Video of large fireball spotted over Saskatchewan, Calgary, Alberta, Canada – Feb 21, 2012


A bright fireball was observed low in the NE from Calgary, Alberta, Canada on February 21 at 8:40 pm MST. This short video clip was recorded using a Sandia Laboratory All Sky Camera.from south Calgary

“CALGARY – Social media was abuzz about what appeared to be a meteor shooting over the city Tuesday night, with sightings also reported from Edmonton and parts of Saskatchewan.

One reader told the Herald she saw the bright green fireball northeast of Cochrane shortly before 9 p.m. followed by a sparking tail of yellow and orange.

Alan Dyer, an astronomer with Telus Spark, encouraged people to file reports online at

“If we get at least a few dozen reports, we can begin to triangulate the location,” he said, adding witnesses should indicate where they were when they spotted the meteor. He said most meteors burn up entirely before making it to earth.” calgaryherald

Quite the sight in our city Tuesday night, where a “Fireball” lit up the night sky. It’s believe it may have landed somewhere near Rock Haven, Saskatchewan. globaltvcalgary

Source and author:   fireball

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