Massive Reptilian Undersea Base Destroyed – 5.1 quake Nicobar Islands area


A 5.1 magnitude earthquake occurred at 18:31:57 PM (UTC), Thursday night, February 15, 2012 in the area of Nicobar Islands, south east of the Bay of Bengal. This specific quake was the trigger event for the Procyon people of the Andromeda Council to take out and destroy a strategically important, massive, extensive Draco and Hydra Reptilian controlled and operated undersea base located on the top of the “Ninetyeast Ridge” on the ocean floor.

Prior notification of this massive, extensive Draco and Hydra Reptilian controlled undersea base was provided to Exopolitics on February 3, 2012

Video: The formal audio news story:

Tolec ‘the human representative of the Andromeda Council’ stated: “On February 3, 2012 late in the evening, after having received a telepathic communication from the Commander of the primary Andromeda Council biosphere, an advanced notice report of two (2) strategic Reptilian undersea bases that remained to be taken out and destroyed.

“My report of that evening stated that the first of the two (2) remaining undersea bases would be located in the Indian Ocean/Bay of Bengal area with the finding of an extensive, massive undersea base located and beginning on the top portion of “pencil” shaped, north/south oriented undersea land ridge, a very unnatural-looking undersea land ridge.

“The beginning of this base is marked by the white “box” with the cross hairs in the middle. It runs the full length of the ‘pencil’ – north to south.”

Article continues at: Download Reptilian Undersea Base Destroyed – 5.1 Quake South East Bay of Bengal (pdf)

October 31, 2011: GOLF OF ADEN: Reptilian underwater base

In an exclusive Oct. 31, 2011 ExopoliticsTV interview, the human representative of the Andromeda Council confirmed that a 5.0 earthquake  to have occurred in the Gulf of Aden at 1:22 am on October 31, 2011 was in fact an effect of a sonic beam weapons attack by the Procyon star system (members of the Andromeda Council) on a Draco and Reptilian undersea base located at the same coordinates as the epicenter of the Gulf of Aden earthquake.

Tolec, the human representative of the Andromeda Council stated, “Yes, I was able to confirm this event with the commander of the primary biosphere where many of the Andromeda Council meetings are held. This was a strike by the Procyon people. They’re just doing their job as promised. This base in now completely collapsed and destroyed.”

At the time Tolec forwarded this statement, Tolec had no prior knowledge of the U.S.G.S. map or other source setting out the exact epicenter of the Gulf of Aden earthquake when he forwarded the Andromeda Council statement about this attack.

The Andromeda Council statement itself established the location of the Procyon star system sonic beam weapons attack on the reptilian base as identical to the exact location of epicenter of the Oct. 31, 2011 Gulf of Aden earthquake.

Reptilian base 

The reptilian undersea base is located in the area of the Gulf of Aden. This gulf is located in the Arabian Sea between Yemen, on the south coast of the Arabian Peninsula, and Somalia in the Horn of Africa.

“In the northwest, it connects with the Red Sea through the Bab-el-Mandeb strait, which is about 20 miles wide. Because of what I’ve learned from my Andromedan contacts about this matter, I did some research and found out that the Gulf of Aden is already a dangerous area known as “Pirate Alley” because of the historically large amount of pirate activities located here. 

As you may or may not know the “vortex” phenomena also happened in this body of water, the Gulf of Aden.

“Further, my Andromedan contacts have told me this base is deep, thousands of feet underwater, about a mile and a half deep. And this base has for years beamed a very specific, highly irritating & highly agitating, fear based and anger inducing, attenuated sonic frequency’ right at the area of the Middle East, due North-Northeast’ to keep the people in this area in a constant, high state of emotional confusion, fear, agitation, anger and aggression.

“They’ve shown me, there is a transmitter that literally rises out of the ceiling of this base, much like a periscope in a submarine, and it rotates. A particular frequency is chosen which turns people against each other. Then the Reptilians turn it on. They turn it on almost every day.

However, if people were underwater, or standing on the land, they would not be able to this frequency, this beam, with their own eyes. It’s sonic, a sound frequency. And, it’s out of our spectrum. But, this is how the Reptilians dominate and control these people. This particular base has been in operation about 5,000 years.

And the highly agitating sonic vibratory energies beamed from this base also reach as far as:

  • Syria
  • Iraq
  • Iran
  • Afghanistan
  • Pakistan

 and a bunch of other countries in the region, including Israel and Palestine. 

This is powerful technology that is very far ranging, reaches a very long distance’ serious long-range capability. And it only takes about 15 minutes of operation, of this transmitter being on and activated’ for people in this area to start to feel its effects.

October 31, 2011: The Andromeda Council Oct. 31, 2011 attack comes a little more that two months after the Andromeda Council’s reported sonic beam weapons’ attack of August 23, 2011 that destroyed underground Orion grey and Draco and Hydra reptilian bases and tunnels under Washington D.C. and that resulted in a shallow 0.1 km earthquake felt from Virginia to Ottawa, Canada.

August 23, 2001Independent researchers have now stated that the August 23, 2001 Virginia-Washington DC, earthquake was the result of advanced extraterrestrial attack using frequency weapons to destroy grey, reptilian and New World Order (NWO) bases under Washington DC, and that similar advanced extraterrestrial attacks destroyed underground reptilian and NWO bases under Denver, CO and in the southwest USA.

The Andromeda Council is a reported galactic governance council composed of selected star system representatives that carry out governance and development functions in a selected areas of our populated and organized galaxy and universe.

Source and author: * *  exopolitics * reptilian

43 responses to “Massive Reptilian Undersea Base Destroyed – 5.1 quake Nicobar Islands area

  1. Should we be saying “Yay, hurray for the humans!” Or would that be premature? What about the “good” reptilians? Should we just consider this as collateral damage? War is hell, no matter where it is fought! I truely hope we have not taken out , along with our enemies, the only resistance fighters with the knowledge to help us with our cause. Is this simply a matter of survival, or have we been goaded into a malicious trap?


  2. is it just me, or am i dreaming. is someone taking this as a real true event? reptillian wars? oh, i get it. this is a preview of a cheap made for tv movie on the sci-fi channel. c’mon people. stay focused


      Constructive, objective comments would be more appreciated.
      Interjecting your personal DISS-belief in a negative derogatory fashion lends no credibility to your statements, causing other statements you make else where bare less weight. (Haven’t you noticed this?)
      Statements such as yours are chalked up with other trolls and or Gov sh!t disturbers, who’s job it is to interject disbelief or tactical distracting controversy, leading people away from, or stalling their journey to the truth.
      We recognize such actions for what they are on this site and thus such actions and efforts become empty.

      Constructive input Only if you please.

      VARAKIENENS personal view and stand point on the subject.

      I acknowledge, that out of the many alien races involved with earth based matters through history the reptilians of various types are among the most notorious. They are depicted in a great many ancient cultures, in statues and hieroglyphs and tales.

      It is my researches which lead me to believe that they are among the most prominently involved with the Illuminati and the banking cartel.

      If they have been here so long, then they most assuredly have bases of operation. That their activities do Not always mesh with Laws and rules of non interference set down by a union of other advanced races which also interact with this world or solar system is not in question.
      WHAT if Any actions these other races or organizations take against them “is” in question.
      I don’t necessarily believe any thing or every thing that I read or hear.
      I gather information, weigh it, file it, and compare it to other intelligences gathered, which often takes months or years for me to bother to start forming an opinion on the matter.

      I my self have Always had difficulty with the notion that advanced civilizations can be subversive or hostile, even war like at all.
      Reptile or other wise.
      It is my personal belief that with advancement comes lessons.
      Lessons lead to spiritualism, and spiritualism to a divine consciousness and understanding of universal origin and unity.
      How a race or culture can go on so long, and get so far with out coming to these conclusions is hands down the Biggest anomaly to my understanding.

      Biologically, some races would automatically be impaired to many aspects of this evolution. Simply put, most reptiles on earth tend to be emotionless and thus have little to no point of reference to begin this particular type of spiritual evolution. But with sentience and a need to know More would come the curiosity which would lead them to over come genetics and find their way to such a path. Early in their development, my instincts tell me.

      At this stage, I do Not believe that All reptilians are malevolent selfish, manipulative and desirous to control or dominate.
      I feel that in any culture or race, there would be some break aways and divisions of ideals, and one cannot judge an entirety based on the actions or beliefs of some.

      I found Most fascinating in this report, references to the saving of civilian entities, which lends credibility to my theories.

      I do not automatically believe that this story is true.
      War fare or attacks for such advanced civilizations must be a tricky thing indeed, when many are clairvoyant, have potential time travel capability, telepathic, and many other things we have little inkling to.
      how can one plan an attack against an opponent than can likely see it coming every single time? They cannot possibly conduct warfare as primitively as We, can they? it just doesn’t fit.

      I have a firm belief that certain reptilian races, and yes there are more than one, originated Here on this seed world we call Earth.
      Which has likely given birth to more than just a couple or sentient races through its history. Certain factions of these reptilians may believe that this planet is Theirs, and refuse to give it up to the next species, and are clinging to it. I don’t really Know what could spark the friction or the negative involvement of an advanced species.

      But, I watch, and I listen. And I collect data, compare it and weigh it.
      I sift and filter and come to know which are illegitimate constructs of fake or false data, which are out right lies and hoaxes, and which fall under false propaganda of the enemy. I do my best to research with OUT influencing the environment I am traveling in, in a negative fashion, such as Chuck here.
      He doesn’t have a grasp on what is made up and what is real any better than any one else here. And he certainly does not invest in as deep a collective research as some of us, or he Would be better informed and less negative with his comments.

      I welcome opinions on my own notions, so long as they are not of a negative or distracting nature. All of those are as children’s voices in the back ground of a grown up discussion and should be patiently treated as such.
      Come chat with me, I am on my Game today.
      ~ ! VARAKIENEN! was here.


    • I’m with Chuck – it’s total fantasy.


  3. Ok. I think I have now heard everything. “And he certainly does not invest in as deep a collective research as some of us…” (your words). I have a masters degree in research methodology. Just as you hate it when people dis (DISS) agree with your ‘research’, I hate it when people use the concept ‘research’ in the manner that you are doing. What you do is not clear to me but it is NOT research. If you stop being disrespectful towards science and scientific research, people might even take you more seriously – respect works both ways.


  4. udon'twant toknow

    Wow…VAGA. Slow down girl, constructive criticisms come from a formal analysis of the issue. Logic/rational thought has obviously passed you by on this one. Chuck is right, and you are wrong…sorry. I think you’d have a better argument if you used a more structured logic pattern, with less opinion and a lot more fact.
    epic fail….


  5. Seriously? You’re right Ijani. I am a doctor and this kind of channeled information is NOTHING but a part of THE big mass deceiving foretold us 2600 year ago by the prophets. I was part from this new era for 15 years and the Word of God is the only real truth about our end time events. But the media and even the science (thru Satan’s big plan of five points – Isaiah 14) makes the major effort to destroy our Father, Creator, the Designer of the universe and who real fight for us thru Jesus Crist in favor of a random, chaotic sequence of creation without purpose.
    Be careful people. The Knight in the White Horse is comming.
    Don’t belive in messanges from this second heaven, all of them are lies because they came from the father of lies. Go to the scriptures and try to see the message of the third and eternal heaven.
    I TIMOTHY 04:
    1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;


  6. WTF ??? Who makes this nonsense up, some 30 something year old dork living in his mothers basement???? Come on !
    I flew for a living for over 30 years and been all over the world never once seeing anything weird, abnormal or totally off the wall like this Scify dribble. Reptile people living under the oceans…Yeah. I don’t know how I stumbled on to this site, but it seems to have an attraction of the socially dysfunctional Napoleon Dynamites of the world.


  7. Reptilian base under the sea? Oh come on. Varakienen, you talk the talk but back it up with no hard evidence. I’m with “Chuck”, “Ijani” and “udon’twant toknow” on this one. I read the posts on this site a lot, but this particular article I find hard to believe. Where is your absolute proof it exists and I don’t mean aerial photos or imaginative talk, but hard facts, photos and material that shows without question reptilians live on Earth under the sea. I would like to believe there is something, but for me and many like me we require hard facts, not elaborate talk.


  8. Good heavens ! How much time has this person got to write such dribble. Its a good story, but we are not here to proof read other peoples dribble !
    Are we not trying to find the truth, and not go into science fictional stuff that does not matter.


  9. Not a day goes past, that I don’t click into this website. Now I wonder if I am not wasting my time ?
    Don’t place all the trash like the stuff on Youtube!
    Kind regards


  10. Wow…this beats the hollow earth theory. I think its possible there are other alien races living here in secret, but the whole thing sounds like it was made up by someone who smoked too much weed. Sorry…there is just no creditable evidence, witnesses, or anything to back this up.


  11. wow its just to much for me lol.


  12. Can be a nice movie , but still not original , this reptilians thing have almost origin from the original tv drama V . and another old movie that guy can see the aliens by the sun glasses … knock knock in the head , are somebody there ? … I think this article are not appropriate with the title of this site ( THE TRUTH BEHIND THE SCENES ) can we call Truth abouth this article ? already is hard to prove the UFO ” I believe ” with so poor videos evidence , poor I mean cause we almost see only lights at distance , nothing like a space ship itself , I by my self saw UFOs but no video evidence etc , but this article go far beyound the truth !


  13. Thought Linguist

    I thought It was Television spurning all these reptilian trends. What started the idea that we are among and in contact with life from around the Universe? Star Trek?
    I do realise people have been speculating reptilians from around the 70’s as far as Ive seen but had expected TV to had played a role. I cant believe they are in that program V and would guarantee the program has influenced recent interest.


  14. As I shake my head in wonder I look around and ask myself the most important question I can. Where then Frack have I been that I missed this war?
    This is as stupid as anything I have ever heard. Sorry for those that do believe this story but I doubt that some reptilian or any other alien race would cause an earthquake by attacking a base under water. That whole area is geologically unstable. It’s called the ring of fire for a reason. Ask any geologist.


  15. Welp guess the jigs up now


  16. Interesting responses thus far.
    Sadly, only a couple remained on topic.
    Those that did, with out detracting or distracting, you have my respect.
    I wish I had proof of such an event either way. Just as much as I wish people had proof that such a thing doesn’t exist or Didn’t happen.
    Ive never actually been satisfied with the notion of “people” whom receive said intelligences from….. sources unknown? telepathy? dreams? other?
    I don’t know.
    Mind you, credible prophets have existed through history with so much success that they have gained places as house hold names, such as Nostradamus, Edgar case, and others. Not to mention how much the Bible it self is replete with prophesy, much of which is coming true as we live and breath. But still, some one that claims they are in contact with extra terrestrials? I never know what to think of that one.
    98% of those that make such claims can surely be disregarded, debunked, exposed, etc. And obviously they make it difficult should there BE a 1 or 2 percent that may actually be in contact.
    What if? Just what If there is some one that Is? who do we listen to? how do we know?
    I certainly dont know.
    But, I wont dismiss absolutely Every one on the subject just in case some where buried lay that one of actual fact.
    I will collect data, sift, weigh, etc.
    …. Next?


    • People in those countries are going crazy mainly because they are religious fanatics, not because of some lizard men playing with high tech toys. And it doesnt help that the world leaders are messing with their affairs and driving them into a frenzy by invading their countries and insulting their religion. Burn one of their books and they turn rabid and start rioting….fanaticism at its finest.


  17. Fredgar'stalin poo

    “I wish I had proof of such an event either way. Just as much as I wish people had proof that such a thing doesn’t exist or Didn’t happen.”

    There is most certainly proof these things did not happen. Such proof is referred to as “Sanity”


  18. Total crap.

    Varakienen you have completely lost it…


  19. vari, please get real. Anyone who has read my posts knows that i am open to a great many things. I just require a bit more proof than you do apparently. I have exchanged with you before on the topic of nonsense. This site can be very helpful and alot of posts are intriguing. But please, don’t get all arrogant and full of yourself just because i get a little irritated with the “alice in wonderland” people. Im sorry, did i miss the photographic evidence on this post? Did I skip over the pictures of dead reptillians? If any goober can post any drivel and automatically be taken seriously, then this site has lost it’s relevance. Sarcasm can be quite healthy, and it’s one of the reasons many of us who post here haven’t partaken of the poison kool-aid with every passing comet or asteroid. As you see, many here are with me on this one. I know, might does not always make right, but you’re asking a bit much to require us to treat every posting, even the ridiculous, as serious subject matter. You are free, of course, with all your serious study, to readily digest everything as edible. I, however, prefer to smell, look, and touch, and even read up a bit on that “mushroom” before i eat it. I don’t think my remarks were out of line. They reflect an anger, as I’ve stated before, with people who expect everyone to be as gullible as they are. If it turns out there are reptile aliens out there, I will be the first to apologize to the Geico gecko. Nothing but love.


  20. oh yea, vari, as to your insinuation that i may be or am equal to some “govt” guy here to inject disinformation, two things: (1) do you really believe, seriously, that this site is important enough to attract govt. attention? and (2) if you take postings like this reptillian crap seriously, and expect everyone else to do the same, I’m afraid your damaging this site far more effectively than the govt. ever could.


    • Chuck, the government does not search every site on the internet, they instead screen for key words/ phrases across FAQ’s, Blogs, chatrooms and any other source frequented by people. They let their think tanks do all the hard labour searching every active URL and only put the government onto it when key words are mentioned, from their its either declared a false alarm or is taken further… the same goes for CCTV footage and public microphones which can be found in most cities around the globe monitoring our conversations, picking out key words, they just had a case in America where a group of British students were discussing “bombing” (crashing) a party and they were arrested for it. They are also looking to replace all the street lights in Washington DC with a new model that has a camera and mic unit to monitor every inch of the main city area. Funny thing is that by agreeing that terrorism was a major threat, this has all been approved by the average American that called for antiterroist countermeasures to be put in, now it seems that the true nature behind 9/11 could be coming to head soon.


      • Thus the creation of the 9/11 false flag event to pass certain laws, creat various unconstitutional organizations and convince North Americans that terrorism is real, to spread fear of it so that the public will go along complacently and willingly with the taking away of their own rights.


  21. sorry, “you’re” not your. As a govt. agent, i occasionally have to misspell words to throw you guys off. OOPPS. Gave it away. lol


  22. Chuck.
    EVERY site that has the potential to leak intelligences that certain powers do not want the public to be aware of or spread IS a threat. Simple as that. And Every site that does so is monitored and trolled. Not a single exception.
    Im finding it Fascinating, the amount of distraction, hate, and off topic comments that this particular thread is attracting.
    Most all of it geared to cause the reader to cave into popular ridicule and even feel embarrassed for even considering the possibility that there may be reality or fact involved.
    Is there reality or fact involved? Who can say for absolute sure. Not I.
    And most Certainly none of you. Not a single One of you can offer proof to verify your stand, any more than I can offer any to support the notion that it can potentially be real.
    But You certainly make a concerted effort to try to distract, poo-poo, undermine, or out right manipulate readers into siding with a popular negative view, rather than thinking and deciding for them selves.
    Curious that.

    You will not find me any where on this thread, confirming the notion that I believe for one second that this material is factual or true. Its subject matter is irrelevant to this aspect of the discussion. What Is relevant is that people whom claim to be educated, scientific minded, capable of research etc, dismiss it, and even attempt to convince others to do the same, practically shaming them into submitting, with out them selves offering a single shred of proof, data, or substantial supporting evidence to give strength to their need to have others dismiss it as well.
    Not very scientific. Certainly not objective or constructive.
    So, I slot them into the mumbling children in the back ground of an adult conversation catagory, and move on.

    Now, You have succeeded in your distraction to the extent that I have addressed your methods, and lack of proof of your own. But now that has been dealt with, I will endeavor to get people back to the main topics of searching for any truth, behind These scenes. (if any)

    I previously brought up the notion of prophets, oracles, seers, sensitives, and what have you through out history whom have credibly made predictions that come true. I have offered the notion that, What if, out of 10,ooo kooks or fakes, even One single one may be real.
    How do we know which one?
    The stranger a story is, some times the more true. god knows we have a ripleys believe it or not compendium full of such incredible yet factual nonsense. The world is Flat and believed so, with people ridiculed and burnt at the stake for suggesting other wise, UNTIL such a point where evidence at last supports the less favored notion of it being round.
    I am not telling you to Believe that this article is real.
    And un like others I am not going to try to convince you desperately with such passion and enthusiasm and psych-emotional manipulation that it cant possibly be real.
    I will Look at the data, and then I will address Aspects of it, taking it apart and examining it, and seek possibilities. This is actually how research is done. Comparing notes, constructive debate, sharing data, and expounding on objectivity no matter the subject matter at hand.
    And my methods do not Undermine this site, in fact they Enhance and lend credit to it.

    I eagerly await the next volley of attempted distractions and off topic attempts to influence peoples decisions negatively, rather than allowing them to decide for them selves.

    And I will be here to guide them Right back using their own heads objectively, in the stead of submitting to ridicule and peer pressure to let others to the thinking for them.

    YES. This site is monitored and trolled.
    Yes, this site and its subject matters is important enough to Be trolled.
    Yes, trolls can act in groups to lend pressure to their attempts.

    ….. Now, lets leave the kid stuff behind and get back to the subject matter constructively and objectively.

    I am curious to know what Other peoples opinions of Aliens among us is, and remember there are possibly several species, and organizations some of which May oppose one another.
    What their agenda’s may be. What they do to influence and manipulate us.
    How long they may have been here. If they have been here a long time, what bases they may have, and where? And if they have conflict with each other, what methods you speculate they may use to invest in that conflict? War? attacks? what kinds if any?
    I am curious to get to the real subject matter behind this story and its materials.
    Whats your constructive and objective take on it?


  23. ЮÙÌЫ¥»KÎÑG

    “They’ve shown me, there is a transmitter that literally rises out of the ceiling of this base, much like a periscope in a submarine, and it rotates. A particular frequency is chosen which turns people against each other. Then the Reptilians turn it on. They turn it on almost every day.

    And the highly agitating sonic vibratory energies beamed from this base also reach as far as:

    and a bunch of other countries in the region, including Israel and Palestine.

    Sounds to me like they got it aimed at this website today. time to put on my ear phones, listen to some Pantera and pretend I’m a Cowboy from Hell;)


  24. This is just plain sillyness. But, its still s free country….well..for a while. Obama is the really scary monster.


    • Now THAT, I can agree with.
      Any one in the presidential seat is scary because every single candidate that makes it that far since Kennedy is groomed and owned. Bought and paid for.
      And at the top of that Pyramid behind the president?
      Corporations, then Banks, then Illuminati, and then the dark mysterious forces behind the Illuminati?
      Well, only we researched people know the truth to that one.
      You have to follow the chain to the top from several different directions for your Self, to wake you up to the truth and become a believer for that one!


  25. vari, it appears you believe in free speech and thought, as long as it does not involve disagreement. look, if i think something is stupid, i am going to say I think it is stupid. I did not say the person posting was stupid, altho i am free, i guess, to question that too. I am not required to go all breathless and glassy eyed in response to every post as if some divine knowledge was just revealed. I don’t trust the govt., I believe in other life forms, i believe there are some who conspire to control us. I also think David Ickes and his lizard stories border on the insane. It is just my opinion. And seeing as how you appear to think that none of us can prove anything one way or the other about anything, then I guess that’s all this site is good for……”giving our opinions”. Now here’s mine. Some postings here are interesting, even educational. And some are downright stupid. That’s just my opinion (and apparently it’s all I can offer you).


  26. Now, Imma spend a little time over in….

    Project Pegasus: Travelling to Mars – Teleportation and “Jump Rooms”

    …Care to Join me there?
    ~ Vara. 😉


  27. “Undersea-Extraterrestial Bases” are they real?do they exist?
    If you go deep into “Ufo Research”you will find that nothing is “Impossible”as it seems,”Aliens” as we know can adapt to any enviromement in which humans cannot,so lets see what transpires from these reports.”The Gulf Of Aden Vortex”exists,because it is a natural “Complex-Magnetic-Energy-Vortex”just like other vortexes on earth,these are conduits to funnel “Energy”through,and extraterrestial intelligence uses them to go from 1 star system within seconds,”Solid Objects”known to humans dont exist at “Hyper-Speed Accelleration” in that speed,you slicing through our dimmension into another faster than light,so they adapt as “The Oceans”provide them with 100% of what they need to survive-while us humans are more intend in destroying our resources rather than utilising them


  28. If you take a certain”Frequency”and alter it,you do what a “Ultrasonic Pepellant”does exactly the same principle applies,alter the “Sound Frequency”and people in a area will go totally beserk”Mad”,it affects the normal functions of the brain,just like animals,change the “Pitch-Sound-Frequency”and animals get vicious,,the same applies to humans,and its well documented as “Biological Warfare Weapon” leaving the “Infrastructure”intact,with “Massive Loss Of Human Life” without an “Enemy Firing 1 Bullet”,the population turn on themselves.


  29. Do you know what I like about this story–Well, the Reptilians for one and the little widget that is suggested to have emitted a tone sufficient to cause a response in the human population for another. This is a known technology for a long time. Take for example, the dog whistle. My cats respond to tones or something I am not able to hear while at the same time, they do not respond to the continual high frequency tone I get in my ear/head quite frequently. I suspect I have implants in my ear so I naturally deduct the tone is coming from those. Even though I do not KNOW there are implants in my ears, I KNOW I woke up one morning with two bumps inside my ear that I did not have the day before. They moved when I applied pressure to them. Occasionally they itch like all is quiet. So, my personal experience has allowed me to deduct that I am “inplanted”.

    Who did that? I have no idea..But, someone/thing did do it. When I came across a doctor who was attempting to remove implants and did so with some success, it was discovered they were of “anomolus” construction and materials. that. Then I set out to be sensitive enough to monitor the sound–I got lazy though–I did not make notes…thus I have no PROOF–not that notes would have been proof because the experience is completely personal. With the varification of the good doctors work however, I at least had a clue about the source of the annoying sound.

    On the Reptilians–Archeology is filled to the brim with reptilian images. Snakes, lizards, dianosaurs with horns, the whole nine yards. They are everywhere and they cover multi-thousands of years from China to the far north, from South America to Canada..I have never had a problem with reptiles..I have a classic dragon in black and white hanging over my bed. My cousin has a great ancient turtle, still alive. A dear friend keeps various snakes. He used to have a cobra..scared the living hell outa me until I realized it was striking at the reflected image of its glassed in aquarium…I am not one that believes these creatures should be caged…

    I got to thinking about the dianosaures…every childs delight..they were, it turns out, facinating creatures..not the fearsome monsters we were led to believe in all those insufficient books we were given as kids…Dino research is very exciting indeed.

    So, I am thinking, with all the types in this kingdom we are collectively calling reptilian in this article, the same variation would apply to creatures in this same genus coming from another dimension or planet. Biology organization goes in this order:kingdom- phylum – class – order – family – genus – thus you have your phylum–with a back bone – and the many variations of same -snake -toad – lizard – and so forth…this same system would apply whether it was earthling or not. It applies to all organic organisms. Some like to live in water..some live on dry land with little vegetation – some live in humid jungles with lots of vegetation -some eat bugs, some eat small mammals – some eat fish – some eat eggs…and so forth. The sea turtle of great AWWW fame are the most beloved of turtles as well..I saw two giant land turtles of daunting age mating once…it was an awesome sight.

    So when we are talking about a Reptilian base, what exactly are we talking about? Is it possible the dinasaures evolved over those millions of years..all species of them–some of whom became birds according to the recent findings..through some genetic meddling – into sentient creatures with the ability to build and maintain a technological empire all over this planet? Archeology says yes. Were there ever dragons? Well, so far, the remains of winged reptiles of the gigantic size depicted in Chinese lore, have not been found..This does not mean they did not exist…this only means they have not been found which could indicate, they left or dematerialized or something.Would off world reptiles look the same as Earth members of this kingdom? I suspect so to a great degree. What about the horns.. Well, what about them? There are many creatures on the planet who have horns. Some snakes have horn like structures on their heads..the rattle snake is the one I am thinking of. There may be others. Cobra maybe.?

    Most amphibians and reptiles do not function well in the cold. Yet, in the northern china and USA areas, there are many reptile like icons indicating that they were there. Perhaps the climate was different. I get slow and sleepy in the cold also…does that mean I am a reptile?

    So, in this article, we are hearing about very non-spacific creatures classified as reptilian..A reptilian base with technology that allows them to live under water in large colonies…structures are eluded to..Do theyhave a thumb?->is my next question..If so that eliminates snakes…right..? Could genetic manipulation provide thumbs sufficient to the task of maintaining the kind of tec required to design a beacon with the ability to do what is described in the article? yes, but over long periods of time I am sure.

    My cat has enough claws to develop a thumb and quite frankly, he is trying very hard to make his claws work the way my fingers do–a very difficult chore–You should have seen him trying to pick up green beans from my plate last night–No matter how he tried, the beans kept getting caught on a claw and in order to get one off, he shook his foot. As he did so, the damn bean flew, usually to his left, next to the computer screen. His frustration was enormous. it was that 5th claw..the dew claw–that caused the problem..kinda like a little finger with a tiny sword attached.

    I am having a lot of problems dealing with the collective references in all these scary stories we are getting. This one deals with Reptilians as a non spacific group…there are others, The greys=small non responsive creatures. The indications in these writings are that they are biological and technological creatures of a design created by larger “grey” entities called – guess what, the tall greys…and they are the result of fetus taken from human females and gestated in incubaters designed like a womb–but you can see them because the incubaters are glass…Hundreds have testified to this sight–This is one of the most consistant tales in UFO abduction literature and testimony. If consistancy is proof then there it is.
    Now, lets get into the business of destroying the base of “reptilians” . There was an earthquake involved there. It is known that many small earthquakes take place in this area. Thus it is easy to debunk this one in regard to the base. On the other hand, we have had some anomolus earthquakes here in the states that are completely anomolus according to both their debth and scale, as well as location. The HARRP project was the first call for a large number of folks who are familiar with that project. Shortly there after, a strange story of underground bases for the powerful rich/illuminiti/bangsters and other contemporary bad guys were destroyed by the GOOD ETS..TO protect us all and so forth. New world order mythologies are growing like topsy everywhere…again a collective damnation of a non- distinct group.The off hand and flipant dismissals along with uninformed condemnation of our elected political leader ship is another generality that ruffles my feathers. I have see President Obama condemned as the devil more times than I can count..Collective condemnation is everywhere. Most of it is based in racism, of this I am quite sure. None indicates any knowledge of governmental function at either the nation local level or at the planetary level. The New World Order is without description other than having to do with money and oil and enslavement of populations by –guess who, the Reptilians…!!

    But, don’t you worry none. The good guys will save us..Who are they? well over the fence chatter says these are the Galactic Federation…Who the hell are they?!

    I have said several times before in several places on this comment line that I don’t have a clue who it was who “abducted” me. I pleaded..”Let me see you! Let me see you!’ and all I saw was shadow and light. I knew I was somewhere but where is an unknown. I know I lost several hours earth time but, I do not know how long I was gone. I do not remember anything. All I have to go on are the tales of others who have testified one thing or the other…From that I have learned that the reptilians are face changers who can morph into human look alikes and they have enormous sexual appitites…to quote a famous president, “I did not have sexual relations with that [creature] . ” I did have some very damning bruises though.

    So, I am not going to give a thumbs up or down on this story. I am however going to allow it to exist. Off it goes into my collection in the hopes that something will surface to give some credence to it…or something.

    This is never – never land my friends…welcome to the ride. Yours sincerly, Marina..10:35pm-est – 2/27/12–usa


  30. Just read this. Wow! What movie is it from? Sounds awesome!!!!


  31. Oh and Marina, not so sure you have an implant dear. Sounds more like tinnītus (I get similar symptoms sometimes too). Apparently it can be treated.


  32. marina pratt

    Oh, Hi Matt–Well, I do have tinnitus–that I know for sure. However, this tone is not the is a high pitched elongated sound that interfers with the continual sinus pounding. I have monitored it and sometimes it comes in response to mechanical things..I might be picking up electro-magnetic vibrations of some kind.

    My one major reason for believing I have an implant was the “voice in my head” the day I stood watching the WACO event evolve into a bloody horror. I was furious from the beginning but by that time I was doing a lot of internal foot stomping about the kids I knew were in the house. By the last day I was shouting at the TV…I mean, shouting…:The kids – you idiots..the kids””…and in my head there came a voice..[sounds biblical now that I look at it] “THE CHILDREN ARE SPOILED.”

    “WHAT!” And then I said it again..”WHAT?!” nothing–nothing–nothing. I heard that voice and I remember that voice–and I never heard it again. That was it–nothing before –nothing after..So, why would that have been transmitted to me? Who else was it transmitted to? These are forever questions..

    So, yes, I have the pounding in my ears..sometimes worse than others. I hate the drugs they use to get a handle on all that so I just put up with it. I have not had the high tone which sometimes enters fast and sharp –but not for a while. and–no voice..that is good..

    On that note, I will go to bed now..It has been a long day. Nameste—
    Marina – 9:39pm-est/4/3/12/-usa


  33. marina pratt

    VARA->I think it meant the children were already dead. What really annoys me is, circumstances prevented me from watching any of the trial media. What I did see were clips–I think that was intentional on the part of the media–it all got sliced and diced and then went the way of all…This was a criminal act of enormous proportions at every level…they did not want to talk about it anymore. There are some survivor testimonies out there but I have not had the ability to go back. The emotion was so strong that I do not want to revisit it. “The children are Spoiled!” Nameste-marina-9:10am-est/4/4/12 – USA


  34. HONG KONG (MarketWatch) — A magnitude 8.7 earthquake hit the west coast of northern Sumatra on Wednesday, leading Indonesia to issue a tsunami warning. The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake’s epicenter was 269 miles southwest of Banda Aceh in Indonesia’s Sumatra region and at a depth of 20.5 miles. There were no immediate reports of casualties or serious damage, Kyodo news service reported, adding that the Indonesian government issued a tsunami warning for five provinces located along the western coast of Sumatra

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