,without any warning,and come out of nowhere,


  25. “Elenin”is a “Cover Up”for something way behind the sun at present,Imaging from the sun shows up many indicators”Strange Objects Orbiting The Sun”,but if you look carefully at some of the “SoHo Imaging”there is “Something Sinister”about some of the objects in orbit around the sun,”Space Photography”is very complex,and many strange items can happen,it is the “Surrounding Area Around The Space Vehicle”that has to be looked at,what is in that area at any given time,that is being overlooked,there are objects that are very similiar in appearence to “Astroids” ive said it before the “Astroid Collision In The Mars-Jupiter Belt”which “Hubble Photographed”has a clue,its debris field of “Space Bound Astroid Fragments-Dust” those photographs when “Zoomed In”show a vast amount of “Astroid Fragments” that could be orbiting the sun,on a collision course with the sun and not so much the earth,there is something more sinister here than what “Remote Viewers”are predicting,if you take the “Kazai Machanism Theory”and apply it to what is in our “Solar Neighbourhood At Present”then the sun has the most clues-“Space Bound Probes Can See Something”we cant because of “RedTape”.”Ufo,s Orbiting The Sun”dont look past those theories,some of those images of “Objects” indicate “Massive Possible Astroids”which came from somwhere behind the sun and are now stuck in a “Collision Course With The Sun”any large “Space Object”that going to hit the sun,the sun will absorb the impact,but what if”A Object We Cant See Is Already There”and that object has “Moons” and not “Astroids”,then the sun going to bombard earth with some real “Mega Solar Flares” and that is sticking out already,or the the Nihbru Theory”has something that has been orbiting the sun,we just dont have access to that “Classified Information”because any suggested collision with earth on any “space Bound Object”at present there so many “variables”here it is impossible to even predict the outcome


  26. “Atroid P/2010 A2”,this is where the focus must be at,if you go back in “Solar History,its part of the “Flora Group Of Astroids”,what would be “Large Enough” to bombard earth with a possible “Meteor Shower”,it has to be in our “Immediate Solar Neighbourhood”,then the “Astroid Collision In The Mars Jupiter Belt”must not be overlooked,where is that vast amount of “Space Debris Located”,it fits the “The Possible Impact”situation,the sun will absorb any planetary object makes no diffirence what size it is,but it wil “Erupt Mega Solar Flares”as it will be affected by whatever “Planetary Mass Collides With It” what if,large “Planetary Mass” that is the closet “Large Planetary Mass”in our “Solar Neighbourhood”,the amount of objects orbiting the sun,percieved as ufo activity,should not be overlooked,but the vast amount of “Astroids”in orbit around the sun,is where the answer is,anything that is coming inbound within a very short time period has to be travelling in excess of 450.000Mph,to make its appearence known,it has to be larger than 1000feet in diameter to make a “Extinction Event” there are a couple of “Solar Planetary Canidates” but not in the 450.000mph “TimeLine”,it has to be closer inbound,it would mean it will “Blindside”the earth at any location on earth,In a “Blindside Orbit Around The Sun”which could only be visible using”InfraRed” not “Viewable With Normal Telescope Viewing”


  27. I am certain on a few things (due to personal experience or research):

    1- ufo’s exist
    2- there is alot we don’t know
    3- there is alot we are not told
    4- The Mayan calender ending does not mean the world ends (a new cycle starts)
    5- something big will happen over the next 18mnths
    6- I like this website

    Much love