Evidence From NASA: Biological UFOs, Extraterrestrial Extremophiles, Life in Space


Evidence From NASA: Biological UFOs, Extraterrestrial Extremophiles, Life in Space

Are UFOs biological life forms? Here is evidence from NASA. Life (extremophiles) can survive in almost any environment; why not outer space?

This film footage, from NASA, depicts what are commonly called “UFOs”, as well as “space junk.” However, some of this “junk” displays purposeful behaviors and physical morphology which is often identical to simple life forms on Earth. In this film, comparisons are made between these “UFOs” and simple life forms, and the evidence indicates that some UFOs and “space” junk, appears to be alive.

Note: At 4.14 minutes of the footage we see an object, photographed during NASA Space Shuttle mission STS-48, that suddenly changed direction.

A film by Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D. Cosmology.com

Video below: Analysis of this (4.14) object.

A simple life form or an advanced extraterrestrial spacecraft?

Source and author:  *    (youtube) Extraterrestrial

3 responses to “Evidence From NASA: Biological UFOs, Extraterrestrial Extremophiles, Life in Space

  1. The first video I knew already – Really very impressive. I really cannot imagine that its only waste from the astronauts. Specially this ring shaped object is very intersting as I saw it already at different videos.
    But I am really not surprised that NASA ignores it: Business as usual!
    By the way the speaker from the off in the second video should see a doctor – there must be something wrong with his voice.


  2. Impresive Video, and I must declare, that until a few weeks ago, I was under the impression, that it was definite UFO.
    After placing a few video’s on line, I now realise that I was photographing entities or as described describe Biological UFO. Fast moving and moving with intent.
    The objects on my video’s are large and above the cloud layers. Many other are Bugs, yet some of these objects are indeed UFO Alien origin. “Well that’s my point of view”
    Thanks for this info.
    Kind regards


  3. the “Video”proves that “Extraterrestial Life”as we percieve it to be as “Solid Humanoids”are not so,in fact “Extraterrestial Intelligence”comes in various “spheres-Forms”-
    “Energy Mass”-“Humanoid Form”-,and we as humans only see what our “Human Brain”can comprehend,if we go deeper into the “Mechanics Of Extraterestial Intelligent Life”we will find that there survivial is entirely diffirent to our perceptions,the “Universe”provides them what they need-as well as”Earth Resources”
    ive come “Face To Face With Collective Extratersstial Intelligence”there race is by far so advanced,they are a “Collective Energy”and dont have any “Humanoid”form like other “E>T<S" do have,there communication is by tapping into the 1 thing every human has,our "Brains Frequency" that way no verbal communication is possible,when you place "Contactees"under hypnosis people will be speechless as to what such people reveal.
    this video"biological Extraterrestial Intelligence"is enough proof that indicates we are not alone in this universe,and we better wake up to the fact,"That Powers That Be"have been hiding there existence from us because of a magnitude of reasons