Alien D-Day: UFO Perestroika


Alien D-Day: UFO Perestroika

What if we were not alone?

What if the hundreds of thousands of people claiming to have seen unidentified flying objects, in fact have been witnessing extraterrestrial spacecraft?

What if the thousands of people all over the world who tell about their encounters with alien beings through friendly contact or even forced abductions were actually telling the truth?

What if our governments had known about an Alien presence for more than half a century,  if they were in possession of alien technology,  that had the potential of changing how our world is run and they chose to keep the public in the dark through a secret campaign of suppressed information?

What if that campaign acted as a chain around the ankles of humanity keeping us from rising to a whole new level of consciousness and understanding ourselves, our planet and the universe around us?

And what if that campaign ended tomorrow?

Source and author:   (youtube) ufo


7 responses to “Alien D-Day: UFO Perestroika

  1. What if there has been a concerted Media campaign to convince people of ET’s, interstellar policemen, a Star Man, waiting in the sky, he’d like to come and meet us, but he thinks he’d blow our minds….

    What if these space-craft are really of Earthly origin, anti-grav units developed at Nellis AFB? What if the whole deal is to sell you the antichrist dressed in drag as an Alien come to “Save” us from ourselves?

    What if, like everything else coming out of America, it is a great big con job, an illusion, a deception and while you are busy looking at the sky, they Corporate Nazis and their unlikely comrades, the Communists Cabals, are busy stealing all your stuff and creating a New World Order?

    What if the aliens among us are really demons living in people? What if you are being distracted from the Truth through flights of fantasy?

    What if Jesus is real and spacemen are a lie and it is we who are to fill the Universe – not in Space Ships but in The Spirit? 0(:->)


  2. What if the people making these documentaries, and appearing as talking heads got paid significant appearances fees for their time.

    What if these people were incentivised to come up with STARTLING NEW EVIDENCE and STRANGE PICTURES in order to be paid.

    What if these people also made a living peddling books that they’d written about their varying theories and ideas and needed the recurring publicity in order to achieve a decent level of sales.

    Unfortunately – THAT is the truth. These professionals have found a way to make a very lucrative living telling tall tales and deliberately stretching the truth in order to sell mock-documentary videos and fictional books.

    The truth is out there – but it is NOT going to come out of the mouths of these well paid individuals who simply want you to buy their wares. Follow the money.


  3. I believe in aliens, the good and the bad. I believe the governments of the world have been lying about their existence for decades. I also believe in God. Does all this make me weird? Dunno, and don’t care. It’s what I believe and whatever happens happens. Live your life, be good, and let the pieces fall where they may. Life is short. Make the most of it. Cheers.


  4. Great presentation!
    Still, it’s all old news. Sad that there is no credible new news to post on the topic! I really do believe that the E.T.s have given (the eff) up on us, because we are too lame, greedy, fat, sick, or warlike… to do anything but destroy ourselves. Why should they continue to put themselves in harms way?


  5. Yes, we know that so called “alien invasion” is false flag operation, maybe part of the population is under mass brainwash and ufo hysteria, and belive that everything that fly in the sky, (and is not a bird or aeroplane, or baloon (lol)..) must be from outer space..for instance, so called “triangle ufo-s”, are advanced Auroras, most of them, and they are part of advanced “stealth” part of little known, but regular piece of USA military equipment (maybe even some other cuntries in NATO, I don’t know)..and is trerrestrial..Aliens that are prone to earthlings, (and there is respectable number of them, btw)..are, first of all, unwilling to diretctly intervene in earth affairs..they consider it to be like violence..or intrusion..something like NATO bombing uncooperative countries and regimes..however, they will intervene only if whole planet is in serius danger ( like being hit by asteroid, or massive X class solar flare, or ( very unlikely to be) invasion of hostile ET-s..that is, danger that goes beyond human (earthling) capabillity to do something with it..only in this cases as written above..and on the individual iner voice, as friend&teacher&mom.., something that they call “heart connection”, an is felt on individual bases like sudden stroke of love&happyness without external reason..we used to call this in christianity “angelic influence” or “angelic presence”…and is only thing that we should belive to be really benevolent to us, they say..everything else is to be avoided for now, for our own safety.. one thing is so true in story about aliens from outer space (benevolent ones)& us, as it is said in the movie “Contact”…”Small steps, Ellie..small steps..:-***(with kisses, full of love..)..:DD


  6. There have been some really good, and thoughtful, comments to this post! Give yourselves a hug, or pour yourselves a drink, it is truely refreshing to read such provacative posts!


  7. do “ExtraTerrestials”exist,they exist before we know as “Humans”,where do “Humans”come from?evulution of an”Alien Dna Species”,is it possible,that “Humans”evolved from “Alien Dna” it does make 100% sense,seeing that we are only 1 specie in the universe,but lack behind the “Super Extraterrestial Races”in the universe,they exist because ive come “Face To Face”with an advanced”Alien Race”who can adapt to any enviroment,there objective to find new worlds,new species,if they wanted to harm me they would have,instead they drew in the sand before me where they originared from in the universe,an advanced “Extraterrestial Intelligence” the human mind cannot comprehend the magnitude of there “Technologies”